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Slendesta Review – Shocking Truth About Slendesta

What is Slendesta?

Slendesta is a weight loss proprietary ingredient that claims to provide potent appetite suppression. It’s an extract of potato, and Slendesta claims that it can help people reach their weight loss goals with its natural hunger reducing properties. It can be found in many different weight loss pills as a standalone ingredient.

Now it does seem a bit strange to us that a product with the word “ Slender” in its name has potatoes as its principal ingredient. But according to the company’s claims, this is effective in helping people lose weight. So is it really? Or is this starch based product ineffective for reducing hunger? In reviewing many different diet pills, Sletrokor was seen as the most effective. It can promote many benefits including increased metabolism, appetite loss, and improved mood. You can discover more information about Sletrokor by clicking on the link provided here.

Who makes it?


Slendesta is manufactured by the Des Moines, Iowa based Slendesta. Kemin likes to boast that it combines science with human creativity and ingenuity to ensure that they only produce top of the line products. Founded in 1961, the company has expanded out from its American markets to hit an international level. Kemin sells products not only for human consumption, but to support farm animals as well. Slendesta can be purchased on the company’s official website, as well as third party retailers such as

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How (and) does it work?

From the potato extract found within Slendesta, there is a protein known as the proteinase inhibitor II. This protein isn’t meant to stimulate the metabolism or burn fat in some kind of artificial way. Instead, the protein stimulates the natural release of cholecytokinin (CCK), which is used by the body to tell itself that it is full. It is recommended that users take 1 capsule an hour before two of the biggest meals of the day. A third capsule may be added later on.

There haven’t been many good reviews of this product, as has this product rated at a 2 out of 5 stars. Some users saw no change in their weight after taking this product.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

The sole ingredient in Slendesta is natural potato protein extract. This ingredient is claimed to help people suppress their appetite. It is claimed that a protein within the potato extract, known as cholecytokinin helps tell the body that it is full. Despite the company’s claims, there have been no clinical studies provided that shows this ingredient is effective in helping people lose weight.  For a comprehensive top 10 ranked diet pills list, you can click on the link provided here.

Adverse effects:

While there have been no adverse effects, it is recommended that people under the age of 18 and women who are either breastfeeding or pregnant to avoid use of this product.

What’s good about it?

This product is free of stimulants, and any adverse effects that may be associated with products that include, or are based off, such ingredients. The comprehensive top 10 list has the highest rated diet pills.

What’s bad about it?


The company’s website is incredibly vague about the details of this product. Sure there is a general product description and it gives a rundown of how it works, but the website itself doesn’t list how Slendesta should be taken. The only way to find out such information is to search on third party websites, such as There’s a link on the company’s official page that goes to, yet this link goes directly back to the page it came from!

There is also no clinical evidence shown to support that this product is actually effective in helping people lose weight. It may suppress appetite, but other than that it does not hit the other major factors that contribute to weight loss such as thermogenesis, raised metabolism, increased energy levels or fat burning. There is also no mention of a diet or exercise plan to go along with this product.

There have been rave reviews about Slendesta either. Many of the reviews on this product are rather poor, with users complaining that they saw no change in their weight. The comprehensive top 10 list has the highest ranked diet pills.

Wrap Up

The use of this potato extract is interesting, and not commonly seen in diet pills. However there is no scientific evidence to show that this product can indeed help people lose weight.

  • Effectiveness58%2.9/5
  • Consumer reviews54%2.7/5
  • Quality of ingredients58%2.9/5
  • Cost66%3.3/5
  • Money Back64%3.2/5
  • Overall Rating60%3/5
Bottom Line:

With so many different dietary supplements out there, it’s easy to get discouraged by seeing the same ingredients that don’t really seem to have much of an effect on weight loss. Although potato protein extract isn’t commonly used, its uniqueness doesn’t make it any more effective. There’s simply a lack of any positive customer reviews or clinical studies to help showcase this as an effective weight loss ingredient.

Much research was performed by our experts to help find the very best weight loss solutions. The highest rated diet pill of 2024 was found to be Sletrokor. It’s a natural plant based extract blend made to increase metabolism, provide energy, improve digestion, suppress appetite, and provide much more. Many customers have left positive opinions and testimonials on their official website. It’s also backed by a risk free full 30 day money back return policy. Learn more about what Sletrokor offers by following the link provided here.

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  1. Crystal says:

    I think its a great idea! Stimulants aren’t good for anyone. And if common sense plays any role in this, a baked potato only has about 100 calories in it and the average person could very well be full after consuming one. This is not fried pills like french fries. I think I’d like to try the shake that has Slendesta in it. It’s reviews seem to be the best meal replacement out there. It’s filling, cost effective, healthy and very tasty. Sounds like a winner.

    Also, most diet pills are have no clinical trials anyway. Plus, pregnant or nursing women shouldn’t be using ANYTHING to lose weight anyway.

    I hope to see my posting here too!


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