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Man 1 Man Oil Review: Is It Safe?

Man 1 Man Oil is a masturbatory aid and penile repair cream that is designed to help men recover from overuse or rough treatment of the penis. It is not intended as a lubricant or for the prevention of birth control or sexually transmitted infections, but rather for enhancing solo pleasure and performance.

The recommend their product to men with rough, dry, or damaged skin, as well as for men that have experienced issues with loss of sensitivity. They claim that it can also help straighten curved penises and reduce the appearance of dry skin and discolorations.

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Who Makes It?

Man 1 Man Oil is a product of Lenoc, Inc, a men’s fitness and wellness products manufacturer. Man 1 Man Oil is their primary product offering.

Lenoc, Inc. also runs a website called Men’s Health First that is dedicated to providing information and tips about sex and penile health and wellness. The site simultaneously functions as a platform for advertising Man 1 Man Oil under the guise of publishing press releases instead of direct advertisements.

There is little publically available information about Lenoc beyond their own websites. There is no evidence that they have ever been sanctioned by the FDA or been involved in any form of legal wrongdoing.

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How (and) Does It Work?

Man 1 Man Oil is a personal lubricant designed to help condition the skin of the penis while providing a pleasurable masturbation experience. It is designed to condition and moisturize the skin of the penis, helping make it soft and supple to the touch.

Their advertising also describes Man 1 Man Oil as having wound healing properties, saying that it can help to restore cracked, red, inflamed, and brutalized skin cells. Additionally it can stimulate blood flow to the skin, which is thought to help restore lost sensitivity due to crushed or desensitized nerves.

Users should note that it is in no way intended to be used for sexual intercourse with a partner. The vagina and anus are both highly absorbent mucus membranes that are not the same as exterior skin and may react violently to the contents of Man 1 Man Oil.

It is safe to have intercourse with another partner or partners after the cream has fully absorbed, however users should note that it does not offer any other sort of benefits sexually. It is not a contraceptive or STI barrier, and should never be used as a lubricant.

What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

Man 1 Man Oil uses a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are, for the most part, fairly mild and innocuous. Their blend seems neither so dangerous as to cause any problems nor so potent that it can have many benefits. It’s most consistent effect seems as though it will be moisturization of the skin.

The ingredients listed on their website are:

Vitamin A: A basic chemical used by the body for a variety of fundamental health processes such as growth, ocular function, and immune health. Vitamin A is thought to be particularly good for the skin and is frequently found in many moisturizing and skin care products.

Vitamin A has no known sexual benefits of any nature. It is generally thought of as healthy and side effect free if consumed within moderation.

Vitamin B5: Another basic vitamer that the body needs in order to be at its best. B5 – also known as pantothenic acid – is needed for proper enzyme function, protein metabolization, and carbohydrate and fat processing.

Like vitamin A, B5 is healthy and side effect free, however it is not thought to have any direct sexual benefits. It helps increase cell metabolism, which can have benefits for skin color and texture.

Vitamin C: A key vitamin for skin health, but also useless in any sexual capacity. Vitamin C is needed in order to synthesize collagen, the basic building block of the skin.

Topical vitamin C can help provide benefits to skin health, however it also has no known sexual benefits of any type.

L-Arginine: One of the most potent male enhancement ingredients on the market today. L-arginine is typically taken orally instead of applied topically, however it can still have some benefits this way.

L-Arginine stimulates blood flow, which can have implications for erectile quality, however much of that flow will be directed to the skin that it is applied to as opposed to filling the erectile tissue that is required to attain rigidity.

She Butter: A byproduct of the nuts of the African shea tree. She butter is one of the best known natural moisturizers but also has no known sexual benefits.

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What’s Good About It?

The ingredients in Man 1 Man Oil are generally quite mild and are unlikely to cause any major side effects. They will almost certainly moisturize the skin of the penis thoroughly, leaving the skin in supple, healthy condition.

While it is unlikely to actually have any wound-healing capabilities, it should be effective for reducing instances of dry and discolored skin, and it is possible that it could increase sensitivity, though there is less data to support these claims.

What’s Bad About It?

There are very few actual sexual benefits to Man 1 Man Oil. It has very few pro-erectile qualities and will have no impact on libido levels, sperm quality, sexual stamina, or penis size.

Its usefulness is also impacted by the fact that it is only a solo product that is not intended for use with a partner. While solo aids can be useful, they can also be dangerous or uncomfortable if used improperly.

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Wrap Up:

Man 1 Man Oil uses a blend of generally beneficial vitamins and nutrients to create a topical penis care product that has some mild benefits, though none that are related to sexual performance. The most likely benefits that users will experience from masturbating with Man 1 Man Oil are increased softness and moisturization of the skin of the penis.

It may also be helpful for evening out skin tone and discolorations in the penis skin, and may even have some applications for wound healing, however those benefits are more debatable. It is not thought to have any applications as an aphrodisiac, erectile aid, libido enhancement device, and should not be used as part of intercourse with another person.

Customer Opinions

There are almost a hundred one-star reviews for Man 1 Man Oil on Amazon. The complaints varied in their nature, complaining about ineffectiveness, side effects, and embarrassing and unfortunate sexual incidences. Here are several of the accounts that customers have left online about their experiences with Man 1 Man Oil:

“I got a wicked rash from this stuff. It doesn’t say alcohol anywhere on the label, but it smelled and burned like it when I put it on. Also had a weird smell that was like rotten flowers or something that lingered on my junk for days.”

“Made my skin crack and bleed! This is the opposite of what it’s supposed to do! I showed it to my girlfriend and now she’s treating me like I have some sort of disease down there.”

“I used it a handful of times and every time it felt really good when I was putting it on, but then afterwards it would start to burn and itch and turn red. I stopped using it entirely when the skin on my penis started to peel off. The most disgusting thing I’ve ever experienced.”

It was surprising to read the number of accounts that experienced negative side effects from Man 1 Man Oil, given how mild most of the listed ingredients are supposed to be. Alcohol is not mentioned, however “artificial fragrances” are, and there is no indication of what those might be or if they may have allergy issues with some customers.

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Bottom Line

Whether or not you could get any use from Man 1 Man Oil largely depends on the expectations that you have for it. It seems like it would be unreasonable to expect anything out of Man 1 Man Oil beyond simple moisturization and skin care for the penis.

It will not be effective for any other uses, sexual or otherwise. Do not attempt to use Man 1 Man Oil with a partner and do not expect it to make your penis larger, improve its erections, prevent premature ejaculation, or raise libido levels in any sense.

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