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Testofen Review: Is It Safe?

Testofen is an extract derived from the plant Fenugreek. It is rumored by some to be a testosterone booster, however that data has been heavily debated. It appears frequently in over the counter male enhancement products where it is marketed as an erectile aid and libido booster.

Testofen is a blend of over 100 different phytochemicals including steroidal saponins, which are thought to potentially have pro-testosterone effects. It is also possibly effective for helping to control diabetes and the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, and it may be helpful for regulating blood sugar and insulin levels.

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Who Makes It?

Testofen was originally isolated by Gencor Industries, a Florida-based manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and supplements. They are known for their focus on anti-aging products and promote Testofen as being especially productive for men over 30.

Since 2024 Gencor has been the subject of numerous lawsuits about Testofen, mainly regarding the truthfulness of their claims about its effects on users. There are currently several multi-million dollar lawsuits in court at this time that allege that they falsified the data about its effectiveness, that they knowingly marketed it inaccurately, and that they intentionally deceived customers into purchasing a product that could not live up to its marketing.

Despite this, it is currently featured as an ingredient in the proprietary blends of dozens of different testosterone boosters, erectile aids, and other male enhancement products. GNC, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, VitaCoast, Vitamin Shoppe, and most other major retailers of vitamins, supplements, and health products carry multiple different forms of fenugreek and Testofen products.

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How (and) Does It Work?

Testofen is one of the more controversial herbs in the testosterone and male enhancement communities. It has become a fad ingredient that appears in workout products, sexual aids, and a number of other health and wellness products, however most of the data about the drug’s actual effects point to it not having a significant impact on testosterone function.

The only publically available study that has demonstrated that Testofen is successful for increasing T-levels was sponsored by a manufacturer of fenugreek products. Every other neutral study returned results that showed some mild health benefits, none of which were related to testosterone function.

Despite its lack of beneficial function in the androgen system, it is possible that Testofen can still increase the quality of men’s sperm. Some studies have suggested that the seminal fluid of men that take fenugreek products shows greater sperm density, longevity, and mobility. Because of this it is possible that Testofen may still have some applications for treating male infertility, however it is not likely to have any use for treating erectile dysfunction or increasing libido.

Other possible benefits to Testofen consumption may include appetite suppression and fat burning, and it may have some uses for improving digestive function. It may be possibly useful for some diet, weight-loss products, or athletic performance supplements, however its merits for those products have not been clinically demonstrated either.

Are There Side Effects?

Fenugreek and Testofen are both considered to be generally healthy for most people, however there are some potential side effects that some users may experience. The most famous side effect for fenugreek and fenugreek products is that it can give users a sweet body odor that some people compare to maple syrup or peanut butter.

The scent can change based on users’ body chemistry, but it can affect their sweat, breath, urine, and bowel movements. It is described as pleasant by some people, leading to the occasional use of fenugreek products to control unpleasant body odor, however there are also other people that the smell does not react as well with.

Other side effects that could potentially result from Testofen usage may include:

  • Upset stomach and diarrhea
  • Bloating and flatulence
  • Sudden changes in blood pressure

There are also some allergy risks for Testofen, especially for people with sensitivity to plants in the fabacea family, which includes peanuts, soy, and green peas. Allergic reactions can include facial swelling, nasal congestion, and difficulty breathing.

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What’s Good About It?

The most useful aspects of Testofen supplements seems to be helping people digest and process sugars. This may be particularly beneficial to some people with diabetes, although these results are inconclusive and some other users may experience more negative side effects related to blood sugar.

Sexually, the only consistent application that Testofen has shown clinically is for the improvement of users’ seminal output. Both the volume of ejaculate and the quality and quantity of its sperm tend to be slightly better in men that have been taking Testofen regularly. This may make it helpful for treating some cases of male infertility, although users should not confuse that with being useful for treating impotence (which Testofen is not).

What’s Bad About It?

The largest issue with Testofen is the fact that there is very little evidence that it is effective for the purposes that it tends to be marketed for. Due to some untrustworthy studies performed years ago that have since been discredited, there is a mistaken belief that Testofen may actually increase testosterone.

All studies since then have refuted that idea, with some even going as far as to say that Testofen may lower testosterone levels. While that data is also not definitive, there is not enough evidence to believe that Testofen should be marketed as a booster of testosterone levels.

This has led to multiple lawsuits against manufacturers who continue to make these claims. The FDA has sent cease and desist letters to multiple manufacturers of fenugreek products regarding their labeling and promotional materials, however the practice of including it in male enhancement blends continues.

There are also a number of people who are allergic to it, including many of the people that have soy and peanut allergies, two of the most common types of sensitivities found in humans. The strange odor that fenugreek may make people emit is found to be pleasant by some and unpleasant by others; it is not harmful or an indication of any internal problems, it is just a side effect that is oddly specific to this one herb.

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Wrap Up:

Testofen and other fenugreek products are not harmful for the majority of users, but they are not necessarily helpful either. They are particularly not helpful for many of the purposes that they are advertised for, including male enhancement and testosterone production.

It is possible that with more study we will find out more about the specific uses that Testofen is actually effective for. At this time, however, it has no shown enough usefulness to be recommendable for any given user.

Customer Opinions

The comments from people that have tried taking fenugreek support the scientific findings that it is ineffective for male enhancement. There are quite a few negative reviews for fenugreek products online, and here are some of the comments found on third party retailers page that capture the general sentiment toward the supplement:

“Doesn’t do anything that the bottle says… but it sure does make my pee smell funny.”

“I detected no real benefits to taking this stuff, but I did put on a few pounds. Don’t know if that’s connected or not but that’s literally the only change I’ve seen in my body.”

“Did not work for me AT ALL! Total SCAM PRODUCT! DO NOT BUY!”

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  • Overall Rating62%3.1/5
Bottom Line

If users are looking for male enhancement products or testosterone boosters, then they should be aware that fenugreek and fenugreek extracts like Testofen do not live up to their manufacturer’s hype. They have been clinically shown not to increase Users’ T levels in any significant way, and may in fact even lower them.

The FDA has tried to eliminate all Testofen supplements’ claims that they are effective for male enhancement, however there are still products on the market that are trying to advertise their products for these purposes. Our team of researchers does not recommend Testofen for male enhancement at this time.

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