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Pronabolin Review: Is It Safe?

Pronabolin is a testosterone booster and male enhancement supplement that is designed to help improve men’s athletic and sexual performance. Their advertising claims that it helps users burn more fat, build more muscle, and have increased energy and stamina for workouts.

Sexually, Pronabolin is formulated to help improve the quantity and quality of users’ erections. It also helps raise their libido levels, improve their seminal outfit, and may help men avoid issues like premature ejaculation, infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

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Who Makes It?

Pronabolin is made and distributed Green Bracket, LLC. Green Bracket is a health and diet products manufacturer that is based out of Coral Gables, Florida in the United States.

On their website Green Bracket claims to have an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is actually not the case. Green Bracket has no BBB rating, as well as an 80% negative customer feedback rating.

It is unknown why they would lie about their rating, as it is very easy to check on. Many respectable companies have not chosen not to be rated, however the fact that they would deliberately misrepresent themselves is not appreciated by our review staff.

They also have sub-standard company ratings with Amazon, Trustwerty, and Fakespot, who analyze how trustworthy online businesses are. Nearly 20% of the customer reviews for Pronabolin were actually found to be planted by the company themselves, which is another disturbing breach of client trust by Pronabolin.

Pronabolin is one of the more expensive male enhancement products on the market today. After shipping and handling, users often end up paying well over $100 a month for Pronabolin, which is exceptionally high, even for products with much more expensive ingredients profiles.

They have also received criticism for their “Free Trial Offer” program, which, contrary to its name, actually enrolls people in an automatic renewal program that charges them every month, often without any form of notification for the user.

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How (and) Does It Work?

Pronabolin bills itself as a testosterone boosting supplement, which is one of the traditional ways that male enhancement products tend to achieve their effects. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a key role in almost every aspect of the male sexual response cycle.

It helps to increase user’s libido levels, which initiate the arousal process. It is responsible for the impulse to begin erection, and is critical to maintaining it.

Testosterone also plays a significant role in both helping men achieve more satisfying orgasms and in helping them avoid premature ejaculation. Men with higher testosterone levels have shown more control over when their orgasms happen.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

Pronabolin does not publish their ingredients online. They mention some of them in their advertising, and they make frequent claims about their effects, however there is no actual ingredients panel or complete table of contents officially published anywhere online.

Fortunately, there are several customers that have posted images of the packaging that they received online, so we have been able to see their complete ingredients list. The fact that they did not want to publish it themselves, however, is rarely a good sign for a product.

The ingredients posted online are:

Tribulus Terrestris: An annual flower in the caltrop family with spiny, inedible fruits. These fruits, while capable of causing collapsed lungs in people if eaten directly, also have a specific chemical in them that helps stimulate the androgen receptors of the brain.

Androgen receptors are the part of the brain that is responsible for detecting and acting on testosterone. Increasing their sensitivity increases overall testosterone function, even though tribulus technically doesn’t increase testosterone levels.

Fenugreek Seed Extract: A fad ingredient for male enhancement products that may or may not actually be effective for improving testosterone function. Fenugreek usage became more widespread after the publication of a study that said men who consumed fenugreek were found to have higher T levels, however that study has also been widely criticized.

For one reason, it was sponsored by a fenugreek distributor, and it was not a double-blind study, nor did it use human patients. Subsequent studies have been unable to replicate their results, leading to serious doubt about whether or not fenugreek may actually have any uses.

Eurycoma Longifolia: A shrub first cultivated in Southeastern Asia that has been shown to have significant effects on testosterone production. Tongkat ali is strongly recommended by our team of health and wellness experts, especially when paired with tribulus terrestris.

Horny Goat Weed: A Chinese herb that has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Horny goat weed, also known as epimedium or icariin, is mostly just a central nervous system stimulant that increases overall circulation by making the heart beat faster.

It is not technically considered an aphrodisiac, as it has no benefits for libido. It also is associated with some potentially serious side effects, including major coronary episodes, seizures, strokes, or death.

Coleus Forskohlii: A flowering plant that some companies have marketed as a testosterone booster. The clinical data that supports this, however, is highly inconsistent and still in the very early stages. Our experts do not recommend it as a male enhancement supplement additive at this time.

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What’s Good About It?

Our experts highly recommend the ingredients tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longifolia, especially when used together. Eurycoma longifolia has been shown to increase testosterone output, and tribulus improves the way the brain responds to that testosterone. Together they are highly effective for improving male sexual performance and athletic ability.

What’s Bad About It?

Other than those two ingredients the rest of their contents are either useless or worse. Our team does not recommend any product that uses horny goat weed, as it is not safe enough for us to be able to recommend it to our readers in good conscience.

Our team also does not trust the manufacturers of Pronabolin, as they have repeatedly attempted to deceive their users. They have published fake reviews of their product, they lied about their BBB approval, and they feel the need to use a “Free Trial Offer” scam instead of just marketing their product directly, as most respectable businesses do.

Additionally, they do not publish the ingredients for Pronabolin anywhere in their promotional materials, which is often a warning sign that a company uses unhealthy or ineffective additives that they don’t want potential customers to be scared off by. Our team strongly encourages our readers to never purchase any product unless you know exactly what is in it for both health and safety reasons.

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Wrap Up:

Pronabolin is a male enhancement product that markets itself as an athletic performance and sexual responsiveness booster. They claim to be able to increase testosterone levels in their users, which would be helpful for accomplishing both of those goals.

Despite their dramatic claims about product effectiveness, however, their ingredients list contains mostly useless items –with a few notable exceptions. Pronabolin does combine tribulus terrestris with tongkat ali, both of which are highly recommended by our research team.

Unfortunately, they also use horny goat weed in their products, which is not considered an effective male enhancement ingredient. Pronabolin’s parent company has shown a willingness to deceive their customers and is not considered to be a trustworthy supplements manufacturer.

  • Effectiveness44%2.2/5
  • Consumer reviews40%2/5
  • Quality of ingredients44%2.2/5
  • Cost52%2.6/5
  • Money Back50%2.5/5
  • Overall Rating46%2.3/5
Bottom Line

Pronabolin may be moderately effective for some users due to their usage of tongkat ali and tribulus terrestris. This combination may also be found in other male enhancement products that are manufactured by more trustworthy organizations.

Pronabolin uses other substandard ingredients in their blend, they have incredibly bad marks from consumer watchdog groups, and worst of all they have shown a willingness to lie to their clientele in order to make money. Our team of experts strongly encourages our users to stay away from Pronabolin.

The male enhancement product that they do encourage our readers to try is Viritenz. They have an excellent reputation for both quality and honesty with their clientele and with industry professionals alike.

Viritenz uses a highly potent blend of ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective for improving the male sexual response. Click here to read more about all of the ways that Viritenz can improve your sexual health, wellness, and performance levels.

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