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PGX Diet Pills Review: Is it Effective?

What is PGX?

 Winning the 2024 bettersupplements Best of Supplements award, as well as the 2024 delicious living supplement award, PGX has expanded rapidly in the health supplement market, attempting to overshadow other similar products.

PGX‘s concoction of ingredients is boasted to not only manage weight , but cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well. So with PGX are you really hitting three birds with one stone? Or are you just throwing a rock at three birds and missing? We went ahead to check the product out.

 Who makes it?

 pills-06PGX is manufactured by a the British Columbia, Canada based Natural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd. The company also various other dietary supplements. PGX can be bought online, as well as from pharmacies across the United States and Canada.

 How (and) does it work?

PGX works by improving the insulin sensitivity of it’s users, claiming to make substantial reductions in insulin resistant health risks. PGX doesn’t increase energy levels with stimulant ingredients like caffeine, nor does it work through thermogenetic agents.

PGX is a combination of fibers that increase the viscosity of food in the digestive tract. This makes your body feel full, and as such, suppresses appetite. Because of this not only are carbohydrates absorbed at a much slower rate, but the body’s glycemic index is lowered as well. With glucose entering the bloodstream also at a slower rate, the crashes and peaks of unhealthy blood sugar levels are nullified as well.

Users are instructed to use PGX for breakfast, lunch and dinner, starting with 1-2 soft gel capsules, but overtime building up to 3-6.

Despite it’s optimistic claims, some users have reported that the product wasn’t as effective as advertised.

 What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

 The company’s website while mentioning some of the acting ingredients in PGX, isn’t all that clear about what else is in the product. PGX does mention what is not in their product, with stimulants like caffeine being excluded. As such, additional research is needed to find out what is in this product. If you are interested in diet pills with known all natural ingredients, please read the top 10 list.

  • PGX proprietary blend: A mixture of konjac powder, sodium alginate and xanthan gum, these fibers help the user stay full while helping regulate glucose into the bloodstream. *Note: these ingredients are listed as the proprietary blend on the bottle and are not expanded upon.*
  • Medium chain Triglycerides: Noted for the potential of it’s anti-aging properties, this ingredient also has potential to help with weight loss as well.
  • Gelatin: A colorless, translucent substance coming from collagen, this is full of protein and can help burn fat, as well as help detoxify the liver.
  • Glycerin: A naturally occurring chemical commonly used as medicine, if taken orally it has the potential to help with weight loss.
  • Soy lecithin: Used for it’s emulsification properties, this ingredient helps bind food products. It should be noted that there are people who may have an allergic reaction to this ingredient.
  • Purified water: Water that has been de-ionized or that has underwent reverse osmosis treatment.
  • Carob: An evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean, this ingredient is full of protein, vitamin A, folate, fiber, calcium among others.
  • Annatto: With it’s bowel cleansing and antioxidant properties, this ingredient has been used to treat maladies from diarrhea and heartburn, to others such as malaria and diabetes. This has also been used as a coloring agent in foods.

Side effects: Intestinal discomfort, including gas and bloating.

 What’s good about it?

 PGX is ephedrine free, an ingredient that has been known to cause irregular heart beat and in some rare instances, seizure and death.

 What’s bad about it?

Generic-pillsAlthough PGX claims to help with weight loss, there has been no clinical research to back up these claims. Despite the awards it has won, the website does offer the disclaimer that the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t evaluated the statements claimed by the product.

In addition to this, PGX doesn’t disclose it’s entire ingredient list, specifically its proprietary blend. Why would they not include the entire list? Is there anything to hide? Hopefully not, but at this point all we can do is make assumptions as to why they wouldn’t be forth right with their ingredients. Some of the other ingredients, like soy lecithin, people may be allergic to. Clearly this product is not meant for everyone, despite claims on how safe it is.

Well maybe after reading all this you still want to try it. But do you want to try a sample before buying the product? Unfortunately, there are no trial periods offered.

 Wrap Up

 While claiming to be effective in helping with weight loss, blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol, in the end this product may be no more than a hyped up fiber supplement.

  • Effectiveness48%2.4/5
  • Consumer reviews44%2.2/5
  • Quality of ingredients48%2.4/5
  • Cost56%2.8/5
  • Money Back54%2.7/5
  • Overall Rating50%2.5/5
 Bottom Line:

While claiming to make a big difference in weight loss to it’s users, the fact of the matter is that this product hides in the shadow of it’s advertised self. Hiding it’s true effectiveness in weight loss by promoting it’s other features, such as improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels, it can be deduced that this may not be the best product on the market for weight loss. There are other dietary supplements out there, and for a possibly cheaper price they may even be more effective. Past the awards that it’s won, the bright colors on the company’s website and the soft, friendly text, this product acts like it’s the best in show, when really the results it produces are sub par.

We recommend other diet pills that can be more effective for you and your weight loss efforts.

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