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EnhanceRx Review: Is It Safe?

EnhanceRx is a male enhancement pill that claims to improve both sexual function and penis size. It is an all-natural herbal blend of ingredients that is designed to increase testosterone output and circulatory function in its users.

They promise to increase not only the size of users’ erections but also their rigidity, resilience, and recharge ability. EnhanceRx also says that they can increase users’ energy levels, sexual stamina, and orgasm intensity.

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Who Makes It?

EnhanceRx is a product of Herbal Health, LLC. They are a low-level supplements company that does not sell any products other than their EnhanceRx line.

Herbal Health and EnhanceRx have very low ratings with a number of online quality control groups, including 2/5 star ratings with both Amazon and Trustwerty.

Despite their lack of history or respect within the industry, EnhanceRx is still one of the more expensive male enhancement products on the market. It tends to retail for a base rate of $79.95, although their website offers discounts for quantity and frequently runs sales.

Their website lists a number of awards that their product has theoretically won, including “Best Product,” “People’s Choice Award,” and “#1 Customer Service.” They do not say who awarded these honors, nor do they provide any links to voting results, award ceremonies, or any other outside source that could confirm that these are in fact real awards and not outright lies for promotional reasons.

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How (and) Does It Work?

The most remarkable claim that EnhanceRx makes about their product is that it can actually increase the size of users’ penises by 2”-4”. Usually the websites for products like this are more vague about their claims due to legal reasons, so it is strange that they would be so specific about this number, especially given that there is no reason to believe that it is accurate.

EnhanceRx is an herbal supplement, and there is no such thing as an herb that helps to increase penis size. There are no vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, or other chemicals that can be ingested or applied topically to make the penis itself larger.

It is possible to influence erectile function, and the healthier and stronger the erection the larger that it is, however these gains are not permanent and will recede as soon as the period of arousal is passed. Any company that claims to be able to increase penis size is lying to their potential customers in order to sell their product.

What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

Instead of listing their full ingredients list or posting any images of their nutritional information, EnhanceRx provides only a list of “core ingredients.” This list is found in a single sub-link and is not a prominent feature of their website, which is not an encouraging sign.

In general, the more a company tries to hide or obscure the contents of their product, the less confidence the consumer can have in the quality of their product. Listing core ingredients is not a normal or accepted practice in the industry, who tend to at least disclose all of their active ingredients, if not their complete contents.

The lack of dosage amounts means that it is unknown if EnhanceRx uses enough of their high-quality ingredients so as to be effective and as little of their lower quality ingredients so as to be safe. There may also be other ingredients that they have included in their blend but chosen not to publicize, which can be ineffective and unsafe for their users.

The ingredients listed on their website are:

L-Arginine HCI: An effective circulatory aid that also helps release the body’s stored human growth hormone, which can have a positive impact on testosterone function. These dual functions are the core of most male enhancement products, which makes L-Arginine one of the more useful ingredients on the market today.

Maca Root: An herb that was first cultivated by in the Andes mountain that has since spread globally thanks to its multiple benefits for health, energy, and sexual performance.

Maca has been shown to increase blood flow based in slightly increasing the heart rate. This stimulation can also lead to an increase in sexual thoughts and feelings, boosting overall libido.

Schizandra: A creeping herb that has been used at times in ancient Chinese medicine, although there is little evidence about what kind of benefits that it may have. It could have some energy-generation properties and may mildly increase circulation levels, however there has been no clinical data that has shown it improves erectile function.

Saw Palmetto: A tree that is found growing most frequently in Florida and the Southeastern US that is known for the sharp, tooth like leaves that give the plant its name. Saw palmetto has been used some male enhancement blends recently due to some studies that have claimed it can have a positive influence on testosterone function, however those studies are highly debated.

There are questions about the methodology of that study, and there is other data that shows that saw palmetto may actually decrease testosterone function overall. If it did decrease T levels, then saw palmetto would be counterproductive as an ingredient for a male enhancement supplement.

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What’s Good About It?

Of the ingredients that EnhanceRx chooses to list on their website, most tend to be thought of as at least somewhat effective for male enhancement purposes. L-Arginine and maca root in particular are two of our team’s most highly recommended additives.

Both have multi-purpose functionality that has been clinically shown to improve male sexual performance in a number of different ways. The combination of the two can improve testosterone, circulation, and libido levels which may benefit erections, semen quality, stamina, and more.

What’s Bad About It?

EnhanceRx is not thought to be a trustworthy manufacturer. They have been shown to make inaccurate claims about their product’s effectiveness and credentials and they have particularly low ratings on a number of different online review sites.

Some of their claims that have been specifically shown to be false are their explicit promises about increasing users’ penis size. There are no herbal supplements that can provide permanent gains in length and girth, let alone the provably inaccurate boasts about being able to add amounts between 2” and 4”.

They also do not disclose the full ingredients blend for EnhanceRx on their website. This opens up users to the possibility that there are other ingredients in their blend that are considered lower quality, or that they use minimal amounts of their higher quality ingredients that will not be significant enough as to have a measurable impact.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Wrap Up:

EnhanceRx is a company that makes a lot of big promises about their product and their organization. They say that it is an herbal supplement that is able to increase erectile function, libido levels, and penis size, and they further claim that Herbal Health LLC and EnhanceRx have won a number of awards for their product and customer service.

Unfortunately, their claims about their products effects are provably false, and all of the awards that they brag about do not actually seem to be real. Most outside review organizations do not respect EnhanceRx as a product or a business, and there is no reason to believe that it could possibly increase penis size.

They do not even publish the complete ingredients for their product. This does not allow customers to double check their boasts about their product’s effectiveness, and it offers no guarantees that EnhanceRx is even safe.

  • Effectiveness50%2.5/5
  • Consumer reviews46%2.3/5
  • Quality of ingredients50%2.5/5
  • Cost58%2.9/5
  • Money Back56%2.8/5
  • Overall Rating52%2.6/5
Bottom Line

Potential customers should not be tricked into trusting the false marketing claims of EnhanceRx. They list benefits for their product that they cannot prove and they hide any information about their product that could potentially be unfavorable.

L-Arginine and maca root are considered effective ingredients for male enhancement products, but fortunately for consumers there are many other products on the market that use them that have much better reputations within the industry.

The top L-Arginine and maca supplement that our team has covered is Viritenz. It also uses tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, and a combination of other clinically vetted ingredients to create a blend that has scored higher with our research team than any other product we’ve evaluated.

It has been shown to increase testosterone and circulation to help men maximize their natural gifts. Click here to read testimonials about men’s experiences with Viritenz.

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