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Thyrene – Shocking truth about Thyrene

What is Thyrene?

Claiming to be based on science and to aid thyroid functioning, Thyrene hawks itself as a product that may alleviate issues pertaining to a lethargic metabolism. There are no fat burners in this product, nor are there stimulants or thermogenic agents.

Thyrene does claim that it can keep users energized, and that it would be the perfect appendix to a diet and exercise program. So can this product really live up to the assertions it makes about itself? Or will it fall flat as a useless product? We decided to go ahead and see if this product really is awesome or not.

Who makes it?

yellow-and-red-pillsMetabolic Nutrition is the Fort Lauderdale, Florida company that is to be given credit for making Thyrene. The company has a community of members, even a mascot! Metabolic Nutrition has products that are meant to help with fitness, weight loss, as well as general health. Thyrene may be purchased directly from the company’s website, or from online retailers, being one of them.

How (and) does it work?

Thyrene operates by affecting the thyroid, which in turn is supposed to help level up the metabolic rate. This happens by elevating the cyclic Adenosine Phosphate (cAMP), which governs the metabolic rate of cells. Additionally activity between T3 and T4 results in the production of an outburst of energy. The only instructions of this product are to take no more than two a day.

Despite it’s advertising, there are many users who saw literally no results from using this product.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

There are an array of different minerals and vitamins in this product. In addition to this, there are other ingredients that are included in a proprietary blend. There are 740 mg of this blend, but nowhere is it mentioned as to the amounts of the specific ingredients. Some ingredients such as Coleus forskohlii and chromium are not known to be relevant to weight loss. Diet pills on the top 10 list exclude superfluous ingredients such as these.


Calcium phosphate dibasic: Essential for a healthy metabolism, this balances alkalines and acids within the body as well as supporting nerve and muscle functioning.

Folic acid: A B vitamin that is known to alleviate blood pressure disorders

Pyridoxine HCl (B6): Believed to positively affect high cholesterol as well as perchance allaying heart maladies.

Chromium polynicotinate: A metal that is only needed in miniscule amounts, usage of this substance has pertained to sinking high cholesterol levels and intensifying athletic ability.

Niacin (B3): Organized from a formation of C 6H 5NO 2, this gives the body a reinforcement of antioxidants, and elevates energy levels as well.

Phosphorus (P): Holding 15 as it’s atomic number, this element is vital for digestive functions, as well as balancing hormones.

Cyanocobalamin (B12): With a formula consisting of C63H88CoN14O14P, this precludes blood levels from sinking to dangerous levels.

Potassium (K): Known to keep the kidneys functioning optimally, this also legislates blood pressure.

Proprietary blend:
Poly-thyronine: Also known as 3, 5 Diido-L-Thyronine, this is accredited to stimulate the thyroid.

Coleus forskohlii: Another name for Borforsin, this is sought after because it may relieve irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, blood clots, erectile dysfunction and obesity.

ALA (Alpha lipoic acid): An antioxidant that may remedy maladies such as cancer, diabetes, liver disorders and various others.

L-carnitine: A product of amino acid biosynthesis, this is used to remedy issues with the heart and blood vessels.

Guggulsterones: Steroids from plants that may positively affect weight loss and lessen cholesterol levels.

L-tyrosine: An amino acid that people have faith in to be an appetite suppressant.

Side effects:

What’s good about it?

This product doesn’t hide it’s ingredients, a tactic that shadier companies employ.

What’s bad about it?

medical pillsA lot of diet pills out there like to add stimulants to their products because of the positive effects they may have on weight management, undeterred by the possibility of adverse reactions. Thyrene however opts out of this. Without these kinds of ingredients, the possibility of actual weight loss is greatly diminished.

There is also an almost complete lack of ingredients that help quash hunger pangs. While this is not essential, it practically is so, because it’s hunger that gets us to go out and eat that extra bag of chips when we know we really shouldn’t. A product that doesn’t look to address this problem is dubious in our eyes.

And while there are people that this product has worked for, there is also a sizable amount that saw no results. Not only a few pounds lost. Not even one pound lost. Literally no change in their weight at all. With a price tag of $26.99, that a rather disappointing waste of money that could have easily gone somewhere else, like gasoline for a commute to work.

Wrap Up

There is simply a lack of any real scientific data that proves that this product actually works at all. It’s a waste of time if anything.

  • Effectiveness66%3.3/5
  • Consumer reviews62%3.1/5
  • Quality of ingredients66%3.3/5
  • Cost74%3.7/5
  • Money Back72%3.6/5
  • Overall Rating68%3.4/5
Bottom Line:

Products that go after thyroid functioning as a means of helping curb weight gain are contingent on that facet and that alone, disregarding any other factors that may influence weight loss. Finer diet pills are more well rounded. All one has to do is look at the negative reviews for this product to decide that better options are available elsewhere.

Effective diet pills won’t leave you frustrated like this diet pill.

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  1. Mommatash says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but Thyrene sure does help me and I have an underactive thyroid. It gives me a boost of energy. I’ve been taking it since last summer and it has really helped..

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