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Hydroxycut Review – Does it Really Work?

What is Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut’s website is like candy to an overeater’s eyes. The company’s marketing tactics have been successful in giving hope to overweight consumers with testimonials, before-and-after images, BMI calculators, and fitness articles. Claiming the title for #1 in weight loss supplements, Hydroxycut offers an array of formulas that all promise to burn fat. While today, Hydroxycut boasts of being made with natural ingredients, the capsule has undergone a few changes over the years. Since the 2000’s, Hydroxycut has had to eliminate harmful additives such as ephedra (pre-2003) and hydroxycitric acid (pre-2024). The company claims that their products can burn fat, control the appetite and increase energy.

But does it really work?

Our team thrives on research and enjoys taking apart a product to best understand how it works. Let’s see what the findings were with Hydroxycut. 

Who makes it?

yellow-and-red-pillsThough Hydroxycut’s original manufacturer MuscleTech Research and Development sold the company to Iovate Health Sciences in 2003, MuscleTech is still used as the brand owner. Based in Ontario, Canada, Iovate has 250 employees, six national brands, and products on shelves in stores like Walgreens and Wal-Mart.

MuscleTech has had its fair share with lawsuits and bankruptcy, which can arguably be due to using ephedra and hydroxycitric in Hydroxycut.

How (and) does it work?

The company recommends one capsule, 30-minutes before every meal (aka 3x a day) for the first three days. On the 4th day, it is encouraged to begin using two capsules, 30-minutes before each meal.

According to studies (conducted by their own company), about 20 lbs. was the average weight lost in a 12-week study and an average of about 16 lbs. in an 8-week study (Note: all participants also ate a low calorie diet).

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Unfortunately, the company isn’t obligated to list all of their ingredients and they choose to list only the “natural” ingredients. Also, depending on the specific Hydroxycut capsule being taken, the ingredients vary. Please feel free to read about the most current top weight loss pills derived from natural ingredients. Below follows the list of ingredients:


1. Chromium – Helps move the glucose out of the bloodstream and into cells that will burn it for energy. Found in foods such as potatoes, meats, cheeses, whole-grain breads and hard tap water.
a. side effects: too much chromium may lead to an irregular heart beat and damage to the kidneys, liver, stomach, and nerves
2. Green Tea – Known for its powerful antioxidants (polyphenols and EGCG), it also carries a variety of health benefits and fat burning functions. Some studies show that fat oxidation was increased while taking a green tea extract.
a. side effects: may cause headaches, nervousness, vomiting, dizziness, and possibly a reduction of the absorption of iron in the blood
3. Caffeine – A well-known chemical that stimulates energy, metabolism, and fat burning and is commonly found in coffee, tea and soda
a. side effects: may cause anxiety, trembling, upset stomach, ear ringing, chest pain and difficulty falling asleep
4. Garcinia Cambogia – This fruit regulates blood sugar and cholesterol, while blocking your body from making fat and curbing appetite.
a. side effects: long term effects are unknown but may cause nausea, digestive discomfort, and headaches
5. Lady’s Mantel Extract – An herb that has been used to help the digestive system.
a. side effects: may cause liver damage
6.    Potassium – A mineral that promotes healthy heart and kidney functions.
a. side effects: may cause high blood pressure
8.    Soy Phospholipids-Found in soybeans and egg yolks, this fat helps lower cholesterol and suppresses appetite.

a. side effects: may cause nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain

What’s good about it?

Hydroxycut blends many stimulants that are proven to boost energy, curb appetite and speed up metabolism. According to user reviews, Hydroxycut delivers results but those results are attached to side effects.

What’s bad about it?

Bottle with falling out pillsThe scariest part is the list of potential side effects and/or health issues that some users have experienced from taking Hydroxycut. Some of these things include: insomnia, anxiety, nausea, stomach discomfort, complications with digestion, sweating, energy spikes and energy crashing, liver issues, heart palpitations, seizures, and muscle tremors.

Some users have reported that even after long-term use, they didn’t experience any change in weight.

Not to mention, company has been sued more than 10 times due to harming customers but also, the company won’t release all the ingredients used. What is the product hiding?

Don’t let this frustrate you! There are great alternative supplements on the market today that will give you the results you want.

Wrap Up

It is widely known how controversial Hydroxycut is and many find the brand difficult to trust. Their website, cluttered with success stories and before-and-after photos, lacks pertinent information regarding details about their products. While the brand has a large client base claiming weight loss success from using Hydroxycut products, there are too many past users who have suffered painful side effects and hospitalization. Anyone who is debating on trying it should first consult with their doctor to avoid amplifying any existing health issues and/or drug contradicting.

Better yet, do some research and see if there is something better on the market for the same amount of money.

  • Effectiveness54%2.7/5
  • Consumer reviews50%2.5/5
  • Quality of ingredients54%2.7/5
  • Cost62%3.1/5
  • Money Back60%3/5
  • Overall Rating56%2.8/5

Bottom Line:

Hydroxycut may cut your fat but it can also cause sever side effects that could damage one’s heart, liver, or other organs.  Though it can amp up your heart rate, it can also give you anxiety or insomnia. The risk is high in taking this supplement and results aren’t guaranteed.

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