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DMAE Review – Is it Good for Weight Loss?

What is DMAE?

This antioxidant is found in the brain and it is used in order to enhance memory and improve memory though mostly in older people who naturally lose the ability to recall information. It is available in supplements and is even added to cosmetics such as facial cream.

Currently DMAE is available over the counter with reported use as a wonder drug for its reported abilities.

Many products pop up claiming the same so how does this one stack up? It’s time for a full breakdown.

Who makes it?

Bottle with falling out pillsMany brands either feature this ingredient or add it to their nootropic formulas. It has been tested between 300 to 2000 milligram strengths and manufacturers will sell anything between that amount.

There is no established daily value which makes it difficult for customers to accurately gauge what a proper dosage would be. Though many companies warn of potential troublesome side effects when taking large doses. Often bottles of this ingredient will mention in warning labels to take in close supervision of a trained medical professional.

How (and) does it work?

Currently the only few verified studies was on mice showing a positive effects on increasing lifespan. However when this study was replicated there was no results to show any benefit.

It’s meant to boost acetylcholine which deals with memory retention. It also connects to neurons and prevents breakdown which lessons the effects of aging on the brain. However this is what it naturally does in the brain when it’s produced, when introduced as a supplement the results have not been recreated.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

In part because of the rate of side effects found in some people and the lacking results that were not recreated in a lab setting it leaves little known use for DMAE. Functional and time tested products do exist in the realm of supplements to give you a boost.

  • DMAE: Created in the mind to build choline, this chemical works inside the brain to help cells involved with nerve processes to communicate with each other.

Potential Side Effects: Headaches, insomnia, itchy skin, jump in blood pressure, constipation, excitability, confusion, involuntary facial movements, and schizophrenic like symptoms.

What’s good about it?

Tends to be fairly cheap if bought thru certain retailers and warning labels are usually added to brands.

What’s bad about it?

PHARMACEUTICAL_CapsulesPillsDue to type of individual sampling and unknown amounts needed for it makes it impossible to know what to expect before taking. This wouldn’t be a huge issue had it not been for the known potential side effects of which there are plenty. In fact some of the possible effects can be severely detrimental such as experiencing involuntary movements and schizophrenic like symptoms.

Without knowing what this product will do and without real evidence it makes it a potential waste of money. Considering you won’t know if it works and since many companies do not offer a money back guarantee it leaves you without a way to reconcile lost time as well.

Also because the product works in the brain it is recommended to watch out for interactions with other medications. Some companies strongly advice for close supervision as to avoid any side effects. Though the product is available over the counter it does not mean that the caution shouldn’t be exercised.

This product’s actual science that is reported as the reason why it is effective has also shown a major contradiction. The same type of study was performed after the initial one showing positive results. This new study confirmed that no changes were shown, however people still source the original as proof that this supplement is effective.

Most reports on this ingredient also intend it to be used by elderly people with signs of memory loss. It remains uncertain if it has any effect at all in younger people and no reports are shown on how effective it potentially is for older persons.

Wrap Up

Though the research seems to work in favor of this product, conflicting accounts report this to be potentially useless. Even worse than that is the rate of highly problematic potential side effects that manufacturers often state on the label. Without knowing how this product will affect you or if it will even work is no way to go into a supplement.

  • Effectiveness50%2.5/5
  • Consumer reviews46%2.3/5
  • Quality of ingredients50%2.5/5
  • Cost58%2.9/5
  • Money Back56%2.8/5
  • Overall Rating52%2.6/5
Bottom Line:

Though intended to do a lot of good it remains uncertain whether or not beneficial results can be gained. Tried and true safe alternatives are readily made available in order to increase your well being.

Instead of being unaware and taking a chance on a conflicted ingredient you can make the switch to real useful products that aren’t laden with several harsh possible side effects. Make the all natural solution a part of your life, it can provide beneficial results with a safe and all natural touch.

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