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Phallosan Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Phallosan is a penis enlargement device that uses a vacuum technique similar to most pumps while also incorporating a gripping and stretching mechanism as well. The device can be worn underneath clothes during the day or may be used at night while the wearer is sleeping.

Phallosan works by drawing blood into the shaft of the penis by pumping out air pressure and creating a vacuum, causing a partial erection. They say that this pressure, combined with the constant pressure that the penis is under due to the stretcher, can help make the glans larger overall while also potentially helping to straighten any curvature and encouraging erectile function.

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Phallosan Ingredients and Side Effects

As an enlargement device instead of a dietary supplement, Phallosan does not have an ingredients list. Instead, they have a unique system that they take care to specify is not a penis pump, but rather a stretching mechanism that also uses vacuum technology.

A suction bell is placed around the head of the penis and a silicone tube is rolled down the shaft. Gripping devices are placed around different parts of the shaft or head and are used to physically pull the tissue of the penis further apart. The pump feature can then be used to create the vacuum, the pressure of which draws blood into the penis, further expanding the tissue.

The instructions for Phallosan say that it should be worn up to eight hours a day in order to achieve maximum effects, however this can also be done while sleeping. They say that it can be worn under clothes without being visible, and that it will only give the appearance of a larger penis. Images posted by former users do not support these claims, however, as the outline of the device seems readily apparent behind the majority of pant types.

The pump feature can also be used directly before sex in an attempt to artificially encourage an erection, however this approach is rarely as effective as naturally occurring arousal. It is able to draw blood into the penis, however it is unable to engage the muscle that cause it to stay.

This means that as soon as the pump is removed, the blood that has been drawn in begins to retreat back into the body. Rings or restriction devices usually need to be worn with these types of systems, however even then the erections that they tend to induce are generally somewhat misshapen and lack rigidity.

Our panel of health and wellness experts were concerned about several aspects of this system, however, as the potential to cause side effects in their users was present due to a number of factors. The physical toll that these systems can take on men’s penises can be extreme, and have the potential to cause pain, bruising, and residual soreness.

They can also possibly cause longer-term issues for users as well, including nerve damage and loss of sensation. Some men who have used pumps and stretching systems to relieve temporary conditions have inadvertently caused permanent issues for themselves.

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Phallosan Quality of Ingredients

The promotional materials of Phallosan claim that they can permanently add as much as 1.9 inches in length and 1.0 inches in girth to their users’ penises. There is no scientific evidence that our researchers have ever found that suggests that anything close to this is possible, and it is very rare in general that pumps or stretching systems are able to achieve any lasting gains for their users.

Another one of the benefits that the promotional materials for Phallosan claim that it can have include helping men with curved penises straighten them out, however the potential side effects of the system may also include causing curvature or permanent malformation of the penis to other men. Many of the other issues that devices like this claim to be able to solve they also have the potential to cause, such as loss of sensation and erectile functionality.

Phallosan and similar devices are not able to influence the actual biological functionality of the penis or body in general, and as such they are not generally considered to be as effective as quality dietary supplements. These systems are not able to impact key areas like blood flow, testosterone production, libido levels, seminal quality, orgasm function, or any of the other metrics that are used to measure sexual performance.

The people that these systems have historically been the most successful for are men who have significant obstacles to blood flow that have not been improved through any other approach. This may include men who have experienced nerve damage to diabetes or prostate surgery, or that have significant psychological obstacles to achieving erection.

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The Price and Quality of Phallosan

Phallosan is sold exclusively through their own websites, and there only seems to be one pricing option available:

  • Phallosan Forte orthopedic enlargement system: $339.00

This price is considerably higher than the average penis pump, most likely due to their additional straightening system. This amount is about what someone would expect to spend on a year’s supply or more of a dietary male enhancement supplement.

Business of Phallosan

Phallosan is produced by a company named Swiss Sana Anstalt that is based out of Liechtenstein, however their parts are manufactured by a Malta-based company called Texana Manufacturing Ltd. Swiss Sana Anstalt lists the following contact details on their home page:

Phone Number: +423 235 84 77

Address: Kirschstr. 3

LI-9490 Vaduz


Email: [email protected]

Consumers looking to call Phallosan should note that they only open their phone lines for two hours a day, five days a week. Check their website for specific details if you are interested in reaching them by telephone.

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Customer Opinions of Phallosan

Reviews of Phallosan can be somewhat difficult to find, given their lack of third-party distributors. Interested consumers should be aware that there are several sites that claim to be objective reviews of Phallosan but are in fact well disguised advertisements for the product.

In the online forums and blog posts that are not sponsored by the company, the reviews for Phallosan are not nearly as positive as their promoted reviews. Here are some of the things that men have said about their experiences with Phallosan:

“Ouch! They said that this was supposed to be painless, but it made me sore for days afterwards. I tried a couple times, but it just hurt too bad.”

“Left my penis looking like it had been in a fight. It was sore and bruised all over – but not any bigger.”

“Used their system for like a month or so, but never saw any improvement. One day my girlfriend found it and started teasing me about it, so I threw it away.

The complaints about Phallosan ranged across a variety of topics, including ineffectiveness at increasing size, ineffectiveness at improving erectile function, pain and bruising. There were also a number of posts, such as the last quotation listed above, where the users commented directly about feeling social embarrassment related to the use of Phallosan.

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  • Effectiveness62%3.1/5
  • Consumer reviews58%2.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients62%3.1/5
  • Cost70%3.5/5
  • Money Back68%3.4/5
  • Overall Rating64%3.2/5
Conclusion – Does Phallosan Work?

Our panel of health and wellness experts believe that there are going to be very few cases where Phallosan is the best option available to them. Penis pumps and stretching systems are rarely as effective as their promotional materials suggest that they can be, and they can also potentially cause significant side effects in some cases.

There is very little chance that men will see any permanent size gains related to their usage of Phallosan. The men who it will be most successful for are those that have the type of permanent injury or condition that is unaffected by all other methods of support.

Our team of experts would in general encourage our readers to try a nutritional supplement like Viritenz before attempting to use a pump or stretching system. Overall, dietary supplementation is their preferred method of achieving gains in sexual performance because it works with the body’s natural processes to encourage core-level functionality.

This allows men to respond normally and spontaneously in sexual situations without needing to schedule sex, use a device beforehand, or take a pill and wait for its effects to kick in. Click here to learn more about all of the ways that Viritenz has been able to help men perform better.

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