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Leptilean Reviews: Is Leptilean Safe To Use?

What is Leptilean?

This weight loss supplement is intended to be taken before meals to provide an array of effects such as less hunger and a more stuffed stomach sensation. Featuring a patented ingredient that is said to provide a powerhouse of antioxidants and natural fiber.

They’re meant to be taken 45 minutes before meals making it a tedious and routine habit. It’s unclear on the website if missing a dose will hamper progress or what exactly could happen to the body in terms of side effects.

Let’s give it a fair shake and see what it can do.

Who makes it?

medical pillsThe manufacturers AdvoCare deal their products thru incentive programs for people who buy in bulk and sell their products; which means many people  recommending this product have a vested interest.  This is really a widespread case as many reviews online gush about the product in an unnatural way.

AdvoCare came under serious pressure after marketing a supplement to children that contained caffeine. They also dealt with one of their own celebrity endorses being caught in a scandal for taking in a banned substance featured in AdvoCares supplements. AdvoCare denied allegations until it was proven the product was tainted.

How (and) does it work?

Basically it’s intended to be used as a way to reduce food taken in thru having less of an appetite and then being easily satiated.  They also mention they can keep a person feeling overall better about themselves and have lowered blood sugar.

All this is mentioned without an explanation of what their ingredients do individually.

There are also several positive reviews on websites but many the opinions listed are suspect. Since anybody can sell this product it’s hard to find unbiased reviews. Many of the positive reviews are from people with only that review in their history.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

It features  N-Oleoyl-PE which has been known to make foods rotten and even cause major stress on the body. For supplements in existence now that do not contain these types of ingredients we suggest these alternatives.

  • Biotin: A B vitamin that very rarely needs supplementation.
  • Lepticore(Gum arabic, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Pomegranate extract,  Blue Green Algae and beta carotene):  The addition of Guar Gum and Gum Arabic is intended to reduce cholesterol though no studies have shown that result. Pomegranate extract  has been tested with mixed results though the actual fruit has shown promising results. Blue Green Algae has shown often it is ineffective in weight loss. Finally beta carotene is Vitamin A though it’s not often anyone has a deficiency in this.
  • Naringin Extract: Found in various citrus fruit, this is meant to regulate mental function and protect nerves though studies have only been performed on rats.
  • PhosphoLean(N-Oleolyl- PE & EGCG): EGCG which is found in tea has been reported to cure diseases but thus far has no stated positive benefit. N-Oleolyl- PE has the reported benefit on working within the heart though as a supplement it can  have potential toxic effects.
  • Cat’s Claw Extract: While potentially helpful for those suffering with arthritic pain, studies have been inconclusive elsewhere.

Potential Side Effects: Immune system flare ups, blood pressure complications, heavy stool, stomach issues, dehydration, loss of nutrients, and mental fuzziness.

What’s good about it?

When bought thru a distributor the cost is lowered.

What’s bad about it?

pills_on_spoonNot enough solid unbiased information exists.

In fact the negative reviews on this product were greatly heated as many people mention they experience no changes. This is hard to separate from the blatantly fake reviews that litter websites.

At the price point of $45.95 for a bottle is also very high considering the formula has no clinical studies to back it up. The only thing left to view is the evidence which the manufacturers fail to mention. After checking on a scientific trial outside the website for their patented blend it becomes clear there isn’t enough facts to back up their bold claims.

It’s also a problem when this company gave one of its own athletes a tainted product containing a banned ingredient.

Wrap Up

Without anything substantial there isn’t a justifiable reason to go after this product. There’s much left to be desired in terms of a reasonable price or real proof provided. Its also a bad sign that you have to make taking of this product a rigid task to be taken just before every meal.

  • Effectiveness56%2.8/5
  • Consumer reviews52%2.6/5
  • Quality of ingredients56%2.8/5
  • Cost64%3.2/5
  • Money Back62%3.1/5
  • Overall Rating58%2.9/5
Bottom Line:

It’s hard to look at the face of this product without thinking it may be usable. Unfortunately it does not stack up and instead fails short to other brands that don’t contain super pricy and potentially harmful ingredients.

It’s then important to search for valuable products with your best interests in mind. Find solutions that can greatly benefit you and can make your fat loss dreams come to life.

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