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STUD 100 Review: Is It Safe?

STUD 100 is a male sexual performance spray that is specifically designed to prolong the time that it takes the user to reach orgasm. The spray reduces penile sensitivity so that men who have experienced issues with premature ejaculation (PE) or sexual stamina can enjoy prolonged intercourses sessions.

It is applied topically and begins to take effect within minutes, usually between 5-10 according to previous users. The product’s effects will last for over an hour, allowing some men the time that they need to please their partners without losing erectile function.

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Who Makes It?

STUD 100 is a product of Pound International, Ltd., a pharmaceuticals and health products manufacturer that specializes in sexual performance products. Pound International has manufactured multiple brands of desensitizing sprays in the past, most of which are now defunct.

Pound International is based in England and has been making male desensitizing products since 1970. The spray tends to cost between $10 and $20, depending on who the retailer is.

How (and) Does It Work?

STUD 100 is a topical numbing spray. The instructions for use say to apply three sprays to the exterior of the penis and to rub it in. After it begins to take effect, users wipe it off (so as not to numb their partner’s genitals) and then have about an hour where the sensation in the penis will be greatly reduced.

Historically this has been one way that men who have sensitivity or premature orgasm issues have dealt with their problem, however this approach has its pluses and its minuses. The most common issue for men is that numbing products, when successful, also impair the user’s ability to feel pleasure.

The complaints about the product are often that men are unable to enjoy sex at all because the numbing effects are too extreme. This also may impact erectile quality for some men, who may not become as aroused with overly decreased feelings. They are also less responsive to their partner, which may cause some awkwardness or frustration during intercourse for some users.

STUD 100 has no aphrodisiac or pro-erectile qualities. It does not have any ingredients that can help improve circulation to the penis, increase libido levels, or improve sexual performance in any way except duration. It is not a cure for impotence or infertility and will have no direct impact on penis size.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

There is only one active ingredient in STUD 100.

The ingredient listed on their website is:

Lidocaine: A common topical anesthetic that is generally used as a pain killer and numbing agent for dental, surgical, and other medical procedures. In addition to its numbing qualities, it has been ingested for the treatment of heart arrhythmia and gastritis, inhaled as cough suppressant, and applied topically to treat the nematocyst discharge associated with jellyfish stings.

Lidocaine was first synthesized by legendary Swedish biochemist Nils Lofgren under the brand name Xylocaine. It first hit the market in 1948 and has since been named one of the World Health Organization’s “Essential Medicines.”

Lidocaine works by blocking the neural pathways to the applied area, totally numbing it to all sensation within minutes. Its effects tend to last between thirty minutes to an hour, at which point feeling begins to return naturally.

Lidocaine has no aphrodisiac or male enhancement properties. It does not stimulate blood flow, impact testosterone, or effect the body in any way that has sexual benefits except helping to prolong sexual intercourse.

This does not tend to be the most effective way of improving climax control due to its potentially detrimental effects on erectile quality and performance. It also does not address any of the underlying psychological issues that can lead to premature ejaculation, which account for a large percentage of those incidences overall.

There are some other health-related concerns about lidocaine usage as well. It is for external use only, and if any significant amount enters the bloodstream it has the potential to be fatal. It can be too-rapidly absorbed through any open wound or mucus membrane, such as those in the vagina and anus.

This poses a serious health risk both to the user and to their partner. Users need to take special care to clean the affected areas before intercourse because side effects that even minor lidocaine exposure has the potential to cause include:

  • Loss of speech abilities
  • Loss of sight
  • Respiratory failure
  • Seizures
  • Coma

Some people have had allergic reactions to lidocaine as well, which may include symptoms of swelling, redness, blurred vision, and fluctuations in body temperature. It is recommended that the smallest possible dose be used so as to avoid excessive absorption of the product.

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What’s Good About It?

There are some men that have experienced the embarrassing, frustrating experience of premature ejaculation because the suffer from excessive sensitivity of the penis. This is not the reason behind all occurrences of PE, however for those men whose problem is related to sensitivity may see some benefits from using STUD 100.

What’s Bad About It?

Men that experience PE for any other reason will not see any benefits from using STUD 100 beforehand. It is not a medical “cure” for the condition and it has no other benefits for male sexual performance.

Additionally, lidocaine is a dangerous chemical that has killed many people over the years. It is putting your partner and yourself in a risky situation by exposing incredibly sensitive and absorbent body parts to a chemical that can do serious damage if it enters the bloodstream.

Even if used safely, lidocaine can have potential side effects, and it may also have some anti-erectile properties. Without sensation in the penis some men have difficulty maintaining responsiveness and arousal levels. It also makes sex less physically pleasurable for the user, which has been a detriment to many men who don’t want to have to choose between premature orgasm or total lack of sensation.

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Wrap Up:

STUD 100 is a sexual performance product that is useful for a very narrow window of situations. It is not an erectile aid, libido or testosterone booster, or any other kind of traditional male enhancement product.

It is only useful for the small percentage of men who experience premature ejaculation due to too much penile sensitivity. Men who experience PE for any other reason will not have their condition improved, and many men will experience complications due to the loss of penile sensation.

It is not considered one of the safer ways to address PE, and if applied irresponsibly could compromise the health of both the user and their sexual partner. Lidocaine has led to the deaths of many people, and other have been put into comas, had seizures, or been hospitalized for complications due to lidocaine usage.

Lidocaine is not a recommended chemical according to our team of expert. They also do not consider numbing creams to be an effective long term solution to PE, and even though it may have some short-term applications for some users, its benefits do not outweigh the risks associated with its usage.

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Bottom Line

STUD 100 is not an effective male enhancement product. It cannot provide any of the typical benefits that users are seeking from a sexual performance supplement like erectile and libido support or help with proper testosterone function.

It is only recommended as a way to prevent premature ejaculation, however it is not even considered a particularly effective way of addressing that issue. It is potentially dangerous and reduces the user’s responsiveness and ability to experience pleasure.

Testosterone supplementation may be a more effective long term approach to treating PE, as many issues are the result of low or inconsistent testosterone function. It is also possible that there are other psychological or therapeutic approaches that could help address the issue, however STUD 100 is not considered to be a recommended or effective method of doing so.

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