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These days everyone is trying to improve themselves. 6 pack abs and lean toned muscles are visual icons that everyone aspires to have. Unfortunately our country has an obesity problem. From fatty foods and the sugary drinks that are pushed on us from global conglomerates, we have gotten fatter.

Because of this people have been trying to find a way to shed that extra weight. Sometimes though diet and exercise just aren’t enough. This is where people can get discouraged, as to them it seems as if time and again all their efforts result in nothing. But what they need to realize is that there is something out there that can help them. That’s where diet pills come in.

Coming in a variety of different forms, be it pill, capsule, resin capsule, diet pills help people lose weight through a variety of means. In today’s article, we will discuss the different kinds of diet pills out there, so you can decide which one is the best for you. If you are curious to know what are the best diet pills out there, please read the top 10 list.

Appetite suppressants

Also known as anorectics, these drugs work by suppressing the appetite. Most of the time these have to be prescribed by a doctor, but there are some that can be purchased over-the-counter.

One does have to be careful when trying appetite suppressants, as these kinds of drugs could possibly lead to more serious health concerns, such as heart valve damage and pulmonary hypertension.

Examples of appetite suppressants include Didrex, Bontril PDM and SR, Diethlypropion among others.

Metabolism boosters

Adding ingredients such as green tea leaf and caffeine, some products claim to be metabolism boosters. A lot of these products claim a lot more than there results actually give, so it’s a good idea to be wary if a product claims to do this.

Examples of metabolism include Thermofit and Resveratol.

Thermogenic agents

These work by warming up the body’s core temperature. From this water weight can easily be lost, and there is also potential to have the metabolism boosted as well. These drugs have also been used to help with gaining muscle, as well as exercise. Something to consider however is that thermogenic agents effect the central nervous system, putting it into a “fight or flight” state, which is very stressful to your system.

Examples of this include W700 Thermogenic and Thermofit.

Lipase Inhibitors:

Lipase inhibitors work by blocking fat cells from being absorbed into the body. Blocking the extra fat that comes in food, that fat is later lost in stool. Even though side effects include oily spotting, abdominal cramps and problems with gas, these can be somewhat controlled as long as the user pays attention to their diet.

An example of a lipase inhibitor is orlistat, known in it’s over-the-counter version as Alli, and Xenical in it’s prescription form.

Glucagon-like peptide-1 antagonists

Stimulating insulin secretion, these drugs work by making the brain feel like the stomach is full. Use of this drug can help people with obesity, as well as people with type-2 diabetes. It should be noted however, that the active ingredient in these drugs, liraglutide, has brought up thyroid cancer concerns when people have been exposed to it in excess. There are also concerns regarding pancreatitis.

An example of this is Saxenda.

Combination drugs

Some weight loss supplements come in a combination of drugs, the end result being help with weight loss. For example, the drug Contrave,  is a mix of bupropion and naltrexone, which are used synergistically to help with weight loss. This specific mix is also known to help with alcohol and cigarette addiction by chemically balancing where there are irregularities.

Remember, everyone is different, and as such there is no specific pill that will be the miracle. Pills that claim to be miracles are usually too good to be true, so always stay aware of the wording of the product.

For more information on what are the best all natural diet pills out there, please check out the top 10 list.

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