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Vimax Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Vimax is a male enhancement pill that claims to be able to increase their users’ penis size, as well as offering several other forms of sexual performance enhancement. These include improved erectile function, boosted libido levels, and an increase in both the volume of semen that their consumers produce and the motility of the individual sperm themselves.

Their home page states that Vimax users are able to add girth, volume, and possibly up to three inches in length to their penises, even beyond those gains that come with effective erectile support. They say that it can start having an impact within half an hour, and that if taken regularly that within several months users should have made permanent gains in their penis size.

The male enhancement supplement that has received the best report from our team of experts is Viritenz. It was named to the top spot in our panel of health and wellness experts’ top ten list based on its superior ingredients blend and impressive record with their former customers. Click here to read testimonials from past Viritenz users.

Vimax Ingredients and Side Effects

Vimax publishes their complete ingredients list, however they fail to publish any of the dosage amounts for those ingredients. This makes it very hard to say exactly how potent overall Vimax can be, as it is impossible to say if they have an adequate enough quantity of any given ingredient

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder Ginseng
Saw Palmetto Oat Straw

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder: A famous nootropic aid that has some benefits for erectile function as well. It is a mild circulatory booster, which helps get an adequate amount of blood flow to the genital region.

Ginseng: A common herb that is used for overall wellness and a variety of different health benefits. These include boosts to the libido and the quality of men’s erections, making it one of our experts’ top rated additives for male enhancement supplements.

Saw Palmetto: A helpful herb for prostate health that has fewer applications for improving sexual performance. It has, however, been shown to have some beneficial effects on seminal production, and it can improve erectile dysfunction in a small subset of men whose issues stem from prostate-induced nerve pressure.

Oat Straw: A helpful testosterone function booster that is used in male enhancement products for its beneficial effects on libido and erectile quality. It is very well regarded by our team for use in products of this type.

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Vimax Quality of Ingredients

Vimax claims very explicitly that it is able to help men permanently grow the size of their penises, however there is no evidence that suggests that this could be accurate. None of the ingredients that they have listed in their product have ever shown that this is something that they can do, and the concept that an herbal supplement could add physical tissue is anatomically impossible.

There are no nutritional supplements or drugs that have ever been able to prove in a clinical setting that they are capable of adding permanent size gains to men’s penises. It is possible to maximize the size of the erections that men can achieve, however these gains will disappear after the arousal period ends.

Vimax has a very short ingredients list beyond this, however the additives that they do use tend to be medium-to-high quality herbs that our team recommends. This means that it has the potential to offer some testosterone and circulatory function aid, which in turn may improve erectile quality, libido levels, and other sexual functions.

It will not, however, be as potent as products that use more extensive ingredients lists with a more diverse selection of helpful additives. The majority of quality male enhancement products will tend to be more effective for their intended purposes than Vimax.

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The Price and Quality of Vimax

Vimax is available exclusively through their own websites. They do not use any trusted third party retailers and sell their product instead through a variety of supposedly independent retailers that are in fact just other affiliates of Vimax. Here are the base rates that are quoted on their affiliate sites:

  • 1, 30-count box of Vimax male enhancement capsules: $76.99
  • 3, 30-count boxes of Vimax male enhancement capsules: $205.99
  • 6, 30-count boxes of Vimax male enhancement capsules: $384.99
  • 12, 30-count boxes of Vimax male enhancement capsules: $489.99

These rates are much higher than the average prices for products in this category. They do not list any ingredients that are particularly rare, expensive, or that would justify prices in this range, so it is difficult to say why they charge so much for their product.

To see our review team’s complete library of male enhancement supplement reviews, just click on this link.

Business of Vimax

Vimax claims to be an independently operated business founded by Dr. Mario Dumitrascu, however there is very little evidence online to suggest that this is true, or even that Dr. Mario Dumitrascu is a real person. There is no information pertaining to or mentions of Dr. Dumitrascu outside of Vimax, and they do not provide any biographical information about him such as where he went to school or has practiced medicine.

Interested consumers should be aware that the home page for Vimax is distinctly NSFW, featuring several very graphic pictures that they claim are of their past users’ penises. Setting aside the potential legal issues that Vimax would face if this were true, the images that claim to show growth are clearly photoshopped and should not be viewed as an acceptable form of evidence that their product is effective.

Their home page is low on significant details about their company, and they publish surprisingly few options for reaching them on their contact page. They do not list a telephone number, physical address, or email address. Instead, the only option that they offer is an electronic messaging form.

This is a very unusual way for a reliable company to represent their business. Most top-quality companies try to give interested customers as many different ways to contact them as possible. We are not able to speculate why Vimax in particular does not want their contact information to be public, however it is difficult to interpret that as a positive sign for their brand.

There are also reasons to think that Vimax could be a part of a network of other male enhancement brands like VigRx that share a common parent company. They do not, however, offer any information about the name or contact information of that company.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Vimax

Most of the reviews of Vimax found outside of the company-sponsored websites are not particularly positive. Here is a selection of the comments from their past users that our review team found on various blogs, forums, and supplement critique websites:

“Made me have the worst stomach pains. Terrible gas also, and no noticeable benefits for my erection.”

“I can’t believe I bought a six month supply of this trash without trying it first. I took two full bottles and got absolutely nothing from it, and now I’ve still got four useless bottles that I should probably just throw away.”

“I did NOT have a good reaction to Vimax. Took it while my girl and I were out to dinner in anticipation of sexy times to come, but by the time we got back to the hotel room I was too sick to do anything but sit on the toilet.”

The most common issue that past users raised about Vimax was simply that it was not functional or that it was not as potent as they expected. The complaints of side effects, such as the one above, were less common, yet still occurred regularly enough that it concerned our team of health and wellness experts.

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  • Effectiveness40%2/5
  • Consumer reviews36%1.8/5
  • Quality of ingredients40%2/5
  • Cost48%2.4/5
  • Money Back46%2.3/5
  • Overall Rating42%2.1/5
Conclusion – Does Vimax Work?

Our review team strongly encourages the use of both oat straw and ginseng in male enhancement supplements, and they do not see much downside to the inclusion of ginkgo biloba or saw palmetto. Using only these four main active ingredients, however, severely limits the ability of Vimax to provide much of a boost to their sexual performance.

Especially given that Vimax refuses to publish their dosage information, it is very hard to imagine that Vimax could be the most effective male enhancement option for any given user. When its exceptionally high cost and lack of transparency in their business practices are factored in, it makes more sense for users to seek out alternative options for their male enhancement supplement needs.

The product that our team recommends the most frequently is Viritenz. Their ingredients profile is impressive because not only does it use ginseng and oat straw, but it also pairs them with a wide selection of other top-rated additives.

L-Arginine, maca root, tribulus terrestris, and tongkat ali are all considered amongst the most useful natural substances for male enhancement purposes. Click on this link to learn how Viritenz might affect you and your sexual prowess.

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  • Quality of ingredients96%4.7/5
  • Cost91%5/5
  • Money Back89%5/5
  • Overall Rating95%4.9/5

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