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Prelox Blue Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Prelox Blue is natural dietary supplement that is formulated to help improve men’s s sexual health. They say in their advertising that it is able to help promote sexual intimacy and pleasure, while also offering some more generalized health benefits as well.

These benefits may include protecting the blood vessels, improving circulation, and helping to improve testosterone function. It may be able to help older men slow the effects of andropause and younger men reach new heights of sexual satisfaction.

The product that our team has reviewed that they believe has the best chance of helping any given user is a brand named Viritenz. Their ingredients blend is both long and diverse, as it contains additives that can attack male performance issues in a variety of ways. Follow this link to see if Viritenz may be able to give you the type of support that you’re currently looking for.

Prelox Blue Ingredients and Side Effects

Prelox Blue has one of the shorter proprietary blends on the market. The only active ingredients that they list are as follows:

L-Arginine HCI Aspartic Acid
L-Taurine Pycnogenol

L-Arginine HCL: A form of the popular amino acid L-Arginine that is used in male enhancement supplements to provide both testosterone support and a boost to circulatory volume.

Aspartic Acid: Another amino acid, though one with much less of a history of sexual benefits, especially in men with health testosterone function.

L-Taurine: Yet another form of amino acid, and like aspartic acid, not one that is as known for sexual benefits as L-Arginine is.

Pycnogenol: A trademarked form of extracts derived from a specific breed of pine tree. It is possible that it can increase nitric oxide production, which has been shown to have some benefits for circulatory function.

As such it may also have some erectile benefits, though these are not proven. Also not proven is the extent of the safety of pycnogenol, especially in the long-term, as there are no 5- or 10-year studies that have been performed on synthetic property.

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Prelox Blue Quality of Ingredients

Prelox Blue uses one exceptionally effective ingredient and three much less respected ingredients in their blend. As potent as L-Arginine is, it is usually more effective when it is paired with a selection of other top-quality ingredients.

Pycnogenol has shown some interesting potential, however its effects are quite similar to L-Arginine, and there is not nearly enough data about its effectiveness for our team to feel comfortable recommending it to our readers.

Prelox Blue also provides little in the way of circulatory stimulation, a valuable compliment to the effects of L-Arginine, and their testosterone support is lacking as well. It has some minimal benefits for raw T production, though not as much as our team would prefer to see, and they also do not use any type of testosterone optimizer such as tribulus terrestris. Overall, this will tend to make Prelox Blue far less potent than most of its competing brands.

Interested users should also note that Prelox Blue uses two types of artificial food dyes to achieve their distinctive hue, which is not a practice that our team can encourage. Synthetic colorings offer no nutritional value, however they have been shown to have the potential to lead to long term health consequences with regular consumption.

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The Price and Quality of Prelox Blue

Given the unique business model of their manufacturer Herbalife, which is discussed further in the section below, Prelox Blue is somewhat less accessible than the average male enhancement product. Generally, Herbalife products are only available from licensed Herbalife representatives, and there are strict rules about how their products are allowed to be marketed online.

There are some major retailers, such as, that carry Prelox Blue, however some of their reps can be found complaining about this as a violation of their marketing rules. There are also a number of independently-run websites that may not be as well-known but that may be authorized by the Herbalife corporate offices.

Prelox Blue is also sold through the main Herbalife home page, though these prices may not be the lowest available. As of the date of this article’s writing, the prices that were being quoted on the official website are as follows:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (15-day supply) of Prelox Blue male enhancement tablets: $60.80

This price is considerably higher than the vast majority of male enhancement products found on the market today. This is especially true when Prelox Blue is taken as they direct on the label, which calls for four tablets per day, meaning that Prelox Blue can cost users over $120 per month, more than three times what most users would expect to pay for a daily nutritional product.

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Business of Prelox Blue

The manufacturer of Prelox Blue is a company called Herbalife International that is well known in the United States and abroad for their line of health and wellness products, as well as for their unique business model. The contact information that they provide on their website is as follows:

Phone Number: (310) 410-9600

Address: 800 W Olympic Blvd #406

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Email: Herbalife does not provide a direct email address for their offices, however they do provide an electronic comment form on their website that can be used for such purposes.

Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company, which is a business model that some people view as unethical or usurious of their members. It is often called a pyramid scheme, and there are a variety of complaints about Herbalife that can be found online, both related to their products and to the ways that they treat their members.

They have been cited by the Federal Trade Commission for their business structure and have had to modify it several times in order to remain within legal compliance. The Food and Drug Administration has also had to send warning letters to Herbalife, mostly regarding the advertising claims that Herbalife was making about their products.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Prelox Blue

Prelox Blue has received an unimpressive 3-star average out of a possible five from their past users on Amazon. These reviews also include specific comments such as these:

“The only reason I am giving this one star is because I can’t give it zero! Did not do anything it said!”

“Their advertising gives the impression that it will be helpful for erectile dysfunction, but the only thing it did was make my blood pressure go sky high.”

“I think I got worse. I might need professional help.”

These scores, as low as they are, may also be somewhat inflated by fake reviews placed by members of their organization. The review authentication website Fakespot found that as many as 27.7% of their reviews are unreliable, which is a remarkably high number when compared to most competing brands.

They also have received only two stars out of five from another authentication website, Trustwerty, which only serves to back up Fakespot’s findings. Their scores are far lower than our team prefers to see for products that they recommend even before this is taken into account, and when it is factored in not only are their scores exceptionally poor, but they also become less trustworthy as a business overall.

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  • Effectiveness46%2.3/5
  • Consumer reviews42%2.1/5
  • Quality of ingredients46%2.3/5
  • Cost54%2.7/5
  • Money Back52%2.6/5
  • Overall Rating48%2.4/5
Conclusion – Does Prelox Blue Work?

Prelox Blue has one of the most minimalist nutritional blends of any of the products that our team has analyzed. This includes a proprietary blend of ingredients that is not just short but that also lacks diversity, meaning that a much smaller percentage of men will benefit from it.

In addition to this, they use artificial food dyes in their products, which is a practice that our panel of experts actively discourages. Overconsumption of these dyes has the potential to lead to serious health issues down the road, which is especially concerning give that Prelox Blue recommends four of their pills every day in order to get the maximum impact out of it.

These concerns are in addition to the remarkably high cost of Prelox Blue and the somewhat questionable nature of their business model. Overall, our team has too many concerns about Prelox Blue to be able to recommend it to our readers.

The product that they suggest instead is another Arginine-based blend called Viritenz. Viritenz, however, also utilizes a much wider variety of ingredients that can perform a number of helpful functions.

In addition to multiple types of circulatory and testosterone effects, it also has ways of offering its uses non-hormonal libido support, core nutritional support, and an overall boost to their users’ health and wellbeing. Click here to read comments from past Viritenz users about their experience.

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