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Rhino 8 Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Rhino 8 is an erectile aid that is designed to provide a one-time boost in the sexual performance abilities of their users. Possible benefits that their packaging lists include larger erectile size, increased stamina levels, and greater sexual satisfaction for the user and their partner.

They say that it can start to show effects relatively quickly – generally in under an hour – and that these effects may be able to last up to nine days. This is a far longer time than is standard for most single use products who tend to be effective for about 24 hours, or at most 2-3 days.

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Rhino 8 Ingredients and Side Effects

Most of the ingredients found in Rhino 8 are Chinese in origin and tend to lack proof of their effectiveness. Here are the top active additives listed on their product label:

Go Ji Extract Deng Sen Extract
Atractylodes Cinnamon Bark

Go Ji Extract: A type of berry, more commonly listed as goji in the United States, that has little use as a short-term booster but may have some slight long term benefits to circulation.

Deng Sen Extract: An ingredient that is commonly seen on the packaging of Rhino products, despite the fact that there does not seem to be any such known ingredient in either western science or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Atractylodes: A relative of the sunflower that is used in some less reputable male enhancement products because of the sound of its name, despite the fact that it has never been connected to sexual benefits of any type.

Cinnamon Bark: Extracts taken from the common spice that our panel believes can have some positive impact on blood pressure and circulation in the long term.

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Rhino 8 Quality of Ingredients

The ingredients found in Rhino 8 are, for the most part, severely lacking in laboratory tests and clinical data that can support their uses in male enhancement products. The vast majority of the justifications for their use come from TCM, which has been thoroughly discredited by western science.

Supposed effects like improving yin/yang balance or restoring qi have not been shown to have any sort of effect on human biology, let alone male enhancement or sexual performance. The one noted exception to this among the ingredients listed above is cinnamon bark, which has been able to demonstrate some benefits in a concrete and measurable way.

Cinnamon bark is thought to have positive effects on circulation and blood pressure levels, and as such over time it can have a positive impact on men’s overall erectile functionality. It should not be considered a short-term booster, however, as its effects are best seen with long-term daily consumption of small amounts of cinnamon.

Rhino 8 makes the odd claim that a single pill could be effective for up to nine days. Given that there is very little evidence that most of these ingredients work at all, there is even less of a chance that one dose could remain effective for over a week.

It bears noting here that Rhino 8 has previously been caught including prescription male enhancement drugs in their products, which would certainly make them more effective – though illegal and potentially dangerous – in the short term. Even if this is the case with the Rhino 8 that any given customer purchases, there are also no known prescription erectile dysfunction (ED) medications that have an effective period of this length.

The longest-lived ED medications tend to be tadalafil and its generic derivatives, however even these drugs lose potency after 2-3 days. Overall, it seems highly unlikely that there is any way that Rhino 8 could live up to all of the advertising claims that they make about their product.

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The Price and Quality of Rhino 8

Rhino 8 is readily available from multiple sources online, and some users may be able to find it in physical stores as well, though they do not tend to be carried by most major chain distributors. Online they can be found for sale through some of the bigger-name online dealers, as well as some of the lesser known and less reliable sites, and as such the price of Rhino 8 can fluctuate somewhat dramatically.

There is no official site for Rhino 8 or their manufacturers, however there are a number of third-part affiliates that may have a relationship with their distributors. The price for Rhino 8 that are quoted on one of these affiliate sites is as follows:

  • 1, single-use Rhino 8 male enhancement capsule: $5.99

Rhino 8 is a single-use male enhancement product, and as such tends to be more expensive than most daily nutritional supplements. Even with this as a given, however, Rhino 8 tends to be considerably more expensive than most of its competing brands, who tend to retail for somewhere between $1-$3 per dose.

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Business of Rhino 8

Rhino 8 is part of the Rhino family of products, who have developed a reputation within the industry for engaging in a number of frustrating behaviors. They are one of the less transparent organizations in the business, and fail to supply even some of the most basic details about their company and its operations.

The packaging for Rhino 8 provides no contact details about their manufacturers at all, which is highly unusual. They do not have any sort of pages or accounts with the Better Business Bureau, Manta, Bloomberg, or any other major database of business information.

They have, however, been involved in a high number of incidents with the Food and Drug Administration, who have found them in violation of their standards a number of times. Most commonly, the violation that they commit is the inclusion of unlisted ingredients in their products, particularly illegal prescription ED medications, as mentioned in the above section.

This is sadly common with the less scrupulous manufacturers in the industry, is both illegal and potentially dangerous for the people that use the product, most of whom do not realize that they are taking prescription medications. This practice has led to a number of health issues, such as interactions with other medications and health conditions, some of which resulted in the deaths of their users.

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Customer Opinions of Rhino 8

There are hundreds of complaints online about Rhino 8 and the other Rhino brands from people that have tried their products in the past. Here are some of the things that they have had to say about their experiences:

“Very expensive, and not worth the money. Did not work anything like it said on the package.”

“Wasn’t effective for nine days like they said it would be, but I was sick for like a day and a half if that counts for anything.”

The majority of complaints were generally related to either product ineffectiveness or side effects that were potentially related to its use. There were, however, also a variety of complaints about getting counterfeit or outdated products from some distributors, and as such users that are interested in purchasing Rhino 8 are encouraged to do so only through trusted retailers.

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  • Effectiveness44%2.2/5
  • Consumer reviews40%2/5
  • Quality of ingredients44%2.2/5
  • Cost52%2.6/5
  • Money Back50%2.5/5
  • Overall Rating46%2.3/5
Conclusion – Does Rhino 8 Work?

There are quite a few major issues that our research team found related to Rhino 8. These include both the ineffectiveness of the ingredients that they have listed on their label, as well as the potential that it may include unlisted additives that may be dangerous to some users.

The practice of including secret ingredients in health and wellness products is not one that our team can ever endorse, especially when those ingredients have the potential for causing deadly interactions with other drugs or health conditions – many of which are sadly common among men with ED. When these factors are combined with the overall expense of Rhino 8, as well as the general frustrations and ineffectiveness that can come along with any single use product, it is impossible for our team to encourage our readers to purchase or consume Rhino 8.

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