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Phendimetrazine Review: Is it right for you?

What is Phendimetrazine?

To those of us that have trouble losing weight even with a lower calorie diet and exercise, phendimetrazine has it’s audience dreaming of shedding pounds like a snowman in a sauna. Coming in tablet, capsule and extended-release capsule form, phendimetrazine promises it’s users results in weight loss to get that new healthier you out in view for the whole world to see.

But haven’t we heard this before? Promises full of positivity, but with questionable real world results? We decided to step in and check out of phendimetrazine really was a weight loss miracle, or just a synthetic dud.

 Who makes it?

 Bottle with falling out pillsEon labs, a subsidy of the New Jersey based Sandoz Inc., is the manufacturer of phendimetrazine. Sandoz is also the producer of various other medicines in generic form. Phendimetrazine can be purchased with a doctor’s prescription by it’s brand name, Bontril, from online retailers such as, as well as in stores such as Walgreens, Kmart and other similar major retailers.

 How (and) does it work?

 Known as an anorectic, phendimetrazine stimulates the central nervous system. This in turn increases blood pressure and heart rate, while at the same time suppressing appetite. Phendimetrazine is recommended for use only in the short term, as it may become habit forming.

Phendimetrazine is to be taken 30-60 minutes prior to breakfast in it’s extended-release capsule form. In it’s instant release form, it is to be taken 2-3 times daily, an hour before meals.

Despite the optimism of it’s claims, users have reported less than stellar results when not adjusting a lower calorie diet and exercise into the equation. Other users report that even with diet and exercise included, results fluctuate from being effective to later being non-existent.

 What’s inside it and are there side effects?

 Phendimetrazine is synthetically made and has the same chemical backbone as methamphetamine. While helping with weight loss, this might not be a product for everyone, especially people who don’t feel comfortable with weight loss supplements that were made in a laboratory. If you are looking for diet pills with all natural ingredients, please check out the top 10 list.

Mild side effects of phendimetrazine use include: headache, insomnia, hyperactivity, constipation, diarrhea, dry mouth, flushing and changes in sexual behavior.

Serious side effects include: Chest pain, shortness of breath, swelling of the lower extremities, extreme mood swings and unusual thoughts or behavior. If any of these side effects are experienced, it’s instructed that you should see a doctor right away.

 What’s good about it?

 Only one extended-release capsule of phendimetrazine is needed a day. This is ideal for people who feel uncomfortable taking multiple pills a day.

 What’s bad about it?

diet-loss-medication-pill-weight.2Phendimetrazine is only recommended for short term use, as it has been known to become habit forming. If one does take the supplement for an extended amount of time and tries to stop cold turkey, there are warnings of possible withdrawal symptoms. That’s not even mentioning that it’s possible to overdose on phendimetrazine. It’s because of this that people who have a history of alcohol and substance abuse are not recommended to take this product. Even though this can negatively effect a certain category of people, should people without addiction problems risk having to go through the same trials as addicts do? Something to consider before jumping in head first to this product.

Phendimetrazine is not a drug for everyone. Geared towards obese people who are having trouble losing weight by traditional means, use of phendimetrazine is for a very limited audience. On the one hand people with pre-existing blood pressure or heart conditions are not recommended to use phendimetrazine because of its stimulant properties could further worsen overall health. On the other hand people with more moderate obesity should look elsewhere than to use this product. This also includes people who exercise regularly who are looking for a supplement to get them more toned or build muscle mass.  Because of it’s narrow audience base, one should really consider if phendimetrazine is something you want to look into, or if there are other things on the market that are more worth your time and money.

 Wrap Up

 Despite it’s positive claims, when one looks into the possible side effects, withdrawal symptoms and potential to overdose, one does have to wonder if this product should be used at all. Also if you aren’t morbidly obese, this product really isn’t for you.

  • Effectiveness52%2.6/5
  • Consumer reviews48%2.4/5
  • Quality of ingredients52%2.6/5
  • Cost60%3/5
  • Money Back58%2.9/5
  • Overall Rating54%2.7/5
 Bottom Line:

While marketed towards people with more serious weight issues, phendimetrazine clearly is not a product that is intended for everyone. Some users have reported that the effects of the drug are not consistent, even with a lower calorie diet and exercise included into the equation. This isn’t to mention the potential this supplement has on becoming habit forming, and the withdrawal and overdosing effects that it’s users may have to face. If you don’t feel like understanding what an addict goes through, don’t worry; the market is full of cheaper, more effective diet pills that can be more geared towards you and your weight loss goals. There are many paths on the road to weight loss, and without question, this product is not the only solution.

We recommend that you try other diet pills that may be more effective for you.

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