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Herbalife Formula 1 Review: Is It Safe?

What is Herbalife Formula 1?

Offered by this company is the allure of nutritious meals in the form of protein shakes with added vitamins and minerals. This comes in a series with other products offered on the go, a snack bar, and even individual packets.

Even offered are easy to make blends that can be mixed with just water. 13 flavors are currently offered of their basic formula with enticing names such as “Vanilla Dream”.

So far we know the marketing is good, but what does the product have to add?

Let’s uncover the reality.

Who makes it?

Multi level marketing giant Herbalife International has been around since the 1980’s and is currently a billion dollar enterprise.

shakeThe company has been under investigation by the FTC for allegations of it being a pyramid scheme.

How (and) does it work?

When combining what the manufacturers mention is moderate physical exertion, just 2 meals should be replaced with these shakes. One must also eat one low calorie meal at anytime of the day.

They do recommend a personalized protein powder or multivitamin which the company sells for much more weight loss.

However the shakes alone are said to provide weight loss when taken twice a day, or for general health at once a day. They offer one shake that is free of GMO’s but the rest are laden with soy GMO. Even if one were to supplement with that one GMO free product there still is the issue of soy.

Soy is not only seen responsible for potential hormone changes but it’s not the best choice for men and women alike. Also an issue is the fact there is equal amounts of protein and sugar grams in 9 total for each. Since the second ingredient is Fructose, a fruit sugar that has been linked to possible obesity, it’s hard to see why they would include this much of it.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

It relies on soy as its sole protein source. Products not full of this lacking protein are all a part of the very best top 10 listing available.

  • Soy Protein Isolate: Unless otherwise stated, this protein source taken from soybeans is the 2nd most GM crop made.
  • Fructose: A extracted form of fruit sugar that has shown a potential increase in bad cholesterol and obesity related risks.
  • Guar Gum: Thickener taken from guar beans.
  • Soy Lecithin: Soy byproduct featured in processed foods that has multiple uses.
  • Inulin: Plant sourced form of fiber that is used to substitute for a multitude of different ingredients.

Potential Side Effects: Bloating, dehydration, increased fatigue, frequent bathroom breaks, diarrhea, stomach cramps, gas, and vomiting.

What’s good about it?

They offer a GMO free version as well as a versatile on the go brand that can be mixed with water. Also there are multiple different flavors of all kinds. They occasionally stock an allergen free version as well.

What’s bad about it?

shakeThere’s a bit of worry about the addition of soy found in this product. Only one of their brands is GMO free and there is still the question of soy’s phytoestrogen properties. These same properties which have a chance of increasing estrogen production.

What isn’t preferable is the sugar added. 9 grams of Fructose to be exact. This is hard to accept seeing as how this particular sugar is not the optimum form of sweetener on the market. Sugar of this kind has a possibility for raising blood sugar, obesity, LDL cholesterol raising, and it’s considered a cheap substitute for other sweeteners.

Since the product cannot be purchased directly thru the manufacturers, one has to navigate around salesmen who could potentially ask for a selling price higher than the average. It’s been featured online as being upwards of $40 per a months batch. For the quality of ingredients one could buy a substitute for much cheaper.

Wrap Up

Herbalife has many products on the market and this brand comes in many different variances. There’s a good support of flavors and styles offered which can fit the mold of customers sweet tooth. However for a meal replacement shake to be considered elite it has to be good tasting while having low sugar and a quality protein source. This brand just does not serve up enough of the goods in terms of quality. There’s a poor sugar option that is high in sugar and weak in its protein source.

Bottom Line:

Having options is only good when the options themselves offer good opportunities. These opportunities are highlighted in the very best of the top 10 list.

By taking advantage of these powerful and satisfying meal replacement shakes you gain a lot of momentum towards weight loss. So take part of the very best top 10 list which places an emphasis on only the best meal replacements.

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