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Black Mamba 2 Review: Is It Safe?

Black Mamba 2 is a single use pill that is designed to provide immediate male enhancement results. After approximately 30 minutes users are supposed to begin experiencing increased penile circulation and improved erectile function.

It is also marketed as a testosterone booster that increases male libido, sexual responsiveness, and orgasm quality. Black Mamba 2’s advertising claims that it can not only increase the length of intercourse times for the user, but that it can also grow the length and the width of the penis.

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Who Makes It?

Black Mamba 2 is one of the many male enhancement products distributed by SX Power Co., a notorious importer and repackager of low-grade Chinese male enhancement products such as Super Panther, Triple Green, and LipsTenZen. They have previously been found guilty of distributing products that contained additives that are legal in China but illegal in America.

Most of their products are Chinese brands that have passed the more relaxed manufacturing standards there before being shipped to America and repackaged in English-language boxes. FDA testing has shown that the ingredients listed on the back of their packaging frequently contain inaccuracies, including both the use of chemicals that they do not list and the absence of chemicals that they do.

SX Power Co. is not considered a reputable manufacturer within the supplements industry, and their products are not carried by most trustworthy retailers do not carry them. Amazon, GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and many other major online retailers refuse to stock their products. Instead, they have to be purchased from less-known sites like Ultra X Shop or Cal Novelties.

How (and) Does It Work?

Black Mamba 2 is a single-use pill that is designed to start working within half an hour. This is a very short window of time, and most effective nutritional supplements need longer in order to take effect.

Black Mamba 2 is surprisingly quiet in their promotional materials about how they accomplish this. Their ingredients panel lists several ingredients that increase testosterone function like tribulus terrestris and L-Arginine, however they are unlikely to improve testosterone in that limited of a time frame.

L-Arginine is also a known vasodilator that can help users’ circulatory action as well, and these effects tend to be felt much more rapidly. Yohimbe is another one of the ingredients in their mixture that can be effective within that narrow time window, but it is also considered a circulatory aid with no benefits to testosterone function.

This is an issue with Black Mamba 2 particularly because it is not formulated for daily use. Male enhancement products that are taken as daily supplements allow users to build up testosterone in their body so that when sexual situations arise they are able to respond to them naturally.

Not only can a single-use pill kill spontaneity for many users, as they are forced to plan out sexual interactions ahead of time, but they are not recommended for use in back-to-back days. This compromises the overall quantity of sex that users are able to have, and it also prevents consistent testosterone function and the buildup of surplus quantities of the sex hormone.

Single-use products also tend to be more expensive. Black Mamba 2 retails for over four dollars per pill, which would be over $120 per month if taken regularly, far more than the cost of the vast majority of male enhancement products.

What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

After numerous products distributed by SX Power Co. have been found to contain inaccurate nutrition panels, including Black Mamba 2, it is reasonable for users to wonder if they can trust the current packaging labels.

The ingredients that are listed on their website are:

Tribulus Terrestris: A creeping herb found in China and India that has been shown to help optimize testosterone function. Also known as puncture vine due to the intimidating-looking spines found on the exterior of its fruits, tribulus terrestris extracts can increase the sensitivity of the brain’s androgen receptors, making the effects of the body’s testosterone more powerful.

L-Arginine: An amino acid that is helpful for increasing circulation and for improving testosterone function, making it one of the most popular an effective male enhancement ingredients on the market today. L-Arginine encourages the body to release human growth hormone, which has been shown to lead to increased testosterone production.

This process – called the androgen cycle – takes time to happen. This is why L-Arginine is a far more effective ingredient in a daily nutritional supplement than in short-term usage products like Black Mamba 2.

Yohimbe: An African tree whose bark contains a powerful stimulant chemical called yohimbine. Yohimbine is illegal in the US without a prescription, however yohimbe alone is still legal for over the counter sales.

Yohimbe works by stimulating the central nervous system, which causes the heart to beat faster. This increases circulation rates, which in turn makes it easier for the penis to attain rigidity.

It is also associated with several potentially dangerous side effects, which severely limits yohimbe’s usefulness. Given how high yohimbe can cause users blood pressure to rise, it is a risk for possibly causing heart attacks, strokes, and it has even been associated with the deaths of several previous consumers.

Guarana: A natural caffeine source similar to coffee or cola nuts. Guarana appears frequently in energy drinks and other stimulant products because of this, which is also the main source of its usefulness for male enhancement products.

Guarana has similar side effect risks as yohimbe. As a stimulant it can also cause spikes in blood pressure, and these risks are compounded when the two products are used together.

What’s Good About It?

Both tribulus terrestris and L-Arginine rank among the most effective male enhancement supplement ingredients known to science at this time. L-Arginine is helpful for both circulatory reasons and for improving testosterone production.

Tribulus does not raise testosterone levels, however it does increase the sensitive to of the brain’s receptors to testosterone. This makes L-Arginine and tribulus a particularly effective combination.

What’s Bad About It?

There are quite a few flaws that can be found with Black Mamba 2. One issue is that it includes one product, yohimbe, that our experts do not recommend under any circumstances, and another, guarana, that can compound the negative effects of yohimbe.

Also worrisome is the history of the company, which in the past has been convicted of selling supplements that contained illegal and potentially dangerous side effects. This is especially a problem given that many people that have experienced blood pressure issues need to take male enhancement products to counteract those effects, yet their illegal hidden ingredients were most likely to impact those people.

Lastly, the single-pill system is not considered as effective as daily supplementation. It is both more expensive and less effective, and users run a higher risk of experiencing side effects due to the more extreme nature of the pills.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Wrap Up:

Black Mamba 2 is an untrustworthy supplement from an untrustworthy manufacturer. SX Power Co. has previously been convicted of using illegal and unlabeled ingredients in their products, including for Black Mamba 2.

In addition to containing illegal and unlisted ingredients, their products have also been found to contain different ingredients than what were listed on their nutritional information panels.

They do list two of the best known and most effective male enhancement products in their blend, however they also combine them with some of the least reputable male enhancement ingredients. Our team does not recommend any product that contains yohimbe, especially if its dosage is not listed or if it is paired with other stimulants, as it is with Black Mamba 2.

  • Effectiveness42%2.1/5
  • Consumer reviews38%1.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients42%2.1/5
  • Cost50%2.5/5
  • Money Back48%2.4/5
  • Overall Rating44%2.2/5

Bottom Line

Ultimately, there are very few reasons to recommend Black Mamba 2 to our readers and many reasons to encourage them to stay away. The company itself is not known as trustworthy, and they have faced legal action because of this product.

It is possible that there are unlisted and unsafe ingredients in their mix, however even some of the ingredients that they do list pose a significant side effect threat to their users. It is a single-pill system, which is not our experts recommended method, and it is also more expensive than products that have been shown to be far more effective overall.

The top male enhancement supplement according to our panel of industry experts is Viritenz. It is an erectile support and testosterone boosting daily supplement that has been shown to improve male sexual performance by a number of factors.

Viritenz can help increase the size, rigidity, and resiliency of users’ erections, and it is also helps shorten the refractory period between sessions. Click here to find out all of the ways that Viritenz can help improve your sexual satisfaction.

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