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Alpha Fuel XT Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Alpha Fuel XT is a male enhancement product that says it can help men improve their free testosterone levels. Their advertisements claim that this can increase the rate at which they build and repair muscle tissue, as well as improving the rate at which they burn fat.

Sexually, increased testosterone can raise men’s sex drive and help them to perform at their optimum levels. This includes boosting stamina and orgasm intensity while also reducing the chances that men will experience certain types of performance failure, including premature ejaculation, reduced erectile function, and lowered sperm count.

The male enhancement product that our team has recommended to the most men overall is a circulatory aid and testosterone optimizer that’s called Viritenz. It has been shown to help men reach their highest possible levels of sexual performance in a number of facets. Click here to see more data about all of the different types of benefits that Viritenz users may be able to expect.

Alpha Fuel XT Ingredients and Side Effects

The proprietary blend for Alpha Fuel XT only uses 655mg total of all of their ingredients combined. While every ingredient is effective at different dosage levels, that is an exceptionally small amount for a supplement in this category and this ingredient profile. The ingredients that they list in their blend are:

Oat Straw Extract Longjack Root Extract Mucuna Seed Extract
Diindolylmethane Nettle Leaf Extract Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract

Oat Straw Extract: Chemicals derived from the common grain that have been shown to have some beneficial effects for testosterone function.

Longjack Root Extract: A shrub that has become incredibly popular in male enhancement products due to its potent effects on testosterone production and energy levels.

Mucuna Seed Extract: A form of dopamine taken from the South American plant more commonly known as velvet bean.

Diindolylmethane (DIM): A chemical found in certain types of plants that prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This is a potentially riskier method of male enhancement that our team does not generally endorse.

Nettle Leaf Extract: An herb that can have positive effects on men’s urogenital function and may also be able to help with their testosterone production.

Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract: A helpful testosterone optimizer that can increase the overall impact of existing T levels.

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Alpha Fuel XT Quality of Ingredients

Alpha Fuel XT uses a number of very well-regarded ingredients, however they do not have a particularly large dosage size, which seems to reduce its overall potential. The top brands of male enhancement products will tend to use larger amounts of their more effective ingredients in their blend, while not reducing their overall impact by cutting them with other less effective ingredients, such as mucuna pruriens.

It may be for the best that Alpha Fuel XT uses such low dosage amounts given their inclusion of DIM. It is possible that DIM usage can have some potentially negative impacts on the body, especially when taken at higher doses of long periods of time. It is not currently an ingredient that our researchers tend to recommend for male enhancement purposes.

Overall, our panel of experts felt that Alpha Fuel XT had some chance of making a minimal positive impact on their users, but that it was unlikely that it would be able to stand up to the types of effects that men could get from the more potent brands of male enhancement products.

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The Price and Quality of Alpha Fuel XT

Alpha Fuel XT is sold through their manufacturer’s homepage, however those prices are considerably higher than those that are found on many of their third-party distributors’ pages for the product. The best prices that our team found for the supplement are as follows:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Alpha Fuel XT male enhancement supplement capsules: $43.69

This price is about average for supplements of this nature. There is no information provided that accounts for the major discrepancy between this price and the price on the Science of Alpha homepage, which is almost $30 higher.

Interested consumers should also be aware that there are several sites that claim to offer free trials of Alpha Fuel XT if the customer just pays for shipping and handling. The main issue with this is that this offer also signs the consumer up for a monthly autoship program that charges their credit cards even larger amounts, often without the user’s knowledge.

These sites do not seem to be directly affiliated with Alpha Fuel XT or the Science of Alpha. Our experts encourage all consumers that are interested in these products to take care that they are purchasing them only through reputable sources.

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Business of Alpha Fuel XT

The company that owns Alpha Fuel XT is a men’s health and wellness manufacturer called the Science of Alpha. Their website lists the following contact options for the company:

Phone Number: (800) 536-4020

Address: 95-22 63rd Dr. Suite 413

Rego Park, NY 11374

Email: Science of Alpha uses an electronic messaging form on their contact page for all email needs.

The Better Business Bureau currently lists the Science of Alpha as out of business, despite the fact that the business continues to maintain an active website and their products are listed as available on multiple different platforms. There is no more information about the supposed closure provided by the BBB.

A number of other business review organization maintain active pages for the Science of Alpha, however of them have particularly negative ratings for the company. This includes and “F” grade for Alpha Fuel XT from Fakespot and a zero-star rating (out of five possible) on the website Trustwerty.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Alpha Fuel XT

The customer reviews for Alpha Fuel XT are very low, especially when compared to the leading products in this category. This includes their scores on Amazon, where Alpha Fuel XT has received more one-star reviews than any other rating – even without factoring in Fakespot’s findings.

Fakespot analyzes the quality of the reviews that are left for a product to determine if it seems like they came from reliable sources or from promoted reviewers. Fakespot found that almost all of Alpha Fuel XT’s positive reviews were planted by the company or their representatives, meaning that their actual overall scores may be exceptionally low.

The specific comments left by their users backs this up, as people have had some very negative things to say about their experiences with Alpha Fuel XT. Here are some of the quotations that past users have left online:

“Absolutely no effect, other than the wicked migraines that it started to give me after about a week of taking the pills. Had to quit because it got too painful; flushed the rest of the bottle down the toilet.”

“I used the entire bottle, taking it exactly like they said I was supposed to, and I saw zero benefits at all. I know that every body is different, but this sure didn’t work for me.”

“Save your money! This is a total scam! These pills are worthless and the company is dishonest! Stay far away!”

There were complaints about the effectiveness of the pills, their side effects, and the business operations of Science of Alpha. The most common of these issues, by far, were the complaints that Alpha Fuel XT did not work, followed by the issues that customers had with customer service and billing, including some disturbing accounts of Science of Alpha making unauthorized charges on some users’ credit cards.

  • Effectiveness64%3.2/5
  • Consumer reviews60%3/5
  • Quality of ingredients64%3.2/5
  • Cost72%3.6/5
  • Money Back70%3.5/5
  • Overall Rating66%3.3/5
Conclusion – Does Alpha Fuel XT Work?

Alpha Fuel XT uses a very small ingredients blend that features some helpful additives but that does not seem to be large enough or well-rounded enough that it will be able to compete with the blends of the top brands on the market. They especially do not measure up to the circulatory benefits that most effective brands tend to offer, which reduces the overall impact that Alpha Fuel XT can have on men’s erectile rigidity.

There are also some concerns that our team had about their parent company as well, based mostly on the negative reports about them that can be found on other business and supplement review sites. It seems like it should be easy for most of our readers to find a male enhancement product with a better ingredients profile and reputation in the industry than Alpha Fuel XT.

The single best reviewed supplement, according to our research team, is Viritenz. It has an ingredients profile that features a number of top circulatory aids in addition to its testosterone boosters.

It also features the amino acid L-Arginine in its blend, which is thought to have applications for both testosterone and circulatory performance, as well as for a variety of other useful biological effects. Click on this link to find out exactly what goes in to the Viritenz nutritional blend.

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