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Leptilean – Side Effects. Is it safe for you?

What is Leptilean?

Leptilean makes some pretty standard weight loss claims, promising to assist you in dropping some pounds by eliminating your hunger cravings and enhancing the metabolic functions of your body to improve the way it converts fat into energy. Considering just how many weight loss products promise to have similar effects, we found it difficult to see why you should choose Leptilean over any of them, especially when its formula is composed almost entirely of branded ingredients. Still, we’re always willing to see a supplement surprise us, so let us see if Leptilean can surpass our expectations.

Who makes Leptilean?

pills-06Leptilean is made by Advocare, a company that produces a range of supplements designed to aid in everything from weight loss to skincare. While Advocare does not maintain an individual website for Leptilean, the product’s official information can be found on Advocare’s own site. While Advocare helps users find distributors of Leptilean located near them, we were disappointed when we learned that you cannot purchase Leptilean directly from Advocare themselves. We always think this is a bad sign considering it means that it’ll be unfortunately necessary to then rely on third-party distributors who all too often are just tying to rip you off. Supplements like Leptilean are rarely worth the trouble it takes to find a distributor that you’ll feel safe and confident trusting.

How (and) does Leptilean work?

Leptilean seems like it relies on two branded ingredients to help you achieve whatever your weight loss goals may be. These ingredients are known as Lepticore and Phospholean. Together, they are capable of simultaneously getting rid of your appetite while helping your metabolism work hard and burn an increased amount of fat. Your metabolism takes the calories from the food you ingest and turns them into energy. But if you don’t stay active enough the calories that aren’t necessary for energy remain inside your body as fat instead. By boosting your metabolism, you can be sure that your body turns all of the calories you eat into energy. A metabolism that is boosted enough can even make energy out of that your body’s already stored. This means that you would not only refrain from gaining weight in the future, but lose some of the weight you already have.

There are a couple of positive reviews on Leptilean’s Amazon listing, but the majority of Leptilean reviews written by people who have actually tried the product are overwhelmingly negative. Not only do they claim to have not lost any weight while using this product, but some even say that taking Leptilean made them hungrier, which is truly ironic when you consider that Leptilean advertises itself as an appetite suppressant.

  • Lepticore: A branded mix of fatty acids and polysaccharides that supports and improves the way your metabolism functions as it simultaneously suppresses your appetite.
  • Phospholean: Another branded ingredient that claims to help your metabolism burn more fat and produce more energy. Phospholean contains the metabolism boosting ingredient EGCG which is usually abstracted from green tea.

Other ingredients found in Leptilean that are not related to weight loss include Vitamin A, Naringin Extract, vBiotin and Cats’ Claws.

If you are most interested in finding a diet pill that is derived from natural ingredients, please read the top 10 list.

Are there any side effects?

Independent reviews written by people who have actually given Leptilean a try imply that this product will most likely leave you feeling pretty jittery.

What’s good about Leptilean?

Official information about Leptilean and its ingredients are easily accessible on Advocare’s official website.

What’s bad about Leptilean?

weight-loss-pillsJudging from customer reviews, Leptilean does not seem like it is very reliable when it comes to delivering on its weight loss promises. Many customers seem to think that it’s completely ineffective.

Another bad thing about Leptilean is that you cannot buy it straight from the company that makes it. Having to rely on third-party distributors in order to obtain supplements is always a risk that we’d rather you not take. Simply put, Leptilean just does not seem worth going through the trouble of navigating the shadier areas of the weight loss market.

You can find something better on the market for the same amount of money.

Wrap up

Leptilean is a dietary product marketed by Advocare that is made up of two branded ingredients that are intended to suppress your appetite and enhance the way your metabolism turns the calories from food you eat into energy that you can use. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) Leptilean has received tons of negative reviews; the general consensus among the weight loss community seems to be that this product is ineffective and we do not think it is worth having to buy Leptilean unofficial sources, which is something that you’ll have to do if you want to get your hands on it.

  • Effectiveness66%3.3/5
  • Consumer reviews62%3.1/5
  • Quality of ingredients66%3.3/5
  • Cost74%3.7/5
  • Money Back72%3.6/5
  • Overall Rating68%3.4/5
Bottom Line

We can’t really think of a single good reason to recommend Leptilean. There are plenty of other products that claim to do the same thing, which you can actually buy from trustworthy sources such as the official websites maintained by their creators. We think you’d be better off with something like that, so don’t waste your time with Leptilean.

We strongly recommend looking into other diet pills that may be more effective and better for you.

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