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Prolessa Duo Review: Is It Safe?

What is Prolessa Duo?

Prolessa Duo is a weight loss powder that is intended to help users control their appetite. It’s made up of fatty acids and oils, as well as vitamins.

Information on this is limited, as the official website only offers a few sentences to describe it. There are reviews and customer opinions available online as well as the full ingredients list however. The manufacturers intend for people to mix this alongside a protein drink for added benefits. In researching many different meal replacements, the top ranked one was found to be 18Shake. This meal replacement has only natural ingredients and an appetite suppressing high protein and rich fiber base. Learn more about what 18Shake has to offer when you click the link provided here. 

Who makes it?


139ProteinPowders616x438Herbalife is a company that creates health supplements intended to be sold by members. People are allowed the opportunity to buy these products in bulk then distribute them thru their own marketing.

They settled a $300,000 lawsuit for claims of lead found in their products. They are currently under investigation by the FTC for claims that it is a pyramid scheme.

In 2024 countries around the world saw a rise in hepatitis from people who consumed Herbalife products. After lab analysis was performed it was concluded that it was highly likely that the supplements tested caused hepatitis. A comprehensive top 10 list of the best meal replacements can be seen in the link provided here.

How (and) does it work?

By adding just one scoop a day in a preferably Herbalife shake, this product is said to provide a formula for a better wellbeing. The CLA provided added helps signal receptors inside the body to increase fat and blood sugar metabolism, while also increasing the rate of fat burning.

The only ingredient described by the company is CLA, the other ingredients are said to assist weight loss but no explanation as to how is offered.

There is no mention of customer support or clinical trials ran.  Reviews online are mixed with some saying no results came and that the formula tasted bad. Some of the positive reviews are suspect as individuals sell this brand may leave positive reviews. For a comprehensive top 10 list of meal replacements, click the link provided here.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?
  • Safflower oil derived Conjugated Linoleic Acid: A plant high in CLA’S intended to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and lower risk of heart disease.
  • Palm Oil: Vegetable oil that is highly saturated.  Used to decrease weight however it may have the opposite effect.
  • Oat Oil: Fatty extract found in oat kernels meant to treat dry and itchy skin as well as inflammation. It is high in antioxidants.
  • Glucose Syrup: Sugar high in glucose that thickens and provides a cheap sugar source.
  • Sodium Caseinate: Protein source found in milk meant to satiate the body.
  • Silicon Dioxide: A common chemical used to create free flowing substances in ingredients.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate: A form of vitamin C that is fat soluble. It also works as a preservative.
  • Sodium and Potassium Phosphates: A generic name for a thickening salt added to powders to provide texture and cohesion.
  • Soy Lecithin: A fatty oil that keeps ingredients sticking together. It is also reported to increase brain and heart health.
  • Natural Mixed Tocopherols: Mixture of vitamin E’s that are included to provide antioxidants beneficial for post workout stress.

Potential Side Effects: Diarrhea, dehydration, upset stomach, nausea, bloating, and gas.

The top 10 ranked meal replacements are available in the link cited here.

What’s good about it?

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

What’s bad about it?


5454There’s no clinical trials, no way to verify intended use of ingredients, a potential fear of contamination and an incredibly high price tag.

A 30 day supply of this retails upwards of $101.70, and it is only available if you are a member or if you contact a member.

Herbalife is being investigated for various claims that their company has bad business practices such as fraud.

Past fears of lead contamination have yet to be figured out either. Many independent labs ran tests which made it seem highly likely it was contaminated with lead.

There’s a lack of a description or scientific proof. They give a brief mention to one of their ingredients but fail to mention the other 9 additives.  After reviewing the ingredients there are thickening agents, simple sugars, and basic forms of milk protein that aren’t very expensive. It then makes the high price tag for this item seem even more unnecessary. The top 10 ranked meal replacements can be seen in the link provided here.

Wrap Up

This company is known worldwide and currently many countries are running their own investigations into this company’s ingredients and business standings. With a current investigation by the FTC held, it’s important to see how it develops. With the cheap ingredients, high price tag, and potential fear of lead, there’s still a lot to resolve.

Bottom Line:

It’s hard justifying the purchase of a brand that fails to provide evidence or even an explanation. Finding the right brand for your fat loss goals should not be left up to chance. The possibility for unwanted side effects can be potentially risky.

After reviewing several meal replacements, our experts concluded that the most effective one for weight loss was 18Shake. This meal replacement offers only natural ingredients, 5 grams of appetite suppressing fiber, and high quality whey protein. Many customers have left positive testimonials and opinions on their official website.

18Shake is fully backed by a risk free 30 money back return policy. Discover more information about 18Shake by clicking the link here.

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