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Noxivol Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Noxivol is an athletic and sexual performance supplement that is designed specifically to promote muscle fullness and endurance. It also has benefits for men’s erectile function and libido, due in part to its potential pro-testosterone functions.

It advertises itself as a powerful vasodilator, helping men to open the width of their veins to encourage more blood flow throughout the body, including to the muscles and the genitals. Other benefits that they highlight in their promotional materials include lean muscle growth, promoting joint and tendon health, and improved stamina for both work outs and for sexual activity.

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Noxivol Ingredients and Side Effects
L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate Cissus Quadrangularis Leaf Extract Rutaecarpine
Vanadyl Sulfate Choline Bitrate Black Pepper Fruit Extract

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate: A specific form of one of the more common male enhancement supplement ingredients on the market. L-Arginine is so popular because it has clinically demonstrated an ability to help men’s testosterone production and their overall circulatory levels.

Cissus Quadrangularis Leaf Extract: A succulent vine that has been used by humans for various medicinal and therapeutic purposes for hundreds of years. Very little actual data exists about its effectiveness in general, however none of the studies that have been published publically have demonstrated that it can have erectile benefits of any sort.

Rutaecarpine: Extracts from a Southeast Asian tree that are sometimes used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to improve circulation. There is very little data to support either the safety or effectiveness of rutaecarpine, especially for male enhancement purposes.

Vanadyl Sulfate: A chemical derivation of the ultra-trace element vanadium. Vanadium is occasionally used in products of this nature due to some claims that it may be able to help men regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, however it has also been associated with a number of potential side effects including:

  • Nervous system issues
  • Digestive distress
  • Kidney damage
  • Loss of energy
  • Discolorations of the tongue

Choline Bitartrate: A chemical found in the brain that is used as a neurotransmitter and a neuroprotectant. It is frequently included in many nootropic supplements for these reasons, however there is no clinical data that suggests that it could have benefits for men’s sexual performance.

Black Pepper Extract: A common additive found in many male enhancement products, as well as supplements of other types, due to the fact that it can help men more thoroughly absorb the other nutrients in any given product.

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Noxivol Quality of Ingredients

Noxivol’s blend features several very effective ingredients for male enhancement purposes, including L-Arginine AKG and black pepper extracts. Unfortunately, these quality ingredients are offset by a variety of unproven, and even potentially dangerous, additives.

Our team does not tend to recommend any supplement that uses vanadium byproducts, and there is also far less safety data regarding rutaecarpine and cissus quadrangularis than they are comfortable with. The main issue with vanadium and vanadium derivatives when used in daily supplements is the chance that regular consumption can increase the chances that users will experience long term issues like kidney damage.

It may also be important to some that there are soy products that are used in the inactive ingredients of Noxivol. While this will not have much of an impact on most consumers, there are some individuals with soy allergies that may be affected by this.

Overall, the list of positives regarding the ingredients blend for Noxivol are balanced out by a number of negative factors as well. It is possible that it may have some more benefits for athletic performance enhancement and recovery than it does for improving men’s sexual abilities.

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The Price and Quality of Noxivol

Noxivol is available through multiple different platforms and in several different forms. Most commonly it is sold in a tablet form, however it can be found as a water-soluble powder. Here are the prices for Noxivol that are quoted on the CTD Sports website:

  • 1, 180-count bottle (45 servings) of Noxivol tablets: $49.99
  • 1, 11.3oz canister (45 servings) of Noxivol powdered dietary supplement: $49.99

These prices are about average for male enhancement products in this category. As there is very little price difference between the tablet form and the powdered form, users are free to choose whichever option they prefer, however they should be aware that the drink mix does contain artificial flavors, coloring, and sweeteners that the tablets do not.

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Business of Noxivol

The parent company of Noxivol is a manufacturer of athletic performance supplements known as CTD Sports. They are a newer company that was initially based out of Canada, however their website currently lists the following contact details:

Phone Number: (936) 447-2525

Address: 5784 Sapp Rd.

Conroe, TX 77304

Email: [email protected]

They also used to be known as CTD Labs, however their name was changed in 2024. It is not clear what the reason for this change was.

CTD Sports has a very poor reputation with many of the more reliable online business evaluations groups. This includes 1.5/5 stars from Trustwerty and a “D” rating for the company from Fakespot, who also graded Noxivol specifically as an “F.”

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Customer Opinions of Noxivol

Reviews of Noxivol online can be somewhat unreliable. The “F” rating from Fakespot is based in part on the fact that they believe that up to 60% of the reviews for Noxivol are what they call “low quality,” meaning that they are more than likely placed by the company themselves in an attempt to artificially inflate their ratings.

As our research team dug deeper into the reviews for Noxivol posted on various different blogs, online forums, and third-party distributors’ websites, they found some more specific negative claims. These included the following quotes:

“I was excited to try this stuff out based on their ads, but three weeks in and I have seen no discernable results of any kind.”

“Made me too nauseous to keep using it. Not a fan.”

“Man, these guys need to get their act together. This stuff makes me feel out of it and grouchy and it doesn’t provide any benefits that I could see.”

The most common side effects that were mentioned in the reviews for Noxivol were gastrointestinal in nature. There were also a variety of men that felt that it did not give them the energy, focus, and athletic gains that they were expecting.

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  • Effectiveness64%3.2/5
  • Consumer reviews60%3/5
  • Quality of ingredients64%3.2/5
  • Cost72%3.6/5
  • Money Back70%3.5/5
  • Overall Rating66%3.3/5
Conclusion – Does Noxivol Work?

Noxivol is a specially designed product that will have more uses for some users than others. If you are looking for a boost in your athletic performance and workout abilities, particularly in relation to your endurance and recovery times, then it is possible that Noxivol can be helpful for your needs.

If, however, your intention is to boost your sexual performance, then Noxivol may not be as effective as most other products on the market that are more specifically designed for those purposes. This includes only a minimal ability to boost testosterone function, which tends to be one of the core functions of sexual enhancement products, especially in regards to libido improvement.

It will probably have some significant benefits to users’ blood flow as a vasodilator, however it lacks any ingredients that function as central nervous system stimulants. This means that it will be effective in some sense but will not be as potent as multi-functional supplements.

Our team also has some concerns about their manufacturers, given the poor ratings that CTD Sports and their products have received from online review teams. Overall, Noxivol is not likely to be one of the more effective male enhancement product on the market, and our panel of health and wellness experts encourage our readers to seek out other options.

As an alternative, our team tends to recommend that users that are specifically seeking out sexual improvement supplements try Viritenz. It is their top-rated product for male enhancement purposes and has an excellent record with helping their users achieve harder, more effective erections.

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