Most Common Mistakes when Dieting with Pills


With the advent of diet pills, the miracle of transformative weight loss has never seemed  more possible. Commercials on TV and the internet show us before and after pictures that have viewers think “Me too!” Blinded by their high ambitions, people forget the reality of the situation. More is needed than to just taking a pill and saying you will go on a diet. Change doesn’t happen over night.

Here’s a list of common weight loss mistakes that people fall prey to when dieting with weight loss pills. Hopefully after reading this, you can avoid these mistakes and get on track to seeing a new, healthier you.

Not adjusting your diet

A common misconception is that once you take a diet pill, well then all your problems are gone and the pill will solve everything! While some products like to advertise this, it’s simply not true. You shouldn’t think a diet pill is some kind of super pill. Diet pills are health supplements, and should be thought of as just that. Along with taking a diet pill, you need to make sure that you are consuming the right foods. Yeah sure a diet pill helps, but if you are just eating fast food all the time, should you really be surprised that you aren’t seeing results?

Skipping breakfast

When people want to diet and lose weight, they like to think that, “Well if I want to lose weight, I’ll just skip a meal.” People like to skip breakfast, which isn’t good because it’s from breakfast that the body gets it’s energy to go about the day. Even if you are looking to lose weight, don’t skip breakfast.

Not snacking enough

Not snacking? How is eating snacks something that can help lose weight? What people don’t realize, is that snacking a little bit over the course of the day helps with metabolism, and it helps give energy during the day. What slows metabolism is eating  a few big meals. So if you eat a big meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you aren’t going to lose weight any time soon. So remember to snack, just make sure to trade the potato chips for an apple.

Not drinking enough water

When the body doesn’t get enough water, metabolism slows down. Always remember to stay hydrated, and to stay away from sugary drinks and soda. And if you are an alcohol drinker remember that alcohol dehydrates you, so this can slow your metabolism down as well.

No exercise

Another common mistake people make is not exercising. Exercise is an important part of health and wellness, and it should not be ignored.

Taking too many kinds of diet pills

Sometimes people want to see progress fast, so they mix and match the diet pills that they are taking. This can be dangerous. Check with your doctor to make sure what you are doing is safe.

Inconsistency with taking pills

Sometimes people forget to take their dietary supplements. But then to counter this some people end up taking a double dose to make up for what the missed earlier. This could be bad for the user. Some diet pills have high concentrations of ingredients, such as caffeine, which for some people wouldn’t be good in higher than usual doses. It’s important to remember the dosages of the products and the side effects they can cause, as doubling a dose can make things much worse for the you. Have a regimen about taking your diet pills; write yourself reminders, set alarms, anything that will help you be consistent.

Not taking into consideration pre-existing conditions

While diet pills have helped many, they are not for everyone. Diet pills can contain ingredients that could potentially be bad for you. For example, orlistat is an ingredient used in some weight loss products. However orlistat works by blocking fat from being absorbed into the body. This can be a problem for people with seizures, as seizure medicine is fat soluble, and would be blocked from being absorbed. And that’s just one example. Always check the warning labels or ask a doctor if the diet pill that you are interested in is right for you.

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