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QuickTrim Reviews: Is It Safe?

What is QuickTrim?

QuickTrim is one of the most high profile weight loss tools on the recent market, aided by a powerful promotions campaign and endorsed by celebrities no less famous than Kim Kardashian herself. The QuickTrim line features products designed to do everything from burning fat and cleansing your body of toxins, to reducing water weight and bloating.

While QuickTrim may come with a flashy celebrity endorsement courtesy of the Kardashian sisters, many of the claims made about this controversial product fall apart upon closer inspection, so let’s see if the QuickTrim line is capable of doing any of the things it claims it can.

Who makes it?

diet-loss-medication-pill-weight.2QuickTrim’s line of products is produced by a New Jersey-based company named Windmill Health Products, who also offer lines of vitamin and mineral supplements.

How (and) does it work?

The QuickTrim line offers a variety of products that all function differently, so let’s take a look at each individually:

QuickTrim Burn and Cleanse contains two components: Iso-Burn, which supposedly stimulates your metabolism and burn fat during the day, and Iso-Cleanse, which apparently removes toxins from your body while you sleep.

QuickTrim offers no nutritional information or ingredients for this product, but outside research has concluded that Iso-Burn contains enough caffeine in each single serving to amount to four entire cups of coffee, as well as white willow bark extract and black pepper, both of which only serve to boost the effects of all the caffeine.

Iso-Cleanse, on the other hand, seems to be comprised of various laxatives to induce rapid water loss, which may result in irregular bowel movements and diarrhea.

Other reported side effects of QuickTrim’s Burn and Cleanse product include vomiting and anxiety.

Customer reviews of Burn and Cleanse typically express a lack of results and take issue with the product’s uncomfortable and disorienting side effects.

QuickTrim Fast Cleanse is a shake that users drink four times a day, in addition to a specialized diet of fruits, vegetables and clear soups, while avoiding foods that contain proteins, grains and sugars. The goal of this intense detox regimen is to drop one dress size in only a single day.

Like the Burn and Cleanse product, the exact ingredients of Fast Cleanse remain undisclosed, but outside research claims that Fast Cleanse is mainly comprised of a 100mg mix of extracts, vitamins and minerals, as well as a herbal complex and 5 grams of dietary fiber per single serving.

This product has also received negative reviews from users, who claim that it fails to yield results and that its side effects include dehydration, headache, dizziness and heart irregularities.

QuickTrim Extreme Burn offers a serving of two pills to be taken twice a day. Each pill contains a mixture of fruit extracts, green tea and caffeine, as well as chromium, which is no longer believed to aid the weight loss process at all.

Users have reported mixed results when it comes to experiences with Extreme Burn, some claiming that it works effectively as an appetite suppressant while others have reported a complete lack of results.

Of course, the presence of caffeine in Extreme Burn results in typical side effects such as restlessness and headaches.

If you are most interested in finding a diet pill that is derived from natural ingredients, please read the top 10 list.

QuickTrim HotStix comes in stick packets to be mixed into a berry-flavored drink, that the product claims will help support healthy skin, nails and hair, as well as boosting your energy and metabolism and helping to prevent cravings. According to the product’s listed ingredients, HotStix contains a variety of ingredients, such as vitamins that may aid in the processes the product describes, but there is no evidence that HotStix is anything more than a caffeinated fiber drink and the product lacks enough user testimonials to determine whether or not it is really effective.

QuickTrim’s Sugar and Carb Cheater is one of the line’s most perplexing products, as it claims that you can continue eating all of the sugary and starchy food you love without having to worry, because this product blocks the absorption of fructose, or sugar. This product also claims to be able to stop carbohydrates from being turned into fat, but like the rest of the QuickTrim products it’s unclear as to how it accomplishes any of this.

What’s good about it?

QuickTrim products come with manuals containing dieting tips and exercise plans.

What’s bad about it?

PillsThere is virtually no scientific research in support of any of the claims made by any of QuickTrim’s various products. Furthermore, poor user testimonials imply that most of the products are completely ineffective and that some may result in uncomfortable and disorienting side effects.

The Kardashian sisters have actually faced lawsuits for allegedly making misleading claims about the power and effectiveness of QuickTrim products.

Wrap Up

With virtually nothing in the form of concrete information or clinical testing, QuickTrim’s line of products seem incredibly unreliable and potentially even unsafe. While each QuickTrim product makes some lofty promises, it seems unlikely that any would be able to actually deliver.

You can find something better on the market for the same amount of money.

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  • Consumer reviews52%2.6/5
  • Quality of ingredients56%2.8/5
  • Cost64%3.2/5
  • Money Back62%3.1/5
  • Overall Rating58%2.9/5
Bottom Line

It seems like the only thing QuickTrim has going for it is its celebrity endorsements, but even the Kardashians have come under fire and have faced legal action for making misleading claims about the capabilities of these products. With shady ingredients lists, nasty side effects and a lack of general information about every single product, there is no shortage of reasons to stay away from QuickTrim.

We strongly recommend looking into other diet pills that may be more effective and better for you.


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