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Ageless Male Review: Is It Safe?

Ageless Male is a daily health supplement that is designed to provide sexual and athletic performance benefits for older men whose bodies have started to slow down. Their promotional materials claim that Ageless Male can increase testosterone levels for men who are experiencing loss of libido, energy, and muscle tone.

Testosterone is one of the main keys to overall male health and performance and is related to male sexual responsiveness in a number of ways. It is needed to achieve optimal libido levels, it influences the physical act of achieving erection, and it influences the quality of user’s sperm. Testosterone is also a key part of the fat burning and muscle building processes, making it useful for increasing testosterone levels as well.

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Who Makes It?

Ageless Male is a product of health and beauty products manufacturers New Vitality. They are based in New York and offer 100% quality guarantee for all products, including what they describe as a “no questions asked” return policy. Potential customers should be aware that New Vitality has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, the BBB does not offer any specific reason for this, however there are numerous accounts online of New Vitality not honoring their return policies.

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How (and Does) It Work?

Ageless Male calls themselves a testosterone boosting product, and testosterone is considered the single most important hormone for male sexual health. Testosterone helps provoke sexual thoughts more frequently, and it also increases the likelihood of the person actually acting on them. It also is a key to the seminal fluid production process, and higher testosterone levels are directly connected to larger quantities of fluid, denser sperm counts within that fluid, and the sperm themselves tend to be healthier and more mobile.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Ageless Male actually does increase testosterone levels. It has a very limited ingredients list and has no clinical history of increasing testosterone levels. They provide no statistics, no links to outside review and analysis sites, or any other data that might back up all of the claims that New Vitality has made about their product.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

Ageless Male has a very short list of contents. They use just a few basic vitamins and minerals, and have only one main active ingredient. The only additives that they list on their nutrition panel are:

Vitamin B6: One of the key vitamers necessary for proper biological functioning. B6 is used by the body for metabolism, histamine and neurotransmitter synthesis, and gene expression. B6 is thought to be useful for sexual performance by increasing levels of prolactin, which is associated with estrogen levels. B6 is also useful for improving sperm quality and circulatory function. All this makes it generally one of the more useful vitamins for sexual performance, however taking it does not have any kind of aphrodisiac or “boosting” effects.

Magnesium: One of the essential trace elements and a key factor in metabolism, enzyme function, and DNA synthesis. Magnesium is not thought to be particularly effective for sexual reasons, however it does help improve heart health, which is somewhat related to erectile function. It is also possible that magnesium can help you increase the testosterone levels in the body, however there is less data to support this.

Zinc: Like magnesium, another one of the essential trace elements that all humans need in order to have proper biofunctionality. Zinc is found in almost as many enzymes as magnesium, and it is also a key component of the brains, muscles, bones, and liver. There are links between zinc deficiency and erectile dysfunction, however there is a less clear connection to taking zinc and seeing any specific increases in sexual performance.

Fenugreek: A sweet-tasting herb originally cultivated in India and the Middle East that is rumored to be useful for male enhancement. The data about fenugreek’s usefulness is somewhat conflicted. There are very few reliable studies that support manufacturer’s claims that fenugreek can increase testosterone production or improve erectile dysfunction.

Most of these ingredients are considered safe, and if they are taken in reasonable quantities then users are unlikely to experience any unpleasant side effects. Fenugreek is an allergy concern for some people that have issues with chickpeas and other legumes, and it has been known to give users’ body odor and urine a strangely sweet scent.

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What’s Good About It?

There is very little about Ageless Male that could hurt a user. It is going to be a mild, mostly undetectable blend of basic vitamins that will be overall beneficial for bodily wellness. Even if users do not see any major improvement in their sexual performance, they will probably be at least marginally healthier at the core level.

What’s Bad About It?

There is very little chance that anyone who is experiencing significant declines in their testosterone levels will see much of a benefit from taking Ageless Male. It is not likely to have the kind of noticeable “boosting” effects that many other male enhancement products offer.

The vitamins that they use are healthy, but unless users have a significant nutritional deficiency in one of those areas then they are unlikely to have any kind of measurable impact on users’ sexual performance levels.

Their main proprietary ingredient fenugreek lacks the clinical data to support their claims that it is an effective testosterone booster or sexual health product. It has been used in some lower quality aphrodisiacs before, however there is no reason to think that it has a significant chance of improving users’ erectile quality, libido levels, or other important metrics of male wellness.

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Ageless Male doesn’t have a lot of negative ingredients, however it doesn’t have a lot of positive things going for it either. It ignores proven effective products like L-Arginine or maca root in favor of just a single proprietary herb, and not even a particularly effective one. Fenugreek is not considered a proven effective male enhancement ingredient, and the majority of our experts do not even classify it a possibly effective.

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Customer Opinions

There are hundreds of reviews for Ageless Male that can be found on the websites for their distributors, but unfortunately many of those reviews are negative. There are more one-star reviews on Amazon than 5 star reviews, and the many sites that used to carry the product have since dropped it. This may be in part to the negativity that can be found in previous customers’ accounts of their experiences, such as these responses from former customers:

“Not even CLOSE to matching it’s claims! I got my T levels taken before I started this junk, then had them done one month after taking it, and guess what: ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE. NONE. I actually had just a tic LESS testosterone than before I started – how is this even possible?”

“I got this stuff for my boyfriend after all of the symptoms that they talked about in their ads described him perfectly. He took it for a month and the only change I noticed was that he started to smell a lot like wet hair all the time, and maybe he gets mad a little more. The sex is still unfortunate.”

The consistent theme in these responses are customers having big expectations for what Ageless Male can do, then being disappointed with the results that they actually get. The most frequent side effect mentioned are changes in body odor, with the smell being described alternately as wet hair, maple syrup, oatmeal, peanut butter, or frog.

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  • Effectiveness56%2.8/5
  • Consumer reviews52%2.6/5
  • Quality of ingredients56%2.8/5
  • Cost64%3.2/5
  • Money Back62%3.1/5
  • Overall Rating58%2.9/5
Bottom Line

It is hard to recommend a product that has so many negative reviews from former customers. There are some positive accounts online as well, however given the possibility of different body chemistries, the placebo effect, potentially fake reviews, and the overall low percentage of positive reviews, it does not seem likely enough that someone would have a positive experience with Ageless Male for our team to recommend it.

Their ingredients list is very short, and most of their additives are just basic vitamins and minerals with little history of effectiveness for boosting sexual performance levels in healthy people. Fenugreek, the top proprietary herb in Ageless Male, is thought of by our staff as overrated and understudied. They are not optimistic about the ability of Ageless Male to be effective for any given user.

The male enhancement product that has seen the best results in our studies so far is Viritenz. It is a potent blend of amino acids and herbs that has been shown to be effective for men of all ages and sexual performance needs.

Viritenz uses L-Arginine to increase circulatory rates and testosterone levels, and they pair it with other potent additives like tribulus terrestris and tongkat ali. Click here to see the full ingredients panel and dosage amounts for Viritenz.

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