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Cardio Cuts – Does it Really Work?

What are Cardio Cuts?

Most people gain undesirable weight thanks to sedentary lifestyles sitting on computers or at desks at their jobs, so we can safely say that most people who want to slim down just live ordinary lives. That’s why the majority of diet products come as convenient diet pills. But Cardio Cuts aren’t like other supplements. For starters, Cardio Cuts comes in the form of a powder supplement that you mix into water and drink. But more importantly, Cardio Cuts are specifically marketed more towards a demographic of people that live a more active lifestyle than most. Simply put, Cardio Cuts are designed to help you through those tough work outs at the gym.
While everyone wants to be able to work harder and push themselves farther, you may just be looking to lose some weight. If that’s the case, should you give Cardio Cuts a try? We decided to look into this product to keep you informed, so let’s find out the answer.

Who makes it?

weight-loss-pillsThe name of the company that produces Cardio Cuts is NDS Nutrition. In turn, NDS Nutrition is overseen by Fitlife Brands. If you want to buy Cardio Cuts straight from the source, you can do so conveniently through the official NDS Nutrition website, which also indicates that the FitLife Brands headquarters is located in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s good to see companies provide information about themselves and it’s even better to see them selling their products directly, because you won’t need to bother dealing with
third party vendors that may be dishonest with you.

How (and) does it work?

The makers of Cardio Cuts intended it to supplement a cardio workout. Before starting to exercise, you should mix a scoop or two of Cardio Cuts into some water and drink it half an hour before you start to work out. If you are dieting casually, you can also just drink a scoop’s worth of the supplement with breakfast or lunch to still allegedly reap some of its weight loss benefits.

Cardio Cuts doesn’t seem like it wants to decide what kind of diet supplement it really wants to be, so it kind of tries to do everything at once. It has ingredients to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, as well as enzymes to improve the way fat burning processes occur in your body.

But for all it wants to accomplish, we’re not sure if Cardio Cuts are really capable of getting anything done. A lot of independently written testimonials from people who have actually tried Cardio Cuts express disappointment at the lack of weight loss they experienced. Cardio Cuts may not work for you either, despite all the supplement’s allegedly powerful ingredients.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Cardio Cuts has one of the longest lists of ingredients that we’ve seen on the weight loss market. Unfortunately, a lot of its ingredients aren’t actually related to weight loss. If you want to give Cardio Cuts a try, here are the key weight loss ingredients you should know about.

Caffeine: you can find this ingredient in pretty much any weight loss pill available. It’s usually included to keep you feeling alert and energized. Caffeine may also be capable of boosting your metabolism a little.

L-Carnitine: this ingredient is a natural enzyme that helps transport proteins to parts of your body where they can be turned into energy.

Raspberry Ketones: this “super fruit” is another popular ingredient in diet products. It can allegedly postively affect some of the hormones that help your body burn fat.

Synephrine: this ingredient is commonly used as a substitute for Ephedra, a prescription-strength diet ingredient that after products including it started resulting in some deadly side effects. Synephrine is believed to be safer for use than Ephedra, but considering that products containing it have actually caused some of the exact same side effects, we think this is unlikely.

There’s a full list of Cardio Cuts’ ingredients online, conveniently displayed on NDS Nutrition’s official website.

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Side Effects

Excess L-Carnitine can build up as plaque in your arteries, resulting in a number of bad side effects.

Synephrine has been linked to products that have caused fatal liver damage. The safety of this ingredient is up for debate.

What’s good about it?

Taking Cardio Cuts does sound like it can help you through a tough work out at the gym.

What’s bad aboout it?

pills_on_spoonDue to its exercise-centric formula and goals, you probably need to eat right and exercise too if you want to lose weight with Cardio Cuts.

There are better weight loss products than this for similar amounts of cash.

Wrap up

NDS Nutrition’s Cardio Cuts product is a diet pill allegedly capable of providing you with extra energy to help you work out and lose weight. It contains a number of powerful ingredients, but you may experience side effects but no weight loss.

  • Effectiveness58%2.9/5
  • Consumer reviews54%2.7/5
  • Quality of ingredients58%2.9/5
  • Cost66%3.3/5
  • Money Back64%3.2/5
  • Overall Rating60%3/5
Bottom line

It isn’t very likely that Cardio Cuts will be capable of producing results unless you adapt to a routine that features regular exercise. If you aren’t able to put the time in exercising and eating right, you may want a supplement that requires you to do less work.

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