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Red Fortera Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Red Fortera is a single use male enhancement product that is designed to help improve erectile function within a short time frame. Their advertisements say that it can begin working with 30 minutes of ingestion, helping users to achieve larger, harder erections that last for longer periods of time.

Other benefits that they mention Red Fortera may have are increased libido, more pleasurable climaxes, and a greater volume of ejaculate produced during orgasm. Their website also lists some secondary benefits that may potentially result from taking Red Fortera including lowered stress levels, decreased pain, and increased mood and happiness.

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Red Fortera Ingredients and Side Effects

Red Fortera has a somewhat limited ingredients list, both in terms of the number of ingredients that they use, and the overall quantity of each serving. Each capsule contains only 540mg total of the following ingredients combined:

Korean Ginseng Tribulus Terrestris Maca Root Powder
L-Arginine Ginkgo Biloba FD&C Red#18-73B

Korean Ginseng: A well-known herb used worldwide that has a variety of beneficial effects on the body, including increasing both libido and erectile function.

Tribulus Terrestris: A plant that was considered a nuisance for a number of years before its beneficial effects on testosterone function were discovered. Now it is regarded as one of the more potentially beneficial ingredients used in products of this nature.

Maca Root: A Peruvian tuber that has beneficial effects somewhat similar to ginseng. It’s a mild stimulant that improves erectile function, has non-hormonal benefits for libido levels, and may also help men to improve the volume and quality of their ejaculate.

L-Arginine: An effective amino acid for improving both testosterone function and circulation, though in the limited time frame that Red Fortera is suggested for it is unlikely that it can significantly change T-levels.

Ginkgo Biloba: Another herb that has often been compared to ginseng, though many experts feel that ginkgo tends to be more effective in nootropic supplements than male enhancement products.

FD&C Red #18-73B: An artificial food coloring that is no longer legal for use in food products due to its potential long-term effects on health and wellness. Our team does not tend to recommend products that use artificial dyes of any nature, but particularly ones that have been found to possibly have detrimental effects with regular usage.

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Red Fortera Quality of Ingredients

Most of the ingredients that are listed on Red Fortera’s nutrition information panel are well regarded by our panel of health and wellness experts. L-Arginine, ginseng, maca, and tribulus are all considered to be among the most effective over the counter ingredients currently available.

This is not, however, a very long list of ingredients and they use just over 500 combined milligrams of all of their additives, which is exceptionally small. Overall this means that there is very little chance that Red Fortera will be able to live up to the promises that they make in their advertisements.

The inclusion of the banned coloring agent Red #18 is another issue altogether. It was banned for a reason, and it would be extremely irresponsible for our team of experts to encourage the use of any product that includes it in their inactive ingredients.

The Price and Quality of Red Fortera

Red Fortera is sold through two very distinct methods. One is very traditional, while the other is a contemporary business tactic that borders on being a scam.

The more traditional method is to purchase Red Fortera on a per unit basis through a third-party retailer like The prices quoted on Amazon are as follows:

  • 1, 4-count box of Red Fortera single-use male enhancement dietary supplement capsules: $40.00

This price is incredibly high, even for a single use product. For comparison, this price is enough to purchase a month’s worth of a respectable daily nutritional product. While it is not clear exactly why these pills are so expensive, as the price is not at all justified by their very basic ingredients section, it is possible that Red Fortera is trying to encourage consumers to use the other purchasing method, which is available through the official Red Fortera website, as well as several affiliated sites.

This other method is a supposed free trial that users can receive by simply paying for its shipping and handling. The website, however, uses that information to enroll the user in a monthly subscription program that actually charges them $89.97 per month – far more than the standard rate for the already-expensive Red Fortera.

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Business of Red Fortera

The manufacturer of Red Fortera is a health and wellness products distributor called Next Gen Health Solutions. They list the following contact information for themselves on the Red Fortera website:

Phone Number: (800) 908-6213

Address: 500 Campus Drive, Suite 203

Morganville, NJ 07751

Email: [email protected]

There are a number of other companies with names very similar to Next Gen Health Solutions, which has led to some trademark disputes in court. The manufacturers of Red Fortera are one of the less prominent brands with the Next Gen name, and consumers interested in finding out more about their products and manufacturing procedures are cautioned to ensure that they are looking at the information for the right company.

This particular Next Gen Health Solutions, for example, does not have a page with the Better Business Bureau, though a number of the other similarly-named companies do. Red Fortera does have a page with the review organizations Fakespot and Trustwerty, however they have received the lowest possible ratings from each of those sites – “F” and 0 stars, respectively.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Red Fortera

Red Fortera has received a mediocre 3/5-star rating from their previous customers, however as mentioned above, the website Fakespot has given them an F for the trustworthiness of their reviews. They found that over 70% of the reviews for Red Fortera could potentially be fakes planted by the company themselves.

If this is taken into account, their overall scores are incredibly poor, especially when compared to those of the more reputable brands of male enhancement supplements. Here are some of the specific comments that their past users have had about their experiences with Red Fortera:

“Did not live up to the hype of their ads at all. Total waste of my hard-earned money.”

“Didn’t feel anything. Not a twitch, not a tingle, not a tickle – nothing. Same useless junk as before.”

“Frankly, I’m disappointed in myself for having fallen for their scheme. It looked too good to be true – I doubted it even as I was signing up for their free samples – and guess what, it was too good to be true.”

The majority of the complaints regarding Red Fortera on their page are in related to ineffectiveness, especially when compared to the claims that they make in their advertising. Outside of Amazon, however, most of the complaints that can be found online are in regards to the free trial program, especially from people that did not realize what they were signing up for.

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  • Effectiveness42%2.1/5
  • Consumer reviews38%1.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients42%2.1/5
  • Cost50%2.5/5
  • Money Back48%2.4/5
  • Overall Rating44%2.2/5
Conclusion – Does Red Fortera Work?

There are a number of issues with Red Fortera in a variety of different areas. This includes problems with their ingredients, their manufacturer’s history, and their cost and sales structure.

The ingredients blend is both short on total ingredients and on overall dosage levels, which reduces its potential effectiveness, and it include artificial coloring agents, which our team does not recommend. When this is factored in to their high price, unethical free trial offer, and the low ratings that their manufacturer has received, it is not possible for our panel of experts to recommend Red Fortera to our readers.

The product that they do suggest to men that are searching for erectile support is Viritenz. It uses an extensive blend of the most effective ingredients, all proportioned in dosage amounts that are chosen for optimal effectiveness.

It is a powerful erectile aid that can also increase the sexual desire levels of its users, their fat burning and muscle building abilities, and a number of other potential sexual and athletic benefits. Click on this link to learn more about the different ways that a Viritenz may be able to improve your natural biological functionality.

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