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Xtreme Testosterone Review: Is It Safe?

Xtreme Testosterone is a male enhancement product that is designed to boost user’s testosterone levels. It is marketed as both a workout supplement and a sexual performance aid.

Their claims about Xtreme Testosterone’s effects include that it can increase muscle gaining ability, power output, and stamina levels, as well as boosting libido levels, erectile functionality, and seminal output. Their advertisements recommend the product to men over forty that have seen declines in their T levels, or for athletes and other men that are looking to increase performance either on the field or in the bedroom.

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Who Makes It?

There is no parent company for Xtreme Testosterone, however some research into their business shows that they are partnered with a number of other affiliate brands of male enhancement products including Alpha Plus Test Booster, Alpha Monster Advanced, and others.

This is a known network of disreputable supplements brands that all use the same manipulative business model to trick customers into paying for their products with a “Free Trial Offer.” This offer is rarely free, and signing up for it can often cost users hundreds of dollars.

The offer form is actually and enrollment into a monthly automatic enrollment program that regularly charges users as much as $89.95 without notification or authorization.

They claim to have won GNC’s 2024 “Rising Star” award and the 2024 “New Brand of the Year” award, however there is no record of this with GNC or Curiously, there are a number of other products that also claim to have won those two specific awards exactly, including Force Factor and NutraClick.

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How (and) Does It Work?

Xtreme Testosterone claims to be an “elite” testosterone booster that is capable of improving men’s athletic and sexual performance. They do not provide any significant data about how they expect to accomplish this, however in general testosterone supplementation can be beneficial for both of those functions.

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland that is responsible for a number of secondary male sex characteristics and functions, most notably its ability to burn fat, increase muscle mass, and initiate the sexual response system. Men with higher testosterone levels have been shown to have a greater frequency of erections, more intense orgasms, and their sperm has been shown to be both higher in density and higher in volume.

Most male enhancement products will also tend to include some form of circulatory booster, however there is nothing in the promotional materials for Xtreme Testosterone can benefit blood flow. Circulation issues are the most frequent cause of erectile dysfunction and it is surprising that a men’s sexual performance booster would ignore this important aspect of sexual health.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

Xtreme Testosterone does not list any of their actual contents on their website. There is no information in any of their promotional materials or on any independent review sites that discloses what is actually in their formula.

In some senses, that makes Xtreme Testosterone very hard to evaluate – after all, how can you judge the quality of a product if you do not know what’s in it? This exclusion, however, is telling in and of itself about the kind of product that Xtreme Testosterone is.

The best supplement brands will be very open about what they have inside of them. They know that they are using a high-quality formula and they want their potential customers to see that. They want them to be able to compare their product to others, so that it is easy to understand why they should choose them out of a crowded market.

Companies that use lower quality blends often times do not want to disclose their exact contents because intelligent customers will be able to see that their products may not be good for them in the long run. Companies can use ingredients that have been shown to have side effects in either the short or the long term, they could cause allergy issues, or even interact negatively with other supplements or medications.

If a company does not disclose their ingredients, then there is no way of knowing of to what degree their advertising claims are accurate, or how that product may affect them specifically. Our research team strongly encourages our readers never to ingest any form of pill, medicine, or wellness product if they do not know what is in it.

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Customer Opinions

The majority of the comments found about Xtreme Testosterone online are regarding customers’ frustration with being tricked into joining the “Free Trial Offer” program. Many people do not even realize that they are being charged until it has happened multiple times, often costing hundreds of total dollars.

There are still plenty of negative comments about the product itself as well. Here are some of the accounts that previous users have posted in online forums and consumer advocacy sites:

“Who could possibly think that this is an effective product. It smells like a horse stall that’s never been properly cleaned and it makes you feel like you ate leftovers that had been sitting in the fridge just a little too long. Stay far, far away.”

“Not only are they total scammers, but the pills themselves are a joke. They never said what was in them so I’m guessing it’s just rice powder or something, because I never saw boner one, dude.”

“RUN AWAY from Xtreme Testosterone!!! They will steal your money and sell you POISON!!! Had a bad reaction to it and almost had to go to the ER – never do their “free” offer!”

Our research team did not find a single positive account from a user about their experience with Xtreme Testosterone outside of their own website. It is rare that a product will see so universally negative of a backlash against it.

What’s Good About It?

If you do not know any of the ingredients of a product, it is very hard to say if any of them are particularly recommended. Testosterone is incredibly important for male enhancement, and if Xtreme Testosterone can actually live up to their advertising claims about increasing T levels, then there is a chance that it could be effective for some users.

What’s Bad About It?

It is never a good sign when a product is reluctant to disclose their ingredients. It is not known if the product could be unsafe, ineffective, or a combination of the two. Additionally, their manufacturer is not thought to be trustworthy in general.

Xtreme Testosterone is part of a well-known network of low-grade male enhancement products that attempt to get users to sign up for their renewal programs under false pretenses. They are not considered a trustworthy manufacturer and our experts strongly encourage our users to stay away from providing any form of payment or contact info to Xtreme Testosterone.

The reviews of Xtreme Testosterone that have been posted by former customers are very negative. Especially when there are no sorts of concrete ingredients to judge by, the word of past users is critical of Xtreme Testosterone and the product itself.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Wrap Up:

Xtreme Testosterone is a testosterone supplement that is only available through a supposed “Free Trial Offer.” Far from free, however, this offer actually enrolls users in a renewal program that can end up charging them untold sums of money before they actually realize what they have signed up for.

They do not publish their ingredients, so it is impossible to say what is actually goes into each pill of Xtreme Testosterone, however they have gotten very bad reactions from their users in the past. The company has been shown to use fake or inaccurate promotional materials, including claiming to have won awards that they did not.

  • Effectiveness60%3/5
  • Consumer reviews56%2.8/5
  • Quality of ingredients60%3/5
  • Cost68%3.4/5
  • Money Back66%3.3/5
  • Overall Rating62%3.1/5
Bottom Line

Xtreme Testosterone is a low-quality product from an untrustworthy company. There is nothing about it that would cause our experts to recommend it to any one of our users. No matter what your sexual or nutritional needs are, there are more effective products out there for you.

The most highly recommended male enhancement supplement, according to our experts is Viritenz. It is a combination testosterone booster and circulatory aid that has been shown to have transformative effects on user’s sexual performance.

It is a potent blend of amino acids, herbs, nutrients, and core vitamins that have all been clinically shown to help with male enhancement. Follow this link to see how Viritenz can help restore old sexual performance levels.

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    I recently got a free sample of the products and it turns out that I cannot take the pills for I got so dizzy at times and collapsed at work so I cannot take the pills anymore for health reasons so I don’t want anything any more sorry

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