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Complan Review – Side Effects. Is it safe for you?

 What is it?

Complan is a brand of powdered milk based protein drinks that are based in the UK. The company mentions how their drinks offer a full range of 26 vitamins and minerals.

It claims to be a nutritious shake mix made in flavors such as Original, Velvety Vanilla, Summer Strawberry, Rich Chocolate, and Delicious Banana. Their powdered drinks can also be cooked with and simple how to mix formulas are offered on the official website. It’s meant to be a light meal option that has a good variety of vitamins and minerals. This concept sounds good in theory, but does it work? In reviewing several meal replacements shakes our experts found that 18Shake was the most well-rounded for nutritional support, appetite suppression, and weight loss. It’s made up of 15 grams of duo whey protein, and it has only natural ingredients. Learn more about 18Shake when you click the link provided here.

Who makes it?


This British based company is operated by the Spaniard company Danone.

They are a worldwide company that sells different food products.

In Turkey and China the company ran false advertising. One issue was when they suggesting their powdered milk formula is better than breast milk, and another false claim of once again suggesting breast milk should be exchanged for their formulas. The comprehensive top 10 list found here has the highest rated meal replacements.

How (and) does it work?

Given the option for powders or even ready-made drinks, the suggestion is to drink from 1 to 2 servings a day, but only for those who aren’t diabetic or pregnant.

Approximately 242 calories, 15 grams of milk protein and 0 to 1 gram of fiber depending on the flavor is offered.

The low fiber means that these drinks will likely not help to satisfy appetite. While the protein is added in high amounts, since it comes from skim milk, it can be easily substituted with regular milk.  A top 10 list of the highest ranked meal replacements is available in the link provided here.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The company does not give good enough reasoning as to why their version of milk protein is better than others. What’s offered is plain powdered milk alongside added vitamins and minerals.

  • Skimmed Cows Milk: Typically containing more calcium than regular milk, skin also contains less fat.
  • Calcium Carbonate: Cheap form of calcium found in many substances such as rocks, eggshells or shells of marine animals. It is toxic in high doses.
  • Chromium Chloride: An extract of an important mineral needed for healthy body growth and development. Over supplementation can lead to stomach pains and ulcers.
  • Maltodextrin: A sweet thickener that is usually taken from either wheat or corn.
  • D-Biotin: Also known as vitamin B-7. Is is naturally sourced and is often found in the body in large amounts.

Potential Side Effects: Headaches, nausea, increased bathroom breaks, bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, upset stomach and gas.

What’s good about it?

It can be supplemented in various forms either hot or cold and in powdered form, and it can be added to foods for an extra protein boost. It offers a high amount of protein which can help with muscle growth and repair.

What’s bad about it?


There is no real reason given to take this product as opposed to just drinking regular skim milk The following ingredients which are added include palm oil(is high in saturated fat) and maltodextrin(added to thicken the product). Skim milk is meant to be a reduced fat drink, but the added palm oil reintroduces what could be potentially harmful saturated fats.

The product also was a part of an investigation in 2024 due to dead worms found inside one of their batches. This lack of quality control needs to be further addressed in order for customers to feel satisfied.

The low presence of fiber is also an issue. A good meal replacement should provide satiety through its high quality protein (which this product has a cheap source of) and good fiber needed to satisfy overall hunger.

Complan does not offer enough which can’t already bought for much cheaper. A top 10 list of the best meal replacements can be seen in the link provided.

Wrap Up

Complan offers a convenient source of protein as it can be mixed into all kinds of foods. There are a few flavors offered as well as the full nutritional information for each specific product. What is lacking however is the quality of protein, which is easily found in supermarkets for a lesser price. Some may like the convenience of having dried packets or flavored products; however this is riddled with cheap additives. The oils added are not considered to be the most heart healthy options available.

 A comprehensive list was created by our experts of the top 10 meal replacement shakes.

  • Effectiveness54%2.7/5
  • Consumer reviews50%2.5/5
  • Quality of ingredients54%2.7/5
  • Cost62%3.1/5
  • Money Back60%3/5
  • Overall Rating56%2.8/5
Bottom Line:

While Complan is convenient, it still doesn’t rank high in terms of quality vs other meal replacement shakes.

Our experts reviewed many different meal replacements and have found that 18Shake was the most useful for appetite suppression and weight loss. It’s an all-natural meal replacement made with quality whey protein and 5 grams of appetite suppressing fiber. There are no added fillers, binders, or cheap thickeners. Customers have left their opinions on the official website, saying it’s easy to mix and has as good taste.

18Shake is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee. All purchases are backed with this no questions asked return policy. Learn more about 18Shake by clicking on the link found here.

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16 thoughts on “Complan Review – Side Effects. Is it safe for you?

  1. May says:

    Be careful! It has 250 calories in it. From my point of view, it’s the biggest side effect of Complan shake! It’s like a big meal! Or like 2.5 shakes of 18shake.
    I wasted one month of life trying to lose weight with. Never drink weight loss shakes that has more than 100 calories in it!

  2. Mike Tomson says:

    I tried to lose weight with Complan but it doesn’t work. I tried all their products. No results 🙁

    1. Alexa Mikano says:

      Did you try chocolate taste? I think Complan shake not so bad. I started my weight loss trip from Complan.
      Now I’m using 18shake. I lost 21 pounds with it. If you don’t like Complan, try 18Shake.

  3. Max Alvarado says:

    Cool article! Do you know how fast I can lose weight if I’ll eat Complan all day? Also, I like to drink beer will it ruin my diet?

  4. Alsu Nenzino says:

    I can’t find Complan shake in my local store. Do you know where I can buy it? Do you know similar products?

  5. Miko Anonito says:

    Wher can I buy it?

    1. Seban says:

      You can buy it on official website or on Amazon

  6. Seban says:

    I tried Complan shake. Not bad taste and cheap price. But I don’t lose any weight. I personally recommend you to do a research before you will start your diet with this product.

    1. Rachael Price says:

      I’m on it for an eating disorder can’t believe that people are taking it to loose weight

  7. Seban says:

    You can buy it on official website or on Amazon

  8. Laura Marshall says:

    I would no longer like to receive the Conplan shake any longer and would like to get out of the programs. And no longer want to be taking any more money out of my account. The program is not working for and have so many packages built up that I will not be using either. Thank you for the experience!

  9. Brian Stockwell says:

    Not certain if complan is causing some constipation ? With lansoprazole??

  10. Alex ramessar says:

    Can I drink complan at night, does it helps u to sleep gud

  11. Dinesh khatri says:

    I want to gain weight is Complan good for me

  12. David says:

    Complan should have some fibre added to it as regular use can cause constipation

  13. Rachael Price says:

    I’m on complain because I have an eating disorder pardon me for being ignorant but I’ve never heard of it for losing weight

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