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Maxoderm Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Maxoderm is a topical male enhancement cream that is designed to improve the size and functionality of men’s penises. This includes increasing its erectile capabilities, especially in men that are experiencing certain types of erectile difficulties.

Their advertising says that the topical nature of Maxoderm allows for easier, faster delivery of their ingredients, which they claim boosts its potency. Their promotional materials say that if men use Maxoderm every day for three months that users will see permanent gains in the length, girth, and functionality of their penis.

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Maxoderm Ingredients and Side Effects

Maxoderm does not publish their ingredients on their website, and in fact seems to take special care to avoid mentioning any of their contents in their advertising and promotional materials. This is often a warning sign to our team of experts, who are forced to wonder why it is a company would not want their customers to know the ingredients of their product.

While it is impossible to speculate why Maxoderm specifically has not chosen to disclose their contents, there are many reasons that this has happened in the past with other companies. One reason that it has happened is that companies do not have ingredients in their mix that can live up to their advertising claims.

Again, our team cannot say what the reason that Maxoderm has not disclosed their contents is, however just the fact that they choose not to disclose them is reason to be concerned. Fortunately, one third party distributor has posted an image of their supplement facts, so we do have access to their contents, which include:

L-Arginine Saw Palmetto Fruit Panax Ginseng Extract

L-Arginine: A pro-circulatory amino acid that also has some applications for boosting testosterone. It is one of the most commonly used ingredients in male enhancement products because it is thought to be one of the most effective.

Saw Palmetto Fruit: A type of herbal ingredient that is mostly found in prostate products. Its applications for improving erectile health are extremely limited, however it may be able to boost prostate serum production.

Panax Ginseng Extract: A potent herb that can benefit men’s sexual performance by increasing both erectile quality and libido levels. It can also potentially benefit consumers’ energy levels, stamina, mood, and potentially immune function.

These are the only ingredients in Maxoderm that have been shown to have any sort of sexual benefits for men, however they do have a number of other conditioners and emollients that could have a positive impact on the texture and health of men’s skin in the applied areas.

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Maxoderm Quality of Ingredients

There are some potential benefits to Maxoderm, including possibly increasing the likelihood that men can achieve an erection. There are some other issues with the product, however, that severely limit its usefulness.

Some of these issues are related to the application procedure, which presents a number of practical obstacles to users that are trying to use Maxoderm to prepare themselves for sex. It has several very specific instructions regarding its application, usage, and safety that some viewed as robbing sex of its spontaneity.

Maxoderm is applied topically, however it should not be contacted by female partners, particularly vaginally, anally, or orally, where there are sensitive and absorbent mucus membranes. Maxoderm should still be safe for most women, however it can have some potential side effects and hormone interactions, and it may be physically uncomfortable for them.

It is also unsafe to use Maxoderm with a condom, as it may have degrading effects on the material. Not being able to use it before either unprotected or protected sex means that men have to apply it, let it absorb, thoroughly clean themselves, and then engage in sexual activity. This presents a number of challenges, health risks, and frustrations for users.

Another potential issue that was brought up by many of their former customers in their accounts of their experiences is the fact that its smell is very strong, and many of them describe it as unpleasant. This would not generally be considered a functionality issue, but it was enough of an annoyance and a distraction to men and their partners that several reported that the smell alone disrupted their ability to have sex.

There are some claims that Maxoderm makes about their effectiveness that they do not seem likely to be able to back up. Specifically, their claim that Maxoderm can help men increase the size of their penis.

While Maxoderm may be able to increase men’s maximum erectile size, it does not have the ingredients profile to suggest that it can have any sort of permanent effect on men’s anatomy. There are no known herbs that can do this, oral, topical, or otherwise, and certainly none of the ingredients found in Maxoderm have this ability.

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The Price and Quality of Maxoderm

Maxoderm has a specific cycle for the amount of product that men are supposed to apply per day, and so each 2oz tube of their lotion is approximately enough for one month’s worth of applications. The prices that Maxoderm lists on their website are as follows:

  • 1, 2oz tube of Maxoderm topical lotion: $59.95
  • 3, 2oz tubes of Maxoderm topical lotion: $154.95
  • 6, 2oz tubes of Maxoderm topical lotion: $289.95

These prices are well above the average price for products of this nature. It is unclear what the reason for that is, as all of their ingredients are considered to be relatively common, especially for products of this nature.

Business of Maxoderm

Maxoderm is a product of Leading Edge Health, a division of Leading Edge Marketing. They are a web-based supplements distributor that has produced a number of products that our team has reviewed previously. The contact information that they post on the Maxoderm web page is as follows:

Phone Number: Neither Maxoderm nor Leading Edge lists a telephone number for themselves.

Address: 100-645 Tyee Road

Victoria, British Columbia

Canada V9A 6X5

Email: [email protected]

Interested customers should be aware that Leading Edge has had some legal issues in the past, having been the subject of several individual lawsuits and class action cases. They have also received hundreds of complaints on consumer advocacy sites like Ripoff Report, Scambook, and the Better Business Bureau.

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Customer Opinions of Maxoderm

Maxoderm has very poor scores with the third party distributors that carry them. On Amazon, for example, 67% of the reviews that they have received gave Maxoderm one star, the lowest possible rating on the site. Here are some of the comments that their past users have left online about their experiences:

“Very bad product, and I wish I could get my money back, but they ignore me. Causes extreme discomfort.”

“A complete mess. Smells awful, totally impractical and completely kills the mood.”

“Total con! Does not make penis bigger! Smells terrible! Hurts very bad!”

As demonstrated above, the complaints that users have left about the product cover a variety of issues. There are comments regarding how it feels going on, its practicality, its smell, and the mess it makes. There are also quite a few issues posted about the business practices of Leading Edge, including their customer service, their returns policies, and billing issues. The most common compliant, however, is simply that Maxoderm did not work.

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  • Effectiveness42%2.1/5
  • Consumer reviews38%1.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients42%2.1/5
  • Cost50%2.5/5
  • Money Back48%2.4/5
  • Overall Rating44%2.2/5
Conclusion – Does Maxoderm Work?

There are a variety of reasons why our panel of experts is incapable of suggesting Maxoderm to our readers. The first is that they do not actively disclose their ingredients, which is a practice that our team does not condone.

The second reason is that we have found the ingredients list for their product, and based on that information they do not have the ability to live up to many of their product claims, especially the idea that it might make men’s penises larger. There are also issues with the way that it smells, its practicality, and the way that it feels going on.

Lastly, their company has a history of producing ineffective products and dealing with their customers in a way that has led to hundreds of complaints about their business online. For all of these reasons, our team encourages our readers to stay away from Maxoderm and their manufacturers.

The product that our team does suggest to our users is Viritenz. It has an ingredients list full of the most respected, effective ingredients on the market today.

Their manufacturer also has a reputation for producing effective products and for dealing with their clients fairly and respectfully. Click here to read more about 18nutrition and Viritenz.

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