Why do Guys Lose their Erection?


A sudden flaccid penis can be an embarrassing but not too uncommon problem in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction can even happen in the middle of sex without warning, even if a person is aroused.

Many reasons exist why this may become a problem, and fortunately there are steps one can take to ensure this does not become a reoccurring issue.

An erection does not have to completely go away for there to be a problem. This can be experienced in softening and in mild blood flow which keeps one from becoming as rigid and thick as possible.

The causes of erectile dysfunction may include the following:

  • Increased stress which limits the body’s natural ability to operate normally.
  • Obesity which can lead to reduced blood flow. By clogging arteries and restricting the ability for blood to be transported to the body, it can make it much harder to achieve sustained erections.
  • Poor diet resulting in a lack of important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This is essential for helping keep libido and blood flow stable. Potassium, zinc, and many other vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining erections.
  • Tobacco, drug, or alcohol use which strains the body. This can cause hormonal issues and it can reduce the likelihood of healthy blood flow. Nicotine is a major problem as well as it can make arteries more narrow.
  • Gum disease. The Luzhou Medical College located in China saw that this inflammatory disease was associated with an increase of ED.
  • Aging. During one’s 30’s testosterone will likely be reduced. Men in their 60’s have seen a 4 fold increase of impotence in comparison to those who are around their 40’s.
  • Lack of hydration or dehydration.
  • Previous or current use of harsh prescription drugs such as hair loss medication or other prescriptions.
  • Reduced testosterone and energy levels which can dip once men hit their 30’s.

Even if one is very aroused and not anxious or uncomfortable, it’s still possible to suddenly become flaccid. Live Science has also found that somewhere between:

“30 million men in the US experience erectile dysfunction”

This can also have an effect on desire as it makes one less likely to want to engage in sexual activity.

Lifestyle changes can ensure one is better able to prevent erectile dysfunction from becoming an issue. Additionally there are other proven methods which can help one sustain rigid, firm, and lengthy erections.

How an Erection is created and solutions

When sexual arousal is at its peak, signals are transmitted to the brain which improves nerve function to the genitals. This will result in a sudden erection when one is in the right frame of mind. Typically during times of stress because there is a rush of adrenaline, this will stop erections from happening.

This is why it’s also very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, since nerve function and blood flow can be impaired if one is not taking care of themselves.

Support against erectile dysfunction can be found when using a male enhancement solution such as a supplement. In analyzing many kinds of solutions, the one which had the best combination of ingredients and ease of use was Viritenz. It is targeted not just to prevent impotence, but it can also target all aspects of male sexual health.

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