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Magna Rx Review: Is It Safe?

Magna Rx is a daily male enhancement product that is designed to provide maximum erectile strength and improved sexual performance.They do not state outwardly that they are capable of growing users’ penis size, but they do heavily imply it.

They also claim to help improve users’ sexual stamina and seminal output. Their advertising says that their blend is all natural, fast-acting, and cost effective.

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Who Makes It?

Magna Rx is the flagship brand of the company of the same name. They make a variety of lower-end sexual performance products that have developed a bad reputation in the supplements industry.

Magna Rx was the subject of a class action lawsuit recently that alleged that they knowingly made inaccurate and unsupportable claims about their products and that there was nothing in Magna Rx that could possibly have the effects that it claimed.

Magna Rx brands tend to be far cheaper than standard market value. One 30-day supply of product costs approximately $20, which is far less than the majority of effective male enhancement brands cost.

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How (and) Does It Work?

Magna Rx does not make many specific claims about how their product actually works from a biological perspective. They do imply in their advertising that it improves testosterone function, however there are some reasons to doubt how effective it may be for these purposes.

Testosterone in general is a key to male sexual health, and boosting testosterone production has been shown to play a role in improved erectile function and libido levels, amongst other sexual functions. They use few ingredients that have been shown to actually increase testosterone levels, and the ones that have shown some effectiveness are used in such small quantities that it is unlikely that they will be able to have much of an impact.

They also heavily imply that Magna Rx can increase sheer penis size, however this is undoubtedly not the case as there is no way to increase size through herbal supplementation. It is possible to alter how full an erection becomes, which can temporarily alter a penis’ size, however these gains do not affect the permanent base size of the penis.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

Magna Rx uses a blend of over 16 different herbs and chemicals. This would be a huge amount of nutrients to pack into a single pill, however the majority of the ingredients are in small enough quantities that it is unlikely that they will have a significant biological impact.

Magna Rx contains trace amounts of some very useful ingredients such as L-Arginine, muira puama, orchic, cayenne, sarsaparilla, astragalus, and licorice, however it uses such small quantities of all of these chemicals that it is highly unlikely that they will have any kind of noticeable effects on users’ health or sexual performance levels.

The main ingredients listed on their website are:

Pygeum: Extracts derived from the fruits of the African cherry plant and by far the number one most plentiful ingredient in Magna Rx. At nearly 600mg per serving, there is more than twice as much pygeum in Magna Rx than any other additive.

Despite this, pygeum is not considered an effective male enhancement product. There are no credible studies that have shown it to have much use for these purposes, and the only effect that it has tested positive for at all is helping to shrink the prostate.

There are even studies that have shown that pygeum can reduce testosterone uptake in the brain. This would actually make pygeum a counter-productive ingredient for products of this nature.

Maca Root: An herb that has been used by native Peruvian people for centuries to increase energy levels, general wellness and outlook. It is also thought to have some significant sexual benefits, including improved erectile function and seminal quality. It is considered a highly effective male enhancement ingredient.

Horny Goat Weed: A Chinese herb that has developed a reputation as a potent aphrodisiac, despite all evidence to the contrary. The main benefit to horny goat weed is that it improves circulatory rates, which can have a beneficial impact on erectile function.

The main issue with horny goat weed is that there are some side effects that can potentially result from its consumption. Horny goat weed can cause rapid spikes in blood pressure that can lead to complications like:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Seizures
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks

Oat Straw: Extracts from the common plant that is used to make oatmeal, cereal, and many other food products. Oats are generally considered healthy for the body and can play a beneficial role in cholesterol and blood sugar function.

Oat straw has shown some potential for increasing testosterone levels. It is one of the ingredients in Magna Rx’s blend that our team recommends most highly.

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What’s Good About It?

Both maca root and oat straw are considered effective ingredients for male enhancement supplements, and they are included in Magna Rx in large enough amounts so as to be effective. They can both have a beneficial impact on testosterone function, and maca in particular is also helpful for libido and energy levels.

What’s Bad About It?

Their number one ingredient has not only not shown any usefulness in terms of benefits for sexual performance, but it actually may even help decrease testosterone function, which is extremely unproductive for a male enhancement product. They also use horny goat weed as one of their other main ingredients, which is not considered effective enough to outweigh the health concerns that it has the potential to cause.

Magna Rx has a long list of effective ingredients included in their proprietary blend, however most of them are used in such small amounts as to be totally useless. Magna Rx is also not thought to be a trustworthy brand, and they just finished settling a lawsuit based on their dishonest marketing claims.

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Wrap Up:

Magna Rx does not make a lot of specific promises about what their product can do, possibly because of the class action lawsuit that was filed against them for making unsupported claims about their product. Instead, they try to allude to the fact that Magna Rx could make your penis larger, which is not the case.

Their main ingredient, pygeum, is not only not thought to be effective for male enhancement, but it actually might reduce the amount of testosterone that the body produces. Their other, more useful ingredients are included in quantities that are not generally going to have much of a biological impact on their users.

One of the few other ingredients that they have in a large enough quantity as to be affecting is horny goat weed. Horny goat weed is notorious in the male enhancement industry for being an overrated and potentially dangerous, and our experts do not recommend any product that uses it in their blend.

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Customer Opinions

It can be hard to find objective reviews for Magna Rx online, but the ones that are there are not very flattering. They mostly tend to focus on the same issue:

“I took the whole bottle and didn’t get boner number one.”

“I’ve taken about half the bottle already; still haven’t seen any effects.”

“Does nothing. Total scam. Save your money.”

The vast majority of customer responses online were about the fact that the pills did not seem to do anything. There were some mild reports of side effects as well, most of them gastrointestinal in nature.

  • Effectiveness44%2.2/5
  • Consumer reviews40%2/5
  • Quality of ingredients44%2.2/5
  • Cost52%2.6/5
  • Money Back50%2.5/5
  • Overall Rating46%2.3/5
Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Magna Rx uses an ineffective ingredients blend that does not seem to make a significant impact on men’s sexual performance. They are an unethical company that has been contacted by regulatory agencies in the past about their marketing claims, and they use horny goat weed, which is not a recommended supplement ingredient according to our experts.

The single most effective non-prescription product for male enhancement is Viritenz. It is a combination testosterone booster and circulatory aid that has gotten remarkable results from men of all ages.

Viritenz’s formula utilizes L-Arginine, maca root, and other scientifically vetted ingredients that have proven to be effective. Click here to see our experts’ full reviews for Viritenz.

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