Different Types of Male Enhancement


With new discoveries into male enhancement solutions, there’s been a major increase in the production and sale of specific types. Not all products are created equal however, and there are often pros and cons to each available kind. This can vary greatly and once you find a specific category, there are numerous companies which often claim to provide the best solution. It’s because of this that consumers should be informed as to what available solutions exist, and what they can deliver.

Prescription Pills

Typically these kinds of pills are used to help reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. The intended effect is a boost in blood flow which can be diminished due to things like obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet, sleep loss, stress, excess masturbation and aging.

While prescription pills are likely to help improve blood flow, it’s one dimensional and will not improve testosterone, endurance, libido, or provide any other male enhancement support.

You also have to ensure it is taken under the strict specifications of a doctor; otherwise there is an increased risk for side effects. Regardless, even in healthy people there may be side effects including:

  • Increased risk for cardiovascular problems such as stroke, heart attack, and chest pain.
  • Difficulty breathing, painful erections, loss of sensation, urination issues, and uncomfortable erections.
  • Abnormal vision, flushing, headache, congestion, tenderness and nausea.

Proper dosing, the avoidance of certain pills and ingredients, and many safety considerations must be thought of before use.

Penis Pumps

These devices work by rushing blood to the penis, which is then trapped by a ring or attachment tool. The only effect this provides is helping one sustain blood flow to the penis, which can help keep an erection rigid and lasting.

No other effects are possible, and it will not work to support healthy testosterone, libido, sexual vigor, or energy.

A few major problems can arise from this:

  • It may force one to have to keep using a pump. Because one becomes used to this method, it can make natural erections more difficult.
  • Some partners may not like the idea of one having to use such a device, and it can also reduce intimacy.
  • Painful side effects and a loss of sensation may result because of use. It’s not uncommon to experience difficulty urinating, tightness, numbness, rash, bruising, painful orgasms, and general discomfort.

It can also be difficult to use such a contraption before sex as it requires some planning and typically lubricant.

Male Enhancement Pills

Many different types exist, and some are only meant to help provide limited support. The benefit of using the right brand is that it can give one a well-rounded formula of proven ingredients. Because of the wide array of ingredients used, learning about dosing and reading studies is important to determine quality.

There can be added stimulants, herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and many other kinds of additives.

Comprehensive formulas can help provide benefits including:

  • Better free flowing testosterone which can translate into quicker muscle recovery, improved virility, better mood, enhanced endurance, and overall gains to one’s sex drive.
  • Aphrodisiac benefits which can stimulate blood flow and aid sexual desire.
  • Better sperm production for increased fertility and powerful orgasms.
  • Enhanced energy and overall vigor for longer lasting sex.

These are just a few of the possible benefits from the right brand. The effect of https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-viagra-online/ Viagra on the ability to drive or work with potentially dangerous machinery hasn’t been studied. Before driving or operating machinery, patients should find out how their body reacts to Viagra, as this drug can cause such side effects as vertigo and blurry vision. Out of all the reviewed male enhancement solutions currently available, the one which delivered the most comprehensive benefits was Viritenz.

In it is a rich blend of well-studied ingredients which deliver a range of benefits which translates into overall improved sexual health. To gain access to Viritenz’s testimonials and the product itself, simply follow this link.


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