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Vi Shake Review – Shocking truth about Vi Shake

What is Vi Shake?

Kits are the main selling point behind this nutritional shake that the makers claim offers less sugar and carbohydrates while still keeping a high protein output. One can buy the meal replacement shake solo, or have it alongside other supplements or snacks for increased weight management.

According to the company website over 500 million of these shakes have been sold and many have taken part of their 90 day diet program.

2 shakes are needed a day and one must include diet and exercise as well. There’s a lot of information offered so let’s see what is real.

Who makes it?

proteinThe company ViSalus Sciences was started in 2005 in California and now serves products for diet, energy, and health in the US, Canada and UK.

They’re a multilevel marketing company which essentially means they hire people to sell their products at the convenience of their own schedules.

Owners of the company allegedly violated the RICO act and performed extortion and other criminal acts against old team members in the company. They hired investigators who used computer hackers to steal information, the investigators plead guilty and are now serving time in jail.

How (and) does it work?

The mixing of 5 grams of Fibersol a patented fiber intended to promote healthy digestion is mixed with protein. 2 forms are added which are soy protein isolate which is GMO free, and whey protein concentrate and hydrolysate. These additions are all meant to satisfy any cravings for food between meals. Also since they’re meant to be taken twice daily, it amounts to 180 calories in 2 meals.

All this is good for satiety as it has just enough to keep the body from resisting hunger. However the soy is still an issue even if it isn’t a GMO crop. The potential for estrogenic effects is just too risky for many.

Also added to the mix is Sucralose. The company asserts other popular brands use it but this does not indicate it is a worthy addition. Sucralose is a cheap to make sugar that has shown detrimental effects for weight in lab settings. This questionable addition is not the best source just because it is free of calories.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Both the sugar source and one of the protein sources are not the best additives one should be consuming daily. More satisfying offers are featured inside the top of the 10 best list.

  • Soy lecithin: A commonly added derivative of soy, it can provide several uses.
  • Artificial Flavor: Often used to provide a specific flavor, it can be created thru different means in a lab.
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate: A quickly absorbed form of protein taken from the cheese making process.
  • Xanthan Gum: A common resilient binder that keeps things gelled together, it is often extracted from common allergens.
  • Fibersol: Patented form of soluble fiber which is intended to improve overall digestive health.

Potential Side Effects: Increased bathroom frequency, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, gas, bloating, and headaches.

What’s good about it?

There’s a wealth of information about the product as well as various kits intended to satisfy customer demands for further supplementation. In fact there’s easy to read supplemental material that outlines some of their ingredients use. The product also only has a gram of sugar per serving.

What’s bad about it?

Make_a_Fat_Burning_Protein_Shake-300x248Due to the product only being offered to people who sell it, there’s limited distribution and an unset marked price. Some online customers have mentioned this product is $51 per months supply. A steep price when you consider more favorable options with better ingredients.

The issue of ingredients is far reaching. Its main source of protein is relent on soy and the sweetener is Sucralose. Also added are artificial ingredients. None of these options are wholesome and they pale in comparison to other brands.

Wrap Up

The fact the product does a lot to defend itself for its choice of ingredients indicates they know about the issues inherent. By claiming their soy does not contain the harmful effects many are concerned about, and that Sucralose isn’t as bad as people think is a red flag. The product does have whey protein to give it some fuel and it does have only a gram of sugar, but it is not the best in terms of meal replacements. People do like the cake batter taste the product has but in terms of providing well rounded nutrition, there are still obstacles in the way.

Bottom Line:

Piecing together the best options for meal replacement shakes showcases just how limited Vi Shake truly is. The most elite brands come together in a top 10 list to really showcase the best options in a meal replacement.

By taking part of these products you can actualize weight loss thru the most comprehensive products on the market. Observe all the details found in the full breakdown of the top 10 list for shakes.

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