Glucosulin Review: Is It Safe? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2,4/5

Glucosulin Review: Is It Safe?
What is Glucosulin?

This weight loss product has the stated ability to regulate blood sugar which in turn keeps fat off. There’s also the addition of possibly reducing hunger and keeping calorie accumulation at bay.

There is also the notion that one does not need to introduce any new habits of diet and exercise. A doctor from unknown origin or background has endorsed this product yet his official name is not present.  Further evidence is needed so what exactly can this product do?

Lorcaserin Review – Is it Good for Weight Loss? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.4

Lorcaserin Review – Is it Good for Weight Loss?

What is Lorcaserin?

Boasting it’s status as an FDA approved dietary supplement, lorcaserin (known by it’s brand name Belviq) claims that it can not only help it’s users with weight loss, but also help with other health risk factors, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product out there that was honest in regards to it’s claims? Is lorcaserin the product that you have been looking for to help you with your weight loss endeavors, or should you look elsewhere? We went ahead to look into this to help you decide where you want your hard earned money being spent.

Healthe Trim Review: Does it live up to the hype? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.8

Healthe Trim Review: Does it live up to the hype?
What is Healthe Trim?

 Claiming to not only be made of all natural ingredients, but to have over a million in sales, Healthe Trim storms into the market with claims that can your weight loss goals be met with this product, but your metabolism and overall energy will be given a boost, like a street racing car hitting the nitrous.

Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? And doesn’t every weight loss pill say the same thing if not something similar? So does this one live up to it’s name, or is it just a dud like so many others? We went in to see if it lives up to it’s claim that over a million people were happily satisfied with this product.

Fenproporex Review: Is it safe? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.5/5

Fenproporex Review: Is it safe?
 What is Fenproporex?

 Even though in contemporary times the media likes to make a big deal about the obesity epidemic, the fight back to reclaim our slimmer healthier selves was started much earlier than people may popularly think. Having only been officially reported to being manufactured in 1986, fenproporex was made in an effort to help stop it’s users shed a few pounds. Not available in America, fenproporex comes to it’s mainly international consumers, and those in this country that know about it from the internet.

But did I just say it’s not even available in the United States? What is this product with eleven letters exactly? Some chemical in the guise of a cure? Or is it a potentially dangerous narcotic? Is it even safe? We went ahead to find out.

Phendimetrazine Review: Is it right for you? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.7/5

Phendimetrazine Review: Is it right for you?
What is Phendimetrazine?

To those of us that have trouble losing weight even with a lower calorie diet and exercise, phendimetrazine has it’s audience dreaming of shedding pounds like a snowman in a sauna. Coming in tablet, capsule and extended-release capsule form, phendimetrazine promises it’s users results in weight loss to get that new healthier you out in view for the whole world to see.

But haven’t we heard this before? Promises full of positivity, but with questionable real world results? We decided to step in and check out of phendimetrazine really was a weight loss miracle, or just a synthetic dud.

PGX Diet Pills Review: Is it Effective? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2,5/5

PGX Diet Pills Review: Is it Effective?

What is PGX?

 Winning the 2022 bettersupplements Best of Supplements award, as well as the 2022 delicious living supplement award, PGX has expanded rapidly in the health supplement market, attempting to overshadow other similar products.

PGX‘s concoction of ingredients is boasted to not only manage weight , but cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well. So with PGX are you really hitting three birds with one stone? Or are you just throwing a rock at three birds and missing? We went ahead to check the product out.

LiVea Review Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 3/5

LiVea Review
What is LiVea?

Made popular by The Biggest Loser season 3’s Kai Hubbard, LiVea claimed that it could help it’s users lose weight while at the same time suppressing hunger cravings. When including a diet plan and exercise into the mix it is claimed that results were eminent.

Ultimately LiVea was discontinued as it’s product was shown to be nothing more than a scam. So what was this product, and what did it say it could do? We decided to looking into it so that you can be more aware of what to watch out for in other products.

Liproxenol Review Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2,9/5

Liproxenol Review
What is Liproxenol?

 Geared toward the markets in Australia and the United Kingdom, Liproxenol claims that it’s users can feel their metabolism get boosted while at the same time stopping them from feeling like taking an afternoon snack. All the users need to do is buy their product.

Sounds easy enough to get good results. But is there any proof to back up these claims? Or is the claim of weight loss nothing more than a mirage, a figment of the imagination? We decided to check out what is real and what isn’t with this product.

Lipozin Review Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.8/5

Lipozin Review
What is Lipozin?

 It’s summertime and with the warmer weather people cluster outdoors at beaches, waiting to be seen. There are those however, who did not get quite as ready for the season as they had hoped. Wishing they had planned ahead, it’s common to think of a quick fix to this problem. That’s where Lipozin steps in. Similar in name to another diet pill, Lipozin promises it’s users a newer, thinner self sooner than they might think is possible.

Are these claims founded in reality? Or are they but empty hopes, built on the dreams of obese people who are looking for a better tomorrow? We decided to step in and see what this product is all about.

Lipodrene Diet Pill Review: Is it Effective? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2,6/5

Lipodrene Diet Pill Review: Is it Effective?

What is Lipodrene?

Claiming to contain a pharmaceutical-grade formula for weight loss that has a special technology to be effective in fat burning, Lipodrene targets women in particular who are having trouble getting rid of fat that doesn’t seem to want to leave, specifically in the thighs, hips and buttocks.

Claiming to be based on volumes of clinical and scientific data, Lipodrene wants to take the attention of the market to prove that it is effective. But can these claims be verified? Or is this just another pill with empty promises? We decided to find out.

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