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Testropin Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Testropin is a brand of dietary supplements that are specifically designed to boost testosterone production. They say that the benefits of this include increased athletic ability, endurance, and muscle building abilities, as well as some potential sexual benefits as well.

The advertising for Testropin claims that it uses a thermogenic formula that increases the body’s core temperature, helping it to generate energy and burn fat. In the bedroom Testropin can help men with their physical and sexual stamina, as well as by boosting their sex drive and erectile abilities.

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Testropin Ingredients and Side Effects

Testropin’s website does not list their ingredients, or even highlight any of their contents. Fortunately, however, one of their third-party distributors has posted pictures of their official product label. The top ingredients that they mention include:

Horny Goat Weed Extract Tongkat Ali Extract Saw Palmetto Extract
Wild Yam Extract Nettle Extract Blue #1

Horny Goat Weed: A Chinese herb with some stimulant properties. Horny goat weed is an odd ingredient to find included in a testosterone blend as it is not thought to have any benefits for testosterone production. It is mostly found in lower quality sexual enhancement products and may have some potential side effect risks.

Tongkat Ali Extract: A potent testosterone production optimizer that has been shown to help both men’s athletic and sexual performance.

Saw Palmetto Extract: A breed of North American tree whose extracts can have a beneficial effect on men’s prostate function and potentially other biological systems as well.

Wild Yam Extract: A fad ingredient found in many new male enhancement products several years ago. Its potential benefits have never been proven, however some possible unpleasant side effects have come to light.

Nettle Extract: An herbal ingredient that has shown some possible uses for boosting urogenital function. It is well regarded by our panel of experts for use in products of this nature.

Blue #1: An artificial food coloring that is commonly referred to as Brilliant Blue. It has no potential health or wellness benefits, but may possibly be a long-term side effect risk when taken in regular doses, such as are called for by the instructions of Testropin.

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Testropin Quality of Ingredients

For a supposed testosterone booster, Testropin does not seem to include many ingredients that are thought to actually effect testosterone production. Tongkat ali can be effective for these purposes, however it is the only ingredient in their blend that has shown to have a direct impact on the body’s androgen function.

They have other ingredients that are found in sexual performance enhancement products, such as nettle and horny goat weed, however while nettle is well-regarded by our team, horny goat weed is not. As such, it seems extremely unlikely that Testropin will be able to live up to the claims that they make about their product in their advertising.

Our team also has an issue of their usage of Blue #1, as they do not encourage health and wellness manufacturers to include artificial flavors, scents, or dyes of any kind in their products. They do not have any therapeutic or wellness benefits, however they can potentially lead to health issues when taken over time, and as such there is no reasonable reason to use them in a product of this nature.

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The Price and Quality of Testropin

The pricing of Testropin is somewhat more complicated than most average products. They are sold through Amazon on a per unit basis, as normal, for the following prices:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Testropin Performance Enhancer dietary supplement: $59.95
  • 3, 60-count bottles (90-day supply) of Testropin Performance Enhancer dietary supplement: $99.95

These prices, especially the single unit price, are well above average for most products in this category. They are, however, lower than the per-unit cost of the subscription program that is offered through their webpage.

The official Testropin site does not sell their supplements on a per-unit basis but instead only offers an option for users to receive a free sample of Testropin as long as they enroll in their monthly subscription program. These types of programs tend to offer discounted sales on their products in exchange for making regular automated purchase, however Testropin’s program charges them $99.13 per 30-day supply.

There is no indication offered as to why this price is so much higher than the rates that are offered on Amazon, however it should be noted that Testropin does not make the fact that the free sample offer actually enrolls their customers in a monthly subscription program particularly obvious.

The only specific mentions of this are on a small link on the bottom of their website that many customers may not see. There are quite a few accounts found online from former customers that are upset with Testropin because they did not realize that they had been enrolled in the program until they had been charged, sometimes more than once.

Business of Testropin

The manufacturer of Testropin is a company known as Praza Health, who is not thought of as a premier health and wellness product manufacturer. This is in part due to their reluctance to publicize key details about their company, including a website or any basic contact info. Despite the fact that they do not list any of their own contact data on their labeling or distributor’s websites, our team was able to find the following contact details for Praza Health:

Phone Number: (888) 298-0291

Address: 14747 N. Northsight Blvd #111-400

Praza Health has developed a somewhat negative reputation online, including poor reviews from both industry analysts and from their former customers alike. They have an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, due in large part to the overwhelming volume of negative comments that they have received.

The most frequent complaint that Praza has received is related to the “Free Trial Offer” that was mentioned in the above section. In addition to the BBB site, these complaints can be found on a variety of other web pages as well, including Ripoff Report, Trustwerty, Fakespot, and more.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Testropin

Testropin has some very poor average scores from their past customers. They’ve also received a variety of negative comments online, such as the following:

“Totally bogus product. Save yourself a step and just throw your money in the garbage directly.”

“I’m pretty sure that they know that their product does nothing and they were just trying to trick me into entering their program.”

“I do not know why this stuff didn’t work. The ads said it was good, and I read about a couple of the ingredients online and they seemed good, but for whatever the reason it didn’t seem to have any effect on me.”

As mentioned above, Testropin has received an “F” grade on the website Fakespot, who, as part of their score, measures the reliability of the reviews left by their former customers. Fakespot found that nearly all of their positive reviews were considered unreliable, meaning that their actual customer scores may be even lower.

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  • Effectiveness60%3/5
  • Consumer reviews56%2.8/5
  • Quality of ingredients60%3/5
  • Cost68%3.4/5
  • Money Back66%3.3/5
  • Overall Rating62%3.1/5
Conclusion – Does Testropin Work?

Testropin advertises itself as a testosterone booster, however their ingredients list has very few ingredients that can potentially benefit overall testosterone function. They do use some stimulants and circulatory aids in their blend, which can potentially impact sexual and athletic performance, however overall these benefits will tend to be less than what one would expect from even a moderate quality male enhancement product.

When these issues are combined with all of the pricing and sales issues that former Testropin customers have had, as well as other general questions about the reliability of their manufacturers, it becomes very hard for our team to believe that it is the most effective option available to any given consumer. Our readers are encouraged to compare Testropin to other options before committing to purchasing it.

One product that they might consider examining first is Viritenz. It has an ingredients blend that includes a variety of testosterone production boosters, including tongkat ali, as well as some testosterone optimizers that can help to maximize the overall impact of the supplement.

It also has several nitric oxide potentiators in their blend, which can help men’s muscle development and endurance, as well as improving their erectile functionality. Click on this link to find more data about Viritenz’s potential uses.

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