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Alpha Strike Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Alpha Strike is a male enhancement product that is designed to increase testosterone function and offer support for other needs specifically related to men’s health and wellness. This includes helping to promote healthy liver and prostate function, improved muscle building and repair, and increasing energy levels in general.

Sexually, they claim to be able to help improve men’s libido levels, stamina, and overall sexual functionality. They say that Alpha Strike can also help erectile performance by improving their users’ circulatory rates, which they say may also have benefits for heart and blood pressure health.

The most effective male enhancement supplement overall, according to our team of experts’ analyses, is an all-natural dietary supplement called Viritenz. Our team especially singled out its ingredients blend as being exemplary, as it is composed of a variety of the top-rated over the counter additives for men’s sexual performance. Click here to find out more about all of the ways that Viritenz may be able to help improve your sexual performance abilities.

Alpha Strike Ingredients and Side Effects
Stinging Nettle Leaf Safed Musli Extract Maca Powder Saw Palmetto Powder
Long Jack Concentrate Tribulus Terrestris Powder Red Beet Juice FD&C Blue #1

Stinging Nettle Leaf: An ingredient that our team of experts recommends for use in products of this nature due to its beneficial effects on urogenital function.

Safed Musli Extract: An Indian herb that has been used in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory properties. There is no definitive evidence that safed musli is effective for testosterone production or sexual performance, however rumors of this have led to its overharvesting.

This excessive consumption has reached the point where safed musli is now considered an endangered species, and as such our team does not feel it is ethical to recommend products that use it in their proprietary blend. This is also coupled with the fact that there is not enough health and safety data about safed musli consumption especially in the long term.

Maca Powder: A South American herb that has been shown to have some pro-erectile effects, as well as potential benefits for libido, energy levels, and seminal production.

Saw Palmetto Powder: A North American plant whose berries have shown some beneficial effects on the prostate gland.

Long Jack Concentrate: An extract taken from the eurycoma longifolia plant that has been shown to have some beneficial effects on the body’s testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris Powder: An inedible fruit whose extracts have shown an ability to increase androgen sensitivity in the brain, which helps the body respond to testosterone.

Red Beet Juice: A fad ingredient that may have some mild benefits for circulation and blood pressure, but that has not definitively demonstrated any concrete sexual benefits at this time.

FD&C Blue #1: An artificial dye also known as “Brilliant Blue” that has been potentially linked to a number of long-term health effects, some of them serious. Our team does not encourage the use of any artificial dyes, perfumes, or flavoring in daily nutritional products, especially those that are designed to be taken indefinitely.

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Alpha Strike Quality of Ingredients

Alpha Strike has a somewhat mixed ingredients blend in terms of quality. They use some of our experts’ most recommended ingredients, such as long jack, tribulus terrestris, and maca, they use some unproven or questionable ingredients, and they also use some ingredients that our team actively recommends against.

Our health and wellness experts believe that it is unethical for health and wellness products that are designed to be taken every day to use products that do not have any health benefits but that may pose some risks, such as artificial dyes like Brilliant Blue. They also do not feel that the overharvesting of safed musli should be encouraged, especially given its lack of proof that it is effective for use in products of this nature.

Alpha Strike’s blend also ignores some of the ingredients that more traditionally successful supplements use, such as L-Arginine or any other of the noted vasodilators that can help to compliment the effects of their circulatory stimulants. It is possible that some men will get use out of Alpha Strike, however it is also possible that they will be disappointed by its effects.

The Price and Quality of Alpha Strike

There are a number of different websites online that sell Alpha Strike, however many of them are independent dealers that may not have an official relationship with Alpha Strike and their manufacturers NDS Nutrition. Alpha Strike is available through the NDS homepage, who offers the following base rates for their products:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Alpha Strike male enhancement capsules: $69.99

This price is considerably higher than the majority of products of this type. It is relatively easy to find supplements with very similar ingredients profile for $10-$20 less per month.

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Business of Alpha Strike

The manufacturer of Alpha Strike is a company called NDS Nutrition, who in turn is a brand of health and wellness products owned by FitLife Brands, Inc. The contact data that is provided on the NDS website is as follows:

Phone Number: (866) 820-5559

Address: 17220 Wright St. #200

Omaha, NE 68130

Email: There is not a specific email address that is offered for Alpha Strike, NDS, or FitLife Brands. Instead they have an electronic form on their contact page that can be used for the same purposes.

There is relatively little data about NDS and FitLife Brands online, which is unusual in today’s business world for a company of their size. Our team tends to prefer to recommend only brands that are open and transparent with their customers about their history and manufacturing procedures.

The most frequent mentions of NDS, aside from their own product pages, are in regards to several lawsuits that they have faced regarding the labeling and manufacturing procedures of their products. Most significantly in 2024 they were accused of failing to mention that several of their products contained potentially dangerous materials.

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Customer Opinions of Alpha Strike

The average reviews of Alpha Strike range generally from mediocre to substandard. Though it has been successful for some percentage of its users, this may depend on body chemistry and need level. Here are some of the specific comments that were left by some of the past Alpha Strike customers on the websites of the supplement’s independent dealers:

“I switched to Alpha Strike from my old brand for an embarrassing reason: their ads were cooler. After trying it for a couple weeks though I saw my performance levels going down further and further. After I finished the bottle I switched back.”

“Man, I thought for how much I was spending that this stuff was going to be awesome. Couldn’t have been more disappointed – and they refused my refund.”

“Seriously overpriced, overrated, over-everything. Didn’t work for me at all – but who knows, maybe I’m the weirdo.”

As the above quotations illustrate, the most common issue that men had with Alpha Strike was that it was not as effective as its high price had led users to expect it would be. There were some mild reports of digestive side effects, but our research team didn’t find anything that seemed more serious in the reports that have been left online.

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  • Effectiveness60%3/5
  • Consumer reviews56%2.8/5
  • Quality of ingredients60%3/5
  • Cost68%3.4/5
  • Money Back66%3.3/5
  • Overall Rating62%3.1/5
Conclusion – Does Alpha Strike Work?

In the vast world of male enhancement supplements, there are certainly some that are worse than Alpha Strike, however there are also many that are better. It uses some quality ingredients, however it also ignores some critical aspects of a well-rounded male enhancement ingredients blend.

Alpha Strike also uses some ingredients that are not as well regarded by our team, such as safed musli and Blue #1, which they actively encourage our readers to avoid. For the price that NDS Nutrition charges for Alpha Strike it is possible to buy a larger quantity of a more effective supplement, and as such our team is not able to recommend it to our readers.

The supplement that they do encourage men that are looking for erectile or sexual support to try first is Viritenz. It uses some of the more effective ingredients that are found in Alpha Strike, however they also do not use any endangered species or artificial additives in their blend.

Viritenz is manufactured by a respected brand that has a history of producing effective and critically well-regarded products, which also encourages our reviewers. Read our team’s full review of Viritenz here to see if it might be successful at helping you with your specific sexual performance needs.

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