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Cianix Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Cianix is a dietary supplement that is used by men that are looking to improve their sexual performance abilities. According to their advertisements, this includes helping men have more intense orgasms and achieve better, last longer erections.

They also say that Cianix may be able to improve men’s size, however they do not specify if this refers to only the size of men’s erections or if they are implying that it can actually make their penises larger. It may also help men to build muscle mass, burn fat, and perform better athletically as well as sexually.

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Cianix Ingredients and Side Effects

Cianix does not publish an official ingredients list or any sort of dosage information. This means that it is impossible to say exactly how potent Cianix can be overall, or if there are other ingredients that they use that they are not choosing to mention. The additives that they do list are as follows:

Sarsaparilla Wild Yam Extract Epimedium
Nettle Extract Tongkat Ali Saw Palmetto

Sarsaparilla: A plant whose best-known use is as a beverage, but that also has some value as a health and wellness product as well. Sarsaparilla is an antioxidant, it may be able to help prevent liver toxins, and it may have beneficial effects for testosterone function, which makes it a popular ingredient for products of this nature.

Wild Yam Extract: Chemicals derived from the common tuber vegetable. Wild yam was a fad ingredient in male enhancement supplements several years ago, however most clinical studies into its benefits have shown that it is not as beneficial as its manufacturers would like consumers to believe.

Epimedium: A stimulant that is used in many male enhancement products despite the fact that it is potentially related to a number of possible side effects. These may include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Blood pressure fluctuation
  • Heart issues

Nettle: An herb that is thought to have some pro-testosterone effects. It is one of our team of experts’ more frequently recommended ingredients for supplements of this nature.

Tongkat Ali: Another herb that is highly rated by our team of experts, mainly due to its beneficial effects on testosterone function. Tongkat ali, also known as long jack, can help men improve their stamina, energy levels, erectile function, and libido.

Saw Palmetto: An herbal ingredient found in many prostate health supplements. In very rare cases it can have beneficial effects on some types of erectile dysfunction, however this is not generally thought of as its most efficient form of usage.

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Cianix Quality of Ingredients

Cianix’s proprietary blend is a mixture of some of the most effective ingredients for supplements of this type, some controversial ingredients, and some ingredients that may be better used elsewhere. Unfortunately, they do not provide any form of dosage information about these ingredients, and so there is no way to tell if they are using healthy, safe, or effective doses of these additives.

Even if we assume that all of their ingredients are used in their optimal doses, their blend still has some rather significant holes in it. It is missing, for example, an effective vasodilator to balance out all of the circulatory stimulants that it uses. It also offers very little testosterone processing support, even though it has soime ingredients in its blend that can help men with testosterone production.

Overall, our team felt that it was unlikely that Cianix will be able to provide the same type of support as most reputable brands of male enhancement products. Their blend uses too many questionable ingredients for our team to feel comfortable recommending it, even if they did provide adequate documentation of their contents.

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The Price and Quality of Cianix

If Cianix ever was sold normally through any reputable dealers, it does not seem to be any longer. There is only one option for acquiring Cianix that our team could find, and it is somewhat complicated.

Instead of being able to purchase single units of Cianix without any future obligation – the way the vast majority of supplements are sold – Cianix is only available through their affiliated web pages as part of a supposed “Free Trial Offer.”

The name “Free Trial Offer” may be somewhat misleading, however, as instead of offering interested users a no-obligation sample of their product it instead enrolls them in a monthly subscription program that charges exceptionally high rates. If you examine their Terms and Conditions link, it states that they will charge users $84.06 per month, as well as a variety of other potential secondary fees, including a charge for trying to get out of the agreement.

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Business of Cianix

The manufacturer of Cianix is a company called Aristocratic Health, LLC. They are a relatively new company that has only been in operation since 2024. They do not provide any contact information for themselves on any of their websites for Cianix, however our researchers were able to find the following details online:

Phone Number: (855) 705-3043

Address: 2045 4th St. Unit 303B

Santa Monica, CA 90405-1152

Interested consumers should be aware that Aristocratic Health has a 100% negative customer feedback rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as a number of pages on consumer watchdog sites like Ripoff Report. These complaints were made for several different reasons, according to the posts online, including product ineffectiveness and some serious billing and customer service issues.

These involve allegations that Aristocratic Health made unauthorized charges on their customers’ credit cards, often reaching into the hundreds of dollars before users became aware that it was happening. If true, this is not only illegal, but it is a violation of trust that would prevent our reviewers from being able to encourage our readers to do business with Aristocratic Health in any capacity.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Cianix

By far, the most common comments related to Cianix that our team found online involved complaints regarding the “Free Trial Offer.” When former customers did address the quality of Cianix’s pills themselves, these are some of the comments that they made:

“I read up on some of these ingredients, and so I thought that Cianix would be good. Not the case. I don’t think it does anything, let alone all the stuff that they claim.”

“I had a bad reaction to Cianix. Despite this, I tried it again just to make sure. Same result. I threw the rest of the bottle out.”

Our team could not find a single objective account from a past user saying that Cianix worked for them. Our experts put a lot of stock in what the people that have actually used a product say about it, and as such they are not encouraged by this lack of positive reviews.

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  • Effectiveness62%3.1/5
  • Consumer reviews58%2.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients62%3.1/5
  • Cost70%3.5/5
  • Money Back68%3.4/5
  • Overall Rating64%3.2/5
Conclusion – Does Cianix Work?

Cianix has a number of very significant issues with their business model, their promotional techniques, and even their published ingredients blend. In addition to less useful ingredients like saw palmetto and wild yam extracts, Cianix also includes epimedium, which has led to too many serious health issues for past users for our team to be comfortable recommending it to our readers.

They use a sales technique that is not thought of as completely honest, and may in fact have tricked a number of users in the past. When the poor record that Cianix and Aristocratic Health have with both their past users and consumer protection groups is taken into consideration, our team is simply unable to recommend getting involved with them in any capacity.

The most reputable brand in the male enhancement industry is a supplement called Viritenz. It is a combination circulatory function booster and testosterone support aid that has been able to provide its users with a variety of different benefits.

This includes improved orgasm health and intensity, increased interest in sex and sexuality, and overall larger, more rigid erections. For more data about all of the ways that Viritenz has been able to benefit their users, just follow this link.

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