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Epiq Shred – Does This Product Really Work?

What is Epiq Shred?

Epiq Shred is a weight loss supplement containing several popular ingredients that have all become relative staples of the weight loss market. Do popular ingredients necessarily mean that a product is effective? Let’s take a look at Epiq Shred and see if we can answer that question.

Who makes Epiq Shred?

yellow-and-red-pillsEpiq Shred belongs to a line of similarly titled products, all of which are overseen by the General Nutrition Company, or GNC. If you’re familiar with health supplements at all, GNC is probably a name that you know and trust. GNC originated in Pittsburgh and today they are possibly the most well known name in the world of supplements. Not only do they produce and market their own products, but their network serves as the largest supplement marketplace in the business. Countless supplement companies sell their products through GNC’s website and through their many physical distribution stores as well.

How (and) does Epiq Shred work?

You should take one capsule of Epiq Shred about an hour before you eat each of your two heaviest meals of the day, in order to give it ample time to start working in your body.

Unfortunately, GNC does not seem to have released too much information about how Epiq Shred actually helps you lose weight. This leads us to investigate the product’s ingredients, which inform us that we’re probably looking at a garden-variety metabolism booster.

Your metabolism is the part of your body that allows it to transform the food you eat into energy. However, if you’re not active enough, your body will turn whatever calories it doesn’t need to make into energy into fat instead, which will then be stored in your body. Boosting your metabolism prevents this storage of fat, as it helps your metabolism burn up calories whether you’re active or not.

You can find plenty of honest reviews written by actual Epiq Shred customers on pages such as the supplement’s Amazon listing. While some of these reviews are relatively positive, many of the product’s former users have not been impressed, as can clearly be seen by the product’s numerous negative reviews.


Epiq Shred contains several vitamins and minerals to benefit various aspects of your physical health, but its key weight loss ingredients are all contained in one proprietary blend. We dislike this because it prevents you from knowing the doses of each ingredient. Even if an ingredient can help you lose weight, it will be ineffective if there isn’t enough of it in the formula. The key weight loss ingredients found in Epiq Shred include the following:

  • Green Coffee Beans: a very frequently found ingredient in weight loss supplements. Epiq Shred’s website provides some clinical evidence that this ingredient could actually help you lose weight, but like all weight loss ingredients more tests are necessary before anyone proves anything.
  • Raspberry Ketones: these “super fruits” are also commonly used as weight loss ingredients. They can allegedly have positive effects on your body’s metabolism and immune system.
  • L-Carnitine: a natural enzyme that transports proteins through your body to places where they can be broken down into energy.
  • White Kidney Beans: allegedly capable of inhibiting the work of an enzyme that turns the starch you eat into absorbable glucose, allowing it to simply pass through your body.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Proven to assist in weight loss while maintaining lean muscle in rodents. This ingredient has not been tested on humans.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to know if any of these ingredients are present in quantities large enough for them to be effective.

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Are there any side effects?

The presence of caffeine-related ingredients like green coffee means that Epiq Shred could end up giving you the jitters. Other likely side effects include anxiety, restlessness, headaches and maybe even heart palipitations.

Epiq Shred also contains L-Carnitine, which can build up as plaque in your arteries and cause serious health complications. Your body already produces enough L-Carnitine by itself so it’s actually unwise to take supplements that only increase the amount in your body.

What’s good about it?
Epiq Shred does not contain any unnatural colorings or dyes.

What’s bad about it?

PillsEpiq Shred claims to be “stimulant free” but its formula includes Green Coffee Beans, which contain caffeine. We’re not so sure how well you can trust a company making such transparently contradictory claims. Perhaps they don’t really know what a stimulant is.

There are plenty of better options that won’t cost you any more money.

Wrap up

Epiq Shred is a weight loss supplement produced by GNC. It contains a blend of natural ingredients designed to help you lose weight via health improvements such as a boosted metabolism. Epiq Shred’s ingredients look promising, but due to the supplement’s proprietary blend we don’t know if ample amounts are included, or if the product will really be effective. Judging from the supplement’s mixed reviews, Epiq Shred doesn’t seem like the most reliable product on the market.

  • Effectiveness44%2.2/5
  • Consumer reviews40%2/5
  • Quality of ingredients44%2.2/5
  • Cost52%2.6/5
  • Money Back50%2.5/5
  • Overall Rating46%2.3/5
Bottom line

While its ingredients look okay, we can’t really get too excited about Epiq Shred. That proprietary blend bothers us, and the mixed results most users seem to have experienced make us feel like you should really just try to find something more reliable.

We strongly advise looking for a different weight loss supplement that is safer and more effective.

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  1. Hunter says:

    The manufacturer of Epiq Shred, GNC does not say how their product works to promote fat loss and positive result, however it does contain several good ingredients such as raspberry ketones and Green Coffee Beans, White Kidney Beans, but also the dangerous L-Carnitine.

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