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Prolongz Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Prolongz is a male sexual performance enhancing product that is designed to help men have longer, more mutually satisfying sexual experiences. It is an oral strip that is taken both daily and directly before intercourse that is said to help them avoid issues like premature ejaculation (PE) and generally prolong the length of time that it takes them to achieve orgasm.

They say that the oral strip helps their active ingredients to be more rapidly and thoroughly absorbed into the bloodstream than ingestible products, and that it may begin working in as little as 15 minutes. Their website claims that men that have 2-5 minute average intercourse times have seen their average sexual performance times increase into the 15-40 minute range.

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Prolongz Ingredients and Side Effects

Prolongz uses a very short ingredients list that contains only two entries. Additionally, it is a homeopathic product which is a specific school of alternative medicinal thought that believes in the therepeutic power of diluting their ingredients in order to achieve a higher degree of potency.

While this school of thought has been thoroughly discredited by Western science, there are still some proponents of its core beliefs that still promote its value. They claim that the dilution process that they use, which can sometimes leave very little of the original herbs, can draw out properties in the water that’s used in the process, which they claim has a “memory” of the herb’s molecular structure.

The ingredients used in Prolongz are listed as “1X” which means that they have been diluted ten times, a somewhat standard amount for many homeopathic products. The ingredients that they include are:

Damiana Ginseng

Damiana: An herb that has historically been used for a variety of purposes, including bedwetting, depression, helping women overcome the symptoms of PMS, and as a recreational drug. It is listed as a stimulant on Prolongz’s nutrition facts panel due to the fact that it contains some minimal amounts of caffeine.

Damiana has previously shown some potential for improving erectile function, however it has not been able to reliably demonstrate this in a clinical setting. It is an ingredient that our panel of experts recommends for use in some other types of products, however it is not thought to be particularly effective in male sexual performance supplements.

Ginseng: An incredibly useful herb for many biological functions, including improving men’s erectile performance and increasing the frequency of their sexual thoughts and fantasies. It has not, however, shown any direct applications for use in delaying orgasm and prolonging sexual intercourse.

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Prolongz Quality of Ingredients

Prolongz uses diluted quantities of only two ingredients, neither of which has clinically demonstrated that they can help delay men’s orgasms. They also use incredibly small amounts of those ingredients even before the dilution process reduces their dosage further.

This means that there is very little chance that Prolongz will be able to have much of a biological impact in any sense. Our team believes that it is highly unlikely that Prolongz will be able to benefit users in any way, however it also stands very little chance of harming them in any sense either.

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The Price and Quality of Prolongz

Prolongz is sold through a variety of means, both traditional and otherwise. For users looking to purchase it on a per-unit basis, Prolongz is sold through a number of major online distributors such as GNC, Amazon, and Lucky Vitamin. The price range that tends to been seen on those sites is as follows:

  • 1, 60-count packet of Prolongz oral strips: $39.89-$59.99

This will last users for approximately 30 days, however the exact amount of time will depend on the number of times that users attempt to have sex. The other option for purchasing Prolongz is far less straightforward.

The only buying option on the official site for Prolongz is a trial offer for the product. The claim that you can sample a 60-count packet for only $4.95, however there is a catch to this offer that is not as well publicized.

Users that give their credit card data are actually enrolled in a subscription program that charges them every 30 days for a new supply of Prolongz. What makes this seem somewhat dishonest is that, in addition to the lack of transparency about the ordering process, the prices that Prolongz charges are far beyond those that users would pay on a per-unit basis.

Users enrolled in the renewal program end up being charged $89.95 per month for the same product that is being sold through third party outlets for half that price. Most reputable subscription programs are clearly publicized and tend to offer a discount on their products in order for customer loyalty instead of raising their prices far above the fair industry standard.

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Business of Prolongz

The manufacturer of Prolongz is called the Advanced Men’s Institute and often lists themselves as AMI or AMI Prolongz. Their contact information is listed as follows:

Phone Number: (877) 404-46846

Address: 1420 N. Claremont Blvd. #111A

Claremont, CA 91711

Email: [email protected]

The Advanced Male Institute has received very bad scores from most major retail analysis groups. This includes an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, a .5-star (out of 5) rating from, and a “D” rating from Fakespot, based on the fact that as many as 50% of the reviews that claim to be objective seem to actually be placed by AMI themselves.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Prolongz

Despite the fact that Prolongz has potentially placed a number of inauthentic reviews for their product online, their scores on those sites still tend to be far below industry standard. This includes 42% of respondents on that gave Prolongz one star, the lowest possible rating on the site.

This figure is all that much more significant given the frequency of fake reviews, which will all tend to be in the 5-star range. The specific comments from past users help show why the product has been scored so poorly:

“Not only did it do nothing for me, but I think it made things worse.”

“I used the product EXACTLY as directed. I followed the label to the letter, and saw nothing. Then I doubled up, using twice as much as they suggested. Still nothing. Total fraud product.”

“I was tricked! I should’ve done my research into this stuff better before I bought it, but unfortunately I waited until I was pretty sure it wasn’t doing anything to even look into it. It is straight garbage, based on bad science – stay far, far away.

The most common comment from objective reviews is that it does not work. Our team did not find much evidence that there were men that have reported side effect issues related to Prolongz, as it may not be a potent enough product to have either positive or negative effects on a person.

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  • Effectiveness50%2.5/5
  • Consumer reviews46%2.3/5
  • Quality of ingredients50%2.5/5
  • Cost58%2.9/5
  • Money Back56%2.8/5
  • Overall Rating52%2.6/5
Conclusion – Does Prolongz Work?

As a homeopathic product Prolongz dilutes their ingredients ten times in a tincture that they claim can benefit men’s ability to avoid PE and extend the amount of time that they are able to have sex for before they achieve orgasm. They only start out with 10mg of each of their ingredients, however, which means that ultimately there will be very little actual ginseng or damiana in Prolongz.

In addition to its potential beneficial impact being incredibly limited, the manufacturers of Prolongz also use some manipulative techniques to trick customers into signing up for an overpriced subscription service. Our team does not recommend either consuming products of this nature or doing business with companies that utilize this strategy.

The male enhancement product that our team has found to be the most beneficial for men’s performance overall is Viritenz. It is a circulatory function and testosterone booster, which in addition to improving men’s erectile functions can also help them better control their orgasms.

It can also improve men’s libido, seminal production, and a variety of other sexual and athletic functions. Click on this link to learn how Viritenz is able to be so effective.

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