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Shakeology Review 2024: Is It Safe?

To find the very best meal replacement on the market, we made sure to research the shakes ingredients, company history, how well customers rate it overall, and how well rounded the nutrients are.

In this review we’ve taken everything you need to know about Shakeology, in an easy to read format.

What is Shakeology?

The intended purpose of Shakeology is to boost energy, keep you from feeling hungry, improve digestion for regularity, reduce cravings for junk foods, and help support weight loss.
It’s made with several ingredients including whey and pea protein, probiotics and enzymes for helping increase nutrient absorption, adaptogens for stress relief, and whole foods like kale and spinach.

It’s available in vanilla, chocolate, café late, green berry, and strawberry.

One 30 serving pouch is sold for $129.95. This makes it one of the priciest meal replacements on the market. Let’s check and see if Shakeology is worth it.

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How (and) does it work?

proteinThe combination of fats, protein, and fiber is meant to help you stay full and less likely to want to eat excess food. This is standard for all meal replacements however.

It’s more important to look at the overall quality to help determine if it’s any good. There’s a total of 16 grams of protein that comes from whey, pea, and sancha inchi.

No information is provided by the makers to determine if the amino acid profile is well rounded. This is important to make sure your body gets the necessary fuel to help keep it running properly. The company fails to provide any proof that this shake will work.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

A total of 7 grams of sugar is added, which should be reduced in order to prevent the possibility for weight gain.

This sugar comes from fructose, which is considered one of the worst sweeteners available. This ingredient has been shown to cause metabolism disorders, blood sugar spikes, and you can eat lots of it without feeling satiated.

Customers have also rated this shake poorly. Many mention it has an odd artificial sweetener taste, and that it’s gritty, chalky, and won’t mix well. You can see which shake won the best meal replacement in this list.

  • Xanthan Gum: Thickener that’s often found in processed foods. It’s possible for it to promote digestive issues, nausea, and gastrointestinal pain.
  • Green tea leaf: Common tea that provides caffeine for a stimulant boosting effect. Though it has antioxidants, the caffeine may potentially increase the risk for side effects.
  • Spirulina: Bacteria with amino acids and nutrients. Depending on where it’s extracted from, it’s possible for it to contain elevated levels of heavy metals which may be hazardous.

Potential Side Effects: Stomach pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

What’s good about it?

There’s an easy to read ingredients label provided which outlines the macro and micro nutrients. Their website also does direct sales.

It also contains some whey protein, which is the best protein source due to its well-rounded amino acid profile.

What’s bad about it?


It’s incredibly pricy. If you drink 2 shakes a day, you’ll have to spend $259 dollars a month.

A high price isn’t always a reflection of quality. Shakeology has one of the worst sweeteners you can eat in fructose.

There’s also no information on the amino acid score, so you won’t know how well rounded the protein is.

Some customers have also had issues with purchasing this brand:

“when you order from their website you are forced into a recurring subscription”

This means you’re automatically subscribed to a month to month contract that charges your credit card without asking. This explains why there are 784 complaints against the company on their Better Business Bureau page.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet shakes to make a right purchase decision!
Who makes it?

BeachBody LLC makes Shakeology; they’re a California based multilevel marketing company.

They currently have 763 complaints against them on their Better Business Bureau website, and this mostly due to issues with billing.

When dealing with multilevel marketing companies, this often requires you to deal with middle men who might be difficult to deal with.

Wrap Up

Shakeology does have some quality whey protein; though they also add pea and sancha inchi which are deficient in amino acids.

It’s also somewhat low in calories, with a decent amount of fiber. However, the ingredients added aren’t the best quality.

Inside is fructose which can increase weight, there’s no explanation of the amino acid profile, and it has high amounts of sugar.

Bottom Line:

Shakeology failed to impress with its lacking nutritional value and questionable ingredients. If you want the real solution for weight loss, you you’ll find success in the top 10 list.

From all the great products out, the number 1 best was 18Shake. This meal replacement has studied ingredients that can help burn fat, suppress appetite, and keep energy levels high. There’s great reviews from dieters that experienced no adverse effects, and only benefited from its weight loss support.

You can make weight loss easy through quality all natural ingredients. Featured here are the very best shakes for safe and effective results.

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Top Rated Diet Shakes of 2024

  • 18shake4.9/5 stars-icon
  • Effectiveness98%
  • Consumer reviews95%
  • Quality of ingredients96%
  • Cost91%
  • Money Back93%
  • Overall Rating95%
  • Vega One shake4.7/5 stars-icon
  • Effectiveness88%
  • Consumer reviews79%
  • Quality of ingredients85%
  • Cost87%
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  • Overall Rating86%
  • Yoli shake4.6/5 stars-icon
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  • Quality of ingredients89%
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14 thoughts on “Shakeology Review 2024: Is It Safe?

  1. Kay says:

    I have used this product; lost no weight but had lots of energy. But………the expense is not reasonable. Not enough bang for your buck.

    1. doris crawley says:

      how costly is this product

  2. Bill Watson says:

    My friend tried Shakeology and no results. Plus it’s so expensive. I think it’s better to buy 18shake instead of wasting money on expensive product that doesn’t work.

  3. Alexa Mikano says:

    I tried Shakeology but it too expensive for me. Now I’m using 18Shake and from my point of view it’s even better. I already lost 18 pounds!

  4. Viola Thimano says:

    I like Shakeology but it’s too expensive for me.
    Do you know good quality vanilla protein shake for weight loss ??

    1. Alex Viksun says:

      Try 18shake. It’s not so expensive and taste is greater. I’m using it for 6 months and lost 55 lbs.

  5. Jean Thomson says:

    Is it safe to use with an allergy? My friend recommended me to try weight loss protein shake but I don’t know which to choose. Thanks!

    1. Alexis Neva says:

      Dear Jean,
      I think you need to consult your doctor before using Shakeology.

  6. Miss Nany says:

    Did you compare 18Shake with Shakeology?

    1. Alexandro Pivad says:

      I tried 18shake and Shakelogy. I think taste of 18shake is better it’s not so fake like in Shakelogy shake. Also the price of 18shake is much more better.

  7. Alsu Nenzino says:

    Thank you for your big and honest review on Shakeology.

    Have you seen my video?

    As for your comment about Protein and Astragulus, I have found that these are used in a natural medicine as a cancer cure. I like to eat it on breakfast, noon and night. My cancer disappeared after two weeks. My doctor was shocked as my treatment should have lasted at least another 12 months.

  8. J Alvarez says:

    Do you know cheaper alternative to Shakelogy shake?

  9. Cynthia Foantain says:

    Can a diabetic drink two of these shakes a day and be ok with sugar levels? How many grams of sugar does one serving have?

  10. Anne-Sophie Morin says:

    I wonder why some people claim that they force you into recurring orders and stuff like that… I ordered Shakeology a few times and I never had any bad experience, the help chat is very helpful and it’s easy to communicate with the staff!

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