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LeptiBurn review: Is It Safe?

What is LeptiBurn?

Presented within this bottle is the promise of a hormone that supports all facets of weight loss. It’s claimed to be able to force the body into a fat burning state at all times when combined with calorie restriction.  Leptiburn boasts the ability to aid in producing more leptin, a natural hormone found in the body that deals with energy and tells the body to regulate appetite.

There are grand claims of it being the only way to burn fat effectively. No customers have reported any benefits on their website and the claims listed lack any evidence.

Who makes it?

pills-06With a home front in Austin, Texas, BioTrust Nutrition provides a comprehensive sampling of health supplements ranging from weight loss to muscle building properties.

Their brands can be purchased thru their official website as well as online retailers like Amazon.

How (and) does it work?

In combination with a solid weight loss nutrition plan, LeptiBurn acts as hormone that ramps up the production of fat loss and accelerates the body to get rid of unwanted fat. Our bodies naturally produce leptin but it is reduced during starvation in order to protect the body and maintain healthy fat. What this supplement aims to do is ramp up leptin during starvation.

No proof of customer support has been displayed and online resources mention the science behind this product still needs a ton of research.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

A thorough explanation of the ingredients is listed but some have no explanation whatsoever as to their role and how they can help the body reduce fat.

Caffeine is also a prominent ingredient inside this supplement brand but there is no indication of the levels inside. To find a diet pill with listed ingredients, please visit this top 10 list. The website gives a general 4 pills a day rule but they do not include the exact amount of caffeine inside.

  • Olive Leaf Extract: Parts of the olive tree leaf used for its LDL cholesterol lowering properties.
  • Brown Seaweed Extract: A varietal of seaweed used in Asian cooking. It has been shown to increase fat metabolism in rats but no reports have been shown on humans.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis: A West African tree commonly used for weight loss. No scientific studies have ever provided proof in effectiveness.
  • Panax Notoginseng Extract: An herb grown naturally in China and Japan.  Known for its historical background in treating blood disorders.
  • Green tea standardized extract: A basic form of green tea known for cholesterol lowering and high antioxidant ratio.
  • Yerba Mate standardized extract:  Concentrated dose of Yerba Mate. A stimulant intended to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Little research has been formed proving its usefulness for fat loss.

Potential Side Effects: Hyperactivity, high blood pressure, anxiety, mood swings, restlessness, weakened bones, headache, nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, depletion of vitamins, and irregular heart beat.

What’s good about it?

There’s a one year money back guarantee and bottles are cheaper in bulk.

What’s bad about it?

yellow-and-red-pillsAt the recommended dose of 4 capsules a day, one $75.95 dollar bottle will last 30 days, making this one of the most expensive diet pills out there.

Also ingredients such as Irvingia Gabonensis have no evidence of long term effects on the human body. In fact many of the ingredients listed already have repercussions to those who ingest either long term or to those that have insufficient intake of essential vitamins.

The caffeine in mate and green tea are said to be 99% safe for people but there is no evidence of this or even a accurate listing of the strength of caffeine.

The main ingredient leptin has also shown no improvement whatsoever in aiding fat loss for the vast majority of people. Only in extremely rare cases has leptin been proven to benefit obesity treatment.

Wrap Up

Though the website reports this as a scientifically proven way of aiding in fat reduction, the science shows there is no benefit in taking leptin for the average person.

In addition the ingredient list is not intended for those under 18 and those that are pregnant. Hidden inside the facts is the possibility of it harmfully interacting with the human body.  With a lack of evidence of these ingredients safety, the ability for this supplement to cause damage remains a distinct possibility.

  • Effectiveness75%4.7/5
  • Consumer reviews79%4.5/5
  • Quality of ingredients82%4.7/5
  • Cost77%5/5
  • Money Back80%5/5
  • Overall Rating80%4.4/5
Bottom Line:

There’s no reason to trust a brand that claims to be science based when the science is in complete opposition to the products usefulness and safety. Products exist right now that are cheaper, actually effective, and better for you. With no evidence and worst of all no customers backing up these claims, you would do yourself a great disservice by trusting blindly.

To help aid yourself seek other diet pills that can benefit you and that actually work.

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