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Ropex Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Ropex is a male enhancement product that is focused on improving men’s seminal output. This includes claims in their advertising that it can help men increase the volume and the velocity of their ejaculations.

Ropex further states that they can improve orgasm pleasure and intensity for the user, leading to a more pleasurable and satisfying overall sexual experience. It may also have applications for improving prostate health and function, including boosting urological functionality. The product that has the best track record with our panel of experts for improving the sexual performance of its users is Viritenz. It is an all-natural blend of high-quality herbal ingredients, potent amino acids, and other key nutrients that have been shown to have potent effects on erectile health, libido, and orgasm quality. Click here to learn more about Viritenz and its potential benefits to your sexual abilities.

Ropex Ingredients and Side Effects

There are some significant issues that our team has with the ingredients list of Ropex. They only list one ingredient, however it is not a well-established ingredient for male enhancement products, and there are some inconsistencies with the way that they list it as well. According to their supplement facts panel, the only active agent in Ropex is:


Pollixol: A supposed combination of different forms of flower pollen extracts that may have some benefits for the prostate, though this is questionable. Their label says that Pollixol is a trademarked combination of Polli-Aq, Polli-Oi, and other extracts of pollis secalecereal, pollis phleupratence, and pollis zeamais, however the majority of these seem to be terms that are fabricated by Pollixol or Ropex.

There is no trademark registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office for Pollixol, nor does there seem to be any sort of clinical data about it or its effects. There is also no record of any trademarks or clinical data for Polli-Aq and Polly-Oi, which they also claimed were registered.

There are also no such plants as pollis secalecereal, pollis phleupratence, and pollis zeamais, however there are such ingredients as secale cereal, aka rye grass, phelum pretense, aka timothy grass, and zea mays, also known as corn germ. These are three incredibly cheap and common ingredients that have previously demonstrated some mild benefits for prostate function and semen production.

The intentional mislisting of ingredients is a common practice by disreputable companies that want to create the illusion that they are using effective or exotic ingredients and to prevent customers from realizing that they are just common, ineffective herbs. There is no guarantee that this is why the ingredients for Ropex are mislabeled, and it could potentially just be a series of typographical errors on the label of their product that have gone uncorrected for several years instead.

Pollen extracts have become a fad ingredient in prostate health products in recent years, despite the fact that there is very little data to support their claims of being able to improve prostate size or functionality. There are some rumors that it is capable of improving seminal output in men, however these are considered anecdotal and there is no clinical data that proves this.

The most common benefits that tend to be associated with pollen extracts are generally urinary in nature, and it is possible that they may have some applications for reducing the symptoms of conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis. None of the data that Ropex provides about their product makes our panel of experts think that it will be able to live up to the claims that they make in their promotional materials.

Rye grass, timothy grass, and corn germ extract are all potent allergens that many people that have flower, grass, and pollen allergies have reacted to in the past. If you are sensitive to any of those substances, it is wise to contact a medical professional to discuss your options before continuing to take Ropex.

In people that do not have specific allergies to these substances, it is unlikely that Ropex will have any sort of negative effects. The only other potential side effects that tend to be associated with pollen products like these are digestive in nature, such as nausea, flatulence, or abdominal discomfort.

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Ropex Quality of Ingredients

Ropex does not have an adequate ingredients profile for a male enhancement product. It is dubious whether they will even be able to live up to their claims of being able to increase ejaculation quantity, let alone provide any benefits for erectile health or libido.

Our experts could not find any justification for believing that Ropex could be effective for improving men’s sexual performance or satisfaction in any way. Not only this, but they strongly disapprove of Ropex’s mislabeling of their ingredients, which seems most likely to be an attempt to deceive their potential customers.

The Price and Quality of Ropex

Ropex is sold through a variety of third-party distributors such as Amazon and eVitamins, however their own website is not currently functional enough to conduct any sales. The prices that Ropex is available for through these independent dealers generally falls into this range:

  • 1, 90-count bottle of Ropex tablets: $29.03-$39.99

This is an average price for a male enhancement product, however given that it only has potential benefits for ejaculation production, most users will need to add a secondary male enhancement product that offers more traditional benefits as well, even though this is a far less cost-effective approach.

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Business of Ropex

Ropex claims to be originally based out of Sweden, however there is no evidence of their Swedish operations that can be found online. In the United States they are manufactured and distributed by a company known as New Generation Labs. They unfortunately do not seem to have a working website, and the site that uses their name seems to no longer be reliable as it redirects to untrustworthy websites not related to New Generation Labs, Ropex, or any other related products. The contact information that they post is as follows:

Phone Number: (786) 293-9122

Address: 12905 SW 132nd St.

Miami, FL 33186

Email: [email protected]

There is no evidence of any lawsuits or legal actions that have been filed against Ropex, however there are some complaints found online about some of their business practices, particularly those related to their auto-ship program.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Ropex

There are quite a few reviews for Ropex that can be found online, however they tend to be very mixed. The two most common ratings for them on are one star and five stars, for an overall average of 3.2/5, a fairly mediocre overall score.

Our experts question this score’s accuracy, however, given a report from the online business review group Fakespot that found that as many of 20% of Ropex’s reviews may be faked by the company themselves. If this is taken into account, their overall rating plummets to barely above 2.0, which would be a stunningly low score for any product.

As far as specific comments or complaints that users have had, here are several off the comments that past users have left about their experiences with Ropex:

“After three weeks of taking this stuff every day, I have yet to notice any kind of a difference whatsoever.”

“I took it like the instructions said, but I kept getting nauseous and lightheaded each time I tried. Gave up after a while without seeing if it had any effect or not.”

“Gave me a stomach ache and very bad gas. I felt gross and my girl kept making fun of me, so I stopped taking them. Never saw any change to my output.”

The most common complaint that is found online is simply that it does not work. There were less frequent, though still common, issues that people had with side effects such as those mentioned above.

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  • Effectiveness66%3.3/5
  • Consumer reviews62%3.1/5
  • Quality of ingredients66%3.3/5
  • Cost74%3.7/5
  • Money Back72%3.6/5
  • Overall Rating68%3.4/5
Conclusion – Does Ropex Work?

Not only does Ropex have a deficient formula for a typical male enhancement product, but they do not even have hard proof that they can be effective for their primary purpose of helping men increase the volume of their ejaculation. The single ingredient that they use does not have any clinical data to support their claims of effectiveness, and the information that they provide about it often seems to be inaccurate.

Our team also had serious concerns about the trustworthiness of the company based on the way that they mislabel their ingredients, the fact that they do not have a functional website, and their general lack of credentials and positive reviews. We cannot encourage our readers to take Ropex for any purpose.

The product that we do recommend instead is Viritenz. Not only do its ingredients have a much more concrete history of improving seminal production in men, but they also have many more uses for increasing sexual performance as well.

It has applications for improved erectile function, heightened libido, stamina, and other key factors of men’s sexual health. For more data about Viritenz and its effects, click on this link.

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