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Black Ant Pill Review: Is It Safe?

Black Ant Pill is a single-use male enhancement supplement that claims to provide men with erectile and sexual performance support for up to 180 hours. This is far longer than the vast majority of single use pills, who tend to only be functional for several hours.

It’s advertising claims that it is useful for helping men with erectile dysfunction, impotence, and premature ejaculation issues. They also say that it can even increase not just the size of users’ erections but that it can actually help increase the length and width of the penile tissue itself.

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Who Makes It?

Black Ant Pill is a product of Hong Kong-based Hongwei Biological Research Center, a notorious manufacturer of low-grade male enhancement pills. Hongwei Biological Research Center has been busted by the FDA numerous times for various different violations, however what they have become most infamous for is their repeated strategy of repackaging Chinese-manufactured pills with English language ingredients panels that do not list all of their actual ingredients.

Their products have been found in the past to contain unlisted doses of sildenafil, yohimbine, and other illegal or prescription products. The main issue with this practice is that those products are regulated due to their extreme potential side effects and medicinal interactions.

Customer can ingest chemicals that can be potentially harmful to them without ever realizing what they are consuming. This is especially dangerous for anyone that is on blood thinners or blood pressure medication or that has any kind of heart issues.

Black Ant Pill has been recalled by the FDA multiple times, and Hongwei Biological Research Center has been subject to action from the Justice Department, the FTC, and various other trade and pharmaceutical regulatory agencies. Their products are no longer carried by the majority of the more reputable supplements manufacturers like Amazon, GNC, and Vitamin Shoppe.

Instead, their products tend to be found on second- or third-tier distributors’ sites like Spanish Fly or Best China Pills. They tend to retail for about $1-$2 per pill, though the price goes down when purchased in bulk. Even at its most cost effective, Black Ant Pill will still be far more expensive than the vast majority of daily supplements.

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How (and) Does It Work?

Black Ant Pill is a pill that is designed to be ingested about 30 minutes before sexual activity in order to help men with their sexual performance, particularly in regards to their erectile size and quality. They offer very little in the way of scientific data to explain their product’s effects, however it is indicated that it does have some pro-circulatory effects.

A healthy circulation rate is a key to male erectile performance because the body needs to be able to safely divert enough blood to the erectile tissue in the shaft of the penis that it can attain maximum rigidity without taking away from the body’s abilities to run its other basic biological programs. Studies have consistently shown that men with healthier circulation rates are more consistently able to achieve and maintain full erections.

Their claim that it works for 180 hours would be remarkable if it is accurate, however they provide no forms of documentation or explanation of how this is possible. There are no other single use male enhancement pills on the market that are formulated for even half this length of time, and the half-lives for the ingredients in these products is usually under 12 hours.

There are no herbal products that can increase base penis size. It is possible to favorably alter erection size by helping it reach optimal capacity, however those bonuses will disappear after the erection goes away and will leave no lasting effects.

In general, there is no outside support for the claims that are made by Black Ant Pill about their product. They offer no links to studies of any sort, nor do they provide any data about the sourcing or processing of their ingredients.

What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

The ingredients list of Black Ant Pill, even if it is accurate, contains some highly unusual contents for a male enhancement product. It uses far more animal-based ingredients than most supplements, and the majority of their ingredients lack trustworthy scientific data about their effectiveness.

The ingredients listed on their website are:

Cordyceps Sinensis: A kind of fungus that grows out of the heads of a specific breed of Chinese caterpillar. There are plenty of rumors about what kinds of health effects cordyceps sinensis may have, however there is no conclusive data that proves it has any specific uses.

Although it has been called the “Viagra of the Himalayas” there has been no evidence that it actually has any real effects. It fetches an incredibly high price on the open market in China, where it is seen a s more of a status symbol than an effective pharmaceutical.

Snow Deer: A somewhat ambiguous entry that probably refers to powdered deer antler, which is sometimes used in China as an aphrodisiac. There are also some people that believe that deer antler velvet can have some pro-testosterone qualities, so it may be referring to that. In either case, there is no actual clinical data that supports these uses.

Tibetan Yak Testicles: Ancient Chinese medicine claims that yak testicles can increase male virility and sperm production. Other than the fact that they tend to be high in protein and nutrient rich, there is no reason to believe any of these claims.

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What’s Good About It?

In short – nothing. There are no ingredients in Black Ant Pill that our experts consider effective for male enhancement in any capacity. The company is one of the least reputable manufacturers in the male enhancement industry, and many of their products – including this one – have been flagged by the FDA or other legal organizations for violating multiple different manufacturing standards.

What’s Bad About It?

The ingredients that they have chosen to use have several qualities in common. They are all substances that were used thousands of years ago by ancient Chinese herbologists as aphrodisiacs.

The reason that they are not still used today by modern scientists is because when actually studied in laboratory settings they failed to yield any sort of useable results. Snow deer, caterpillar fungus, and yak testicles are not considered effective ingredients for a male enhancement product, and it is not even known if they are safe for long term human consumption.

These may or may not even be the actual ingredients found in Black Ant Pill. When studied, they often did not contain what was listed on their label and instead used dangerous, illegal substances that have shown some effectiveness for erectile quality but that also have the potential to induce heart attacks, strokes, and other serious health effects.

It seems then, that Black Ant Pill has set up a conundrum for itself: if it is using the ingredients that it has listed, then it will not be effective but may be safe and will be legal. If it uses unlisted ingredients then it may be effective, but it may also not be safe and will certainly be illegal.

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Wrap Up:

Black Ant Pill is a pill imported from China that is manufactured by a company that has been in trouble with the FDA, FTC and Justice department for their multiple violations of international trade laws and US food and drug laws. It’s nutrition information claims that it uses a blend of ingredients that were popular centuries ago with Chinese herbologists but have fallen out of usage in today’s world due to a lack of clinical data to support their claims.

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Bottom Line

This is a potentially dangerous, potentially illegal product from a manufacturer that has proven themselves to be untrustworthy in the past. Our team of experts strongly encourage our readers to stay away from Black Ant Pill and any products from Hongwei Biological Research Center.

The male enhancement product that they trust the most is Viritenz. It comes from a manufacturer that has met all FDA requirements and is GMP-certified, and whose other products have an excellent reputation in the health and wellness industry.

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