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Viberect Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Viberect is an erectile stimulation product that uses vibrations to induce arousal in its users. Two vibrating pads are placed on either side of the man’s penis, which in turn send signals to the nerve endings throughout the penis, stimulating them and helping to encourage the flow of blood to the genitals.

Their advertising says that this can be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as other pelvic conditions, and that it may be useful for helping men to recover nerve function in the region, especially in those men who have lost functionality due to prostate surgery. It is a non-invasive treatment that can also be used recreationally alone or as a way to prepare for intercourse.

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Viberect Ingredients and Side Effects

Viberect is not a penis pump or stretching system, nor is it any sort of dietary or nutritional aid. Instead it is a unique kind of electronic device that has recently been developed as a means for stimulating erections. It consists of a dual-motor handheld shaft with applicator pads that are applied directly to the sides of the penis.

Being a vibratory device that is used for external stimulation, Viberect does not technically have ingredients in the same way that most male enhancement products do. Instead, this system is designed use a totally alternative approach to the more traditional methods of male enhancement.

The signals that it sends throughout the tissue of the penis both stimulate its pleasure centers and encourage blood flow to the area. It is unclear how much of this blood flow is related to general arousal and how much is generated through the additional nervous stimulation.

It is possible that men with the mildest forms of erectile dysfunction may see some improvement in their sexual performance, however moderate or severe cases, as well as any sorts of dysfunction related to other factors, in unlikely to be affected by the use of Viberect.

While its potential effectiveness may be debatable, there seems to be very little chance that Viberect can have any negative effects on the user. It is a non-invasive product that does not have a significant biological impact in any way, and as such is unlikely to cause any sort of harm in the short term.

There is the potential that long term usage could have some negative consequences for sensitivity or erectile function, however it is not clear how significant a risk this may be as there has been very little safety testing overall regarding the use of Viberect. In general, our team would like to see more hard data about both the safety and the effectiveness of Viberect before recommending it.

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Viberect Quality of Ingredients

There is some data that suggests that Viberect may be able to stimulate erections in some men, though our team doubts that it will be able to live up to all of the claims that they make in their advertising. Even if Viberect is as effective as they claim it is at inducing erection, it will still only apply to a limited overall selection of those men with depressed or dysfunctional erectile function.

Certain types of nerve issues, psychological issues, circulatory problems, and other factors my still impede men’s abilities to attain erection, even if they use Viberect. There have been some clinical studies into the effects of Viberect, however there were some major methodological issues with their products.

All of the studies that our research team found involved testing men that had normal erectile function, not men that are experiencing any form of ED. This means that it may be possible that Viberect could help some men with ED issues, however it has never been tested for this clinically and so consumers are forced to just trust the manufacturer’s word.

It should be noted that Viberect will not be able to impact men’s libidos in any way, nor can it affect their testosterone function or overall circulatory abilities. It is not to be thought of as a treatment for premature ejaculation (PE), infertility, or any of the other forms of secondary sexual benefits that many dietary supplements are able to offer.

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The Price and Quality of Viberect

Viberect is sold through a variety of platforms, including their own website and a variety of other third party outlets. The standard base price that they quote on their home page is as follows:

  • 1, Viberect erection model: $299.99

This price is far higher than most other pumps or forms of manual erectile stimulants, and is the equivalent of approximately one year’s supply of an average quality male enhancement dietary supplement. There are also a wide variety of other vibratory products that those men interested in this approach may be able to try.

They may not have the exact two-sided approach as Viberect, however the general principles that they describe in their advertising should still apply. These types of products tend to retail for far less than the average cost of a Viberect unit.

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Business of Viberect

Viberect is one of the products for sale by the Urology Health Store, a manufacturer of medical and therapeutic products oriented toward helping improve urogenital health in both men and women. The Urology Store also lists their company name as Innovative Urological Solutions, and they are owned by a larger surgical and medical implements manufacturer called Reflexonic.

The contact information listed on the Urology Store’s page for Viberect is as follows:

Phone Number: (888) 978-3027

Address: 915 Toll House Avenue, Suite 209

Frederick, MD 21701

Email: [email protected]

Our team of researchers were not able to find any evidence of any major violations on the part of Innovative Urological Solutions or Reflexonic. Innovative Urological Solutions has received FDA approval to sell Viberect as an erectile aid, however not as a cure or treatment for ED.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Viberect

The reviews for Viberect are somewhat mixed. There are a number of men who claim to use it recreationally or as a way to enhance their normal erectile function, and those reviewers tended to score it much higher than the men that were using it as an ED treatment. Those comments tended to be similar to these, which our team found on Amazon and their other third party retailers’ sites:

“Did absolutely nothing for my erection. What’s worse, it kept spontaneously turning on in the middle of the night. Annoying and embarrassing!”

“The product was not effective, even when the directions were followed exactly. It’s just a useless, loud, waste of money.”

“I have mild ED, and the results that I got from Viberect were underwhelming to say the least. Not sure what I should do with the useless piece of equipment now – maybe try to shake walnuts out of the tree? Make smoothies? Mix paint?”

The most frequent complaints, as readers can see above, tended to be ineffectiveness, loudness, and social embarrassment. Our team could not find any accounts of men with erectile dysfunction that were able to use Viberect effectively.

  • Effectiveness42%2.1/5
  • Consumer reviews38%1.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients42%2.1/5
  • Cost50%2.5/5
  • Money Back48%2.4/5
  • Overall Rating44%2.2/5
Conclusion – Does Viberect Work?

The most prominent study of Viberect claims that four out of five men with normal functioning achieved erection while they were using the device. There are not, however, any studies that can prove that it can help men overcome their erectile dysfunction.

Viberect is also limited in its overall effectiveness due to the fact that it is not able to help men with any sort of issues regarding testosterone function, libido, seminal production, or premature ejaculation. The technology that they are using may well have some benefits for some men, however it is still too new and too understudied for our team of experts to be able to encourage our readers to spend such a large amount of money on it.

Our team usually recommends that men that are experiencing erectile dysfunction try to improve their diet, exercise more, and start taking a nutritional supplement like Viritenz. Effective male enhancement supplements are able to help improve men’s sexual performance in a variety of ways and can often eliminate the need for consumers to take more drastic steps.

It can help boost its users’ erectile abilities, as well as enhancing their libido function, the quality of their seminal output, and the intensity of their orgasms. Follow this link to read testimonials about the ways that Viritenz has helped some of their past users.

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