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Isagenix Review – Does This Product Really Work?

What is Isagenix?

4 unique flavors offered under the name IsaLean shake, a host of meal replacement shakes which are intended to be a clinically proven solution to weight management. The product comes with 24 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals.

The company website offers a ton of information as well as customer testimonials and a full nutrition ingredient listing. This makes it easy for customers to learn about just what is inside these 4 flavored shakes.

In order to see what it can do we broke it all down. Let’s see what it can do.

Who makes it?

The company behind IsaLean shakes is Isagenix, they’re a powerhouse company who grinds out products for skincare, aging treatment, energy, physical performance and weight loss.

proteinTheir products are based on multilevel marketing business strategies, allowing regular people the opportunity to sell their products for a profit. Also the company offers more compensation if you were to recruit another person to sell their goods.

The FTC has warned people to watch out for potential pyramid schemes often found in similar multilevel marketing schemes.

How (and) does it work?

Thru adding 240 calories per serving and a host of vitamins and minerals, the intention is to help customers feel satisfied while proving the body with nutrients needed to function regularly.

With the added whey protein amounting to 24 grams it also is meant to prevent any feelings of hunger. This apparently allows for lean muscle mass to form and an increased metabolism to flourish.

While the high amount of protein is a good sign, customers do complain of the flavors which makes it hard to accept it as it requires daily use. Also the high price point and fact it must be purchased from people who sell this product and not from a direct vendor, sacrifices an ideal transaction between company and customers.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

There are 11 grams of sugar per serving, oddly enough this amount can prevent weight loss from occurring. For good tasting products with less sugar we recommend taking a look at the top 10 list of all the best meal replacement shakes.

  • Whey protein concentrate: Taken from the cheese making process and used for its high amount of amino acids.
  • Milk protein concentrate: An extract containing lactose, proteins and minerals.
  • Glucomannan: Type of fiber that expands in the stomach. It’s essentially a sugar taken from a the konjac tree.
  • Natural flavors: A naturally sourced extract created in a lab for flavoring.

Potential Side Effects: Stomach cramps, gas, diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, and frequent bathroom trips.

What’s good about it?

The product contains no soy and it ranks low on the glycemic index, insuring a gradual blood sugar maintenance. Also it is available in 4 different flavors all with a high amount of good whey protein concentrate.

Because the company lists their product to be free of soy they are clearly in the know about the harmful properties of soy. All of this ensures the company has a knowledge of what types of protein are the best sources for customers.

What’s bad about it?

shakeSome of the key things that prevent this product from being the all encompassing super meal replacement shake are on 2 unique things.

First off is the availability and price. Some prices quoted by customers have this at a months supply for around $50 or more. Not knowing what the set price is might leave some customers overcharged. Also since the product is sold thru someone looking to make a profit, it’s hard to know what a consistent price should be.

Another pitfall is the sugar. 11 grams is a lot when you consider the brands that contain much less. Sugar can prevent your loss of weight as well as provide a host of other issues.

Wrap Up

Isagenix certainly knows what it is doing by providing a healthy amount of whey protein concentrate. The amount of protein is a good sign of a meal replacement shake as it can provide a good dose of hunger satisfying properties. What is the downfall and makes this a hard sell are the numbers. Expensive, much more sugar dependent than other brands, and only available thru people who may fluctuate their pricing. Customers may not appreciate these issues as it keeps it from being the ideal solution to weight loss.

Bottom Line:

There’s a fair amount of good and bad found within these meal replacement shakes. However in order to give more well rounded results we recommend a peak at the top 10 rated meal replacements.

By giving yourself the opportunity to look at the overall superior products available, you too can reach weight loss in a wholesome product. High protein, filling, nutrient dense shakes are customer rated and reviewed in order to give you the 10 best.

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