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TestoRip-X Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

TestoRip-X calls itself a testosterone booster, premium muscle enhancer, and libido aid. They say that it can help their users increase the rate at which their body builds new muscle tissue while also slowing the rate of catabolic degradation, so that the overall results are visibly increased size and definition.

Sexually, TestoRip-X may be able to help men increase their sex drive and avoid instances of sexual failure like premature ejaculation or impotence. Their advertisements say that it is effective for athletes, men that are going through andropause, and other men that are simply looking to improve their sexual potency.

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TestoRip-X Ingredients and Side Effects

The advertising for TestoRip-X does not list any of their ingredients, dosage amounts or supplement facts of any kind. This is a major issue that prevents our team of experts from being able to accurately evaluate the potential effectiveness of their product, as if you do not know what is in a product it is very difficult to say how effective it can be.

There are some things that the choice to not display their ingredients can tell you about a company, however none of what it implies is positive. In general, the only companies that do not display their ingredients are doing so because they feel that there is some kind of issue with their formula that would cause consumers not to buy it.

The most reputable brands of health and wellness products tend to ensure that their ingredients and other supplement facts are easily accessible to their potential consumers. They want interested consumers to be able to answer any questions that they may have about the product, compare it to other brands, and ensure that they are getting the most effective product for their body and needs.

Brands that do not disclose their ingredients may potentially be including additives that are unsafe or can cause side effects if take incorrectly or in combination with other supplements or ingredients. It is also possible that a brand that does not display its ingredients simply uses an exceptionally minimal blend of additives so that their advertising claims may be technically true, even though the overall results will not be particularly significant.

Overall, there is no reason to believe that a product will be able to be as potent as the leading brands on the market if they refuse to publicize their ingredients. Any users with medical conditions or that are taking other supplements or prescription drugs are also encouraged to avoid such products for safety reasons.

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TestoRip-X Quality of Ingredients

As mentioned above, it is impossible to accurately say how effective the ingredients in TestoRip-X are for boosting testosterone and improving men’s sexual and athletic performance. It seems unlikely, however, that they would have a top ranked ingredients formula that could be as potent as the top supplement brands.

It is also not possible to even say if TestoRip-X is safe for any given individual, and it is possible that it could cause side effects, drug interactions, or other health issues that our team is not aware of. For these reasons, our team cannot recommend any product that does not inform their customers of their contents.

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The Price and Quality of TestoRip-X

TestoRip-X uses a sales model that many industry experts view as misleading and even potentially unethical. They do not offer regular sales of single units of TestoRip-X, but instead only offer the option to sign up for what they say is a free trial of their product.

Customers are asked to pay only the $4.95 shipping and handling fee for the product, and they will receive a complementary 30-day supply of TestoRip-X. What is less publicized is that they are also signed up for a monthly subscription program that charges them $89.99 every 30 days for a fresh supply of TestoRip-X.

This price is exceptionally high, which is another factor that makes this seem like an intentional attempt to mislead their customers. Usually subscription programs offer reduced rates for supplements, however these prices are so far above the accepted average it is hard to conceive of a consumer choosing to pay this rate for a supplement, particularly one that does not list its ingredients or have any significant history of success.

This practice of using a “Free Trial Offer” is questionably legal, as many formal complaints have been filed against TestoRip-X and other practitioners of this method. The BBB advises against it and has asked TestoRip-X to cease and desist, however as of the writing of this article that still seems to be the only way to acquire the product.

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Business of TestoRip-X

TestoRip-X is both the name of the product and their manufacturer, however they do have some affiliate brands such as Momentrix LLC, NitroNos X, and NitroNos. They provide very little contact data for themselves on their website, however our team found the following data on other sites:

Phone Number: (888) 480-5945

Address: PO Box 41542

Saint Petersburg, FL 33743-1542

TestoRip-X has been the target of a number of official notices from the Better Business Bureau based on the large number of complaints that the BBB has received regarding TestoRip-X’s products and business practices.

The most common issue that their past customers have mentioned is the “Free Trial Offer” mentioned above. It seems that many people have been deceived by the misleading language of the offer, many of which feel that this was intentional.

There also seem to be a number of people who have attempted to cancel the program and get refunds who have had their claims denied, and even some who say that they received extra charges as a result. Our team does not recommend any products that use this strategy, as it does not allow all consumers to make an informed choice about the products they are purchasing and the rates that they are purchasing them for.

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Customer Opinions of TestoRip-X

As mentioned above, there are quite a few different complaints online that can be found regarding both the quality of TestoRip-X’s product and their business practices. The comments about the product itself specifically included the following quotations about their experiences:

“These pills are basically sawdust. They do absolutely nothing for you.”

“This is a scam from top to bottom. I didn’t realize that they’d gotten me until I tried to return the pills. I used them for three weeks and saw no results. Still though, they refused my refund and just kept charging me.”

“Stay away from these tricksters. These pills are just garbage designed to hook you in.”

As many issues as men had with the product, the most common complaints about TestoRip-X by far were related to their “Free Trial Offer.” Many past users also claimed that TestoRip-X kept making unauthorized charges to their credit cards, even after the customers requested that they cancel their subscription.

  • Effectiveness50%2.5/5
  • Consumer reviews46%2.3/5
  • Quality of ingredients50%2.5/5
  • Cost58%2.9/5
  • Money Back56%2.8/5
  • Overall Rating52%2.6/5
Conclusion – Does TestoRip-X Work?

There are several very significant obstacles that are in the way of our team being able to recommend TestoRip-X to our readers. Most significantly is their refusal to publish any of their ingredients, which is not a practice that our team endorses as it makes it impossible to accurately evaluate how safe and effective a product may be for any given user.

They also use a sales model that our team considers to be at best misleading and at worst intentionally manipulative that ends up charging customers prices that are well above the industry standard for products of this nature. For these factors and others, it is impossible for our team of experts to recommend TestoRip-X to our readers.

The product that our team does tend to recommend to men that are looking for testosterone improvement, sexual performance boosts, or circulatory support is Viritenz. It is a potent vasodilator and circulatory rate enhancer that can increase the overall quantity of blood that is passed through the body at any given time.

It has shown benefits for men’s erectile function, sex drive, seminal quality, and orgasm health, as well as a variety of other secondary sexual performance metrics. Click on this link to see if Viritenz may be able to help you with your specific male enhancement needs and goals.

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