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True Grit Test Booster Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

True Grit Test Booster is an athletic and sexual performance supplement that is formulated to help optimize men’s testosterone function. They say that it can help boost both the raw production levels of men’s free testosterone levels, as well as helping men to retain that testosterone for longer, which can help men maximize their potential T levels.

Testosterone is a key to men’s overall sexual functionality, as it helps initiate the drive for sex, makes men more likely to act on that drive, and helps them perform better during the course of the act itself. It also helps men in their athletic performance by improving both the amount of time that men are able to work out and the amount of time it takes them to recover, as well as encouraging the overall development of lean muscle tissue.

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True Grit Test Booster Ingredients and Side Effects

The ingredients list for True Grit Test Booster uses a number of fad male enhancement supplement ingredients, however very few of them have the type of clinical history that our team looks for in products that they recommend to our readers. These include:

Fenugreek Extract Broccoli, Whole Plant Ashwagandha Extract
Shilajit Extract Bladderwrack Extract Yacon

Fenugreek Extract: A type of chemical called fenusterols that some believe can boost testosterone levels, despite the fact that there is a lack of positive clinical data to support this belief.

Broccoli, Whole Plant: The common vegetable, which some men believe contains extracts that can block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. While this is a questionably safe practice that our team tends not to recommend, the quantity of useful DIM – the active molecule involved in preventing testosterone processing found in broccoli – that could be found in the amount of whole broccoli used in True Grit Test Booster is minimal.

Ashwagandha: The highest rated ingredient used in True Grit Test Booster, according to our team of health and wellness experts. Ashwagandha has shown a number of applications for improving testosterone function and other basic biological processes.

Shilajit Extract: Chemicals taken from a specific form of the tar-like mineral. Shilajit has no proven medical benefits and is not recommended by our team of experts, in part due to potential side effects that could be related to either consuming the mineral itself, or any of the many different types of impurities that can potentially be found in the mineral.

Bladderwrack Extract: An herb that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but that also has no known aphrodisiac properties. There are some concerns that regular bladderwrack usage can be potentially damaging to the thyroid, as well as possibly causing other less-serious side effects.

Yacon: A flower in the daisy family that grows year-round, most frequently in Colombia and Argentina. It used by natives as a digestive aid and for other home remedies, however it is not considered an aphrodisiac in any sense, either clinically or anecdotally.

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True Grit Test Booster Quality of Ingredients

There are very few proven effective ingredients in True Grit Test Booster. Ashwagandha has actually been able to clinically demonstrate some of its benefits, however it may be the only ingredient in their entire blend that has been able to do so. Some, like fenugreek and broccoli have some proponents of their usage, however our team does not consider either to be an effective additive for a male enhancement supplement.

Other ingredients, like shilajit, yacon, and bladderwrack have almost no data to suggest that they could be useful in male enhancement supplements for any reason, yet may be linked to potential side effects. Overall it seems highly unlikely that True Grit Test Booster could be effective for male enhancement purposes at all, let alone as effective as the top brands of male enhancement supplements on the market today.

The Price and Quality of True Grit Test Booster

True Grit Test Booster is not sold through their website directly, however they do provide several links to third-party distributors that do carry the product. Here are the prices offered by, the top link that they offer:

  • 1, 120-count bottle (30-day supply) of True Grit Test Booster dietary supplement tablets: $29.99
  • 3, 120-count bottles (90-day supply) of True Grit Test Booster dietary supplement tablets: $59.98

Most of their distributors seem to offer fairly similar base prices for True Grit Test Booster, however different sites may run different sales and specials. The prices for True Grit Test Booster tend to be within the average range for male enhancement products of this nature.

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Business of True Grit Test Booster

True Grit Test Booster is part of the True Grit line of supplements produced by the parent company Iovate Health Sciences. There is very little contact information for either True Grit Test Booster or Iovate that can be found on their home page, however our research team was able to find the following contact information for Iovate online:

Phone Number: (716) 656-7209

Address: 3880 Jeffrey Blvd

Buffalo, NY 14219

Iovate Health Sciences has been the subject of some amount of controversy in the past, most notably due to their product Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut was a weight loss and energy supplement that was found to have the potential to lead to serious health issues for its users, including several deaths that were thought to be related to the product.

They reformulated Hydroxycut, removing some of its more controversial ingredients, however there are still some concerns that it can cause serious liver damage. There has been at least one death that has been tied to the new Hydroxycut formula as well.

Iovate Health Sciences has been cited by the FDA multiple times, both in regards to Hydroxycut and for other issues as well. They have settled multiple lawsuits with people that have used their products in the past, including paying out over $20 million to past Hydroxycut users.

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Customer Opinions of True Grit Test Booster

There are hundreds of negative reviews of True Grit Test Booster that can be found on the websites of their various third-party distributors. Here are some of the specific quotes that our researchers found about True Grit Test Booster found online:

“By far the worst supplement I’ve ever used. Smells and tastes terrible, and made my stomach feel gross. Never saw any results at the gym, even after taking it for the whole month.”

“Tastes disgusting and leaves a weird smell on your hands, plus my wife said it gives me weird B.O. Also I got way more irritable and never saw any noticeable differences in my performance. I would not recommend it, and neither would she.”

“No lifting or other workout gains, plus I think my libido has actually gone down. I can’t believe that they actually sell this garbage to people and get away with it.”

There were quite a few different issues that were raised by True Grit Test Booster’s users, as can be seen above. The taste and smell of the product were one of its most frequently criticized features, and other repeating issues were unpleasant gastrointestinal effects, headaches, and overall ineffectiveness.

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  • Effectiveness42%2.1/5
  • Consumer reviews38%1.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients42%2.1/5
  • Cost50%2.5/5
  • Money Back48%2.4/5
  • Overall Rating44%2.2/5
Conclusion – Does True Grit Test Booster Work?

True Grit Test Booster uses an ingredients blend that features a variety of unproven, and even proven ineffective, ingredients that seems unlikely to be able to give men any sort of aphrodisiac boost or improve testosterone function significantly. The presence of ashwagandha indicates that it has some potential to improve T levels, however this will most likely be minimal when compared to the potency of most leading brands.

Additionally, there are some significant concerns that our team has about their manufacturer, Iovate Health Sciences, which has a history of producing ineffective and even potentially dangerous products in the past. Overall, our reviewers could find very few reasons to recommend True Grit Test Booster to our readers and quite a few to suggest that they find a more effective alternative.

The most recommended male enhancement supplement according to our panel is the all-natural daily dietary aid Viritenz. It provides the core level nutrition needed for optimal long-term performance, however it also can provide short term boosts as well.

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