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7-DFBX: Is this weight loss supplement safe and effective?

What is 7-DFBX?

7-DFBX claims to be the most powerful weight loss supplement ever; so powerful that it’s capable of helping you lose a substantial amount of weight in just one week. Unfortunately, this product’s ingredients tell a slightly different story. Can you rely on 7-DFBX to help you lose weight? Keep reading and discover the truth.

Who makes 7-DFBX?

Generic-pillsUnfortunately, we weren’t able to find information about who makes 7-DFBX or where it’s produced anywhere on this supplement’s website. We did a little more research though and we were able to find out that 7-DFBX is made by a supplement company named Gadd Formulas. Gadd Formulas is located in Utah, a state that is fairly notorious for producing diet pills that often turn out to be nothing but online scams. We weren’t pleased that company information was left off 7-DFBX’s official site so we already have a reason not to trust this product or company.

How (and) does 7-DFBX work?

7-DFBX says it can help improve the way your body burns fat, but looking at its ingredients (especially the ones it highlights on its website) it only really seems to have one ingredient that can allegedly burn fat. The rest of its ingredients mainly seem to be focused on “cleaning out your system”. This isn’t a good way to lose weight at all though. You’ll probably just put the pounds back on as soon as you stop using 7-DFBX.

We weren’t surprised to find a lot of negative reviews of 7-DFBX online. Many people who have purchased this product on Amazon didn’t lose weight and feel like 7-DFBX was just a waste of their time and money. There are good reviews of 7-DFBX on its official website but you shouldn’t take anything that a diet pill tells you at face value.


According to information on 7-DFBX’s website, this supplement contains 35 all-natural ingredients combined to make the most powerful diet pill ever. We found this interesting and a little confusing because the official list of ingredients on the 7-DFBX site only lists 13 ingredients. What’s more, the site only bothers talking about five of those ingredients, which gives the impression that the other ones don’t even matter. These are the five ingredients 7-DFBX feels are worthy of discussion.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Considering how special it claims to be, we were pretty disappointed to find that 7-DFBX’s ingredients were pretty run of the mill as far as diet pills are concerned. This is one of the most popular weight loss ingredients. It mainly keeps you feeling energized, which is good if you’re going to be eating less. Some think that it can boost your metabolism too but this hasn’t been proven.

Cissus Quadrangularis: 7-DFBX claims that this vine extract can boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite, but it has never been clinically proven to be capable of doing either of those things.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus: This is a bacteria that 7-DFBX says can improve the way your digestive system functions.

Uva Ursi: This is a cleansing ingredient. It gets rid of bacteria from your urine. We’re not sure how exactly this aids weight loss or why 7-DFBX felt like it was worth highlighting.

Senna Leaf: This is another cleansing ingredient that works in your digestive system. 7-DFBX is starting to look like nothing but a detox pill, which usually produce quick results that look like weight loss, but are actually temporary and quickly reversible.

Dandelion Root: A third detox ingredient. This one allegedly helps rid your liver and kidneys of unhealthy bacteria.

The following ingredients can also be found on D-FBX’s label: chromium, magnesium, Uva Ursi, buchu leaf, lactobacillus acidophilus, irvingia gabonensis, lady’s mantle, juniper berry, olive leaf, cumin seed and wild mint leaf. D-FBX claims to contain 35 ingredients, though, which leaves 22 ingredients unaccounted for.

There are plenty of great all-natural supplements on our top 10 list.

Are there any side effects?

7-DFBX says that you may experience more bowel movements than usual, but there don’t seem to be any major side effects for you to worry about. The caffeine in this pill may make you feel jittery, though, or keep you awake if you take it too late in the day.

What’s good about 7-DFBX?

If you buy 7-DFBX from its website, you can get a free bottle of green tea extract pills along with it.

What’s bad about 7-DFBX?

weight-loss-pillsNone of 7-DFBX’s ingredients really have the fat-burning effects that 7-DFBX says will help you lose weight.

7-DFBX claims to contain 35 ingredients, but only 13 are listed on the supplement’s label and only 6 are discussed on its website.

7-DFBX is pretty expensive, and each bottle will only last you a week.

Let us help you find a better option for the same amount of money.

Wrap up

7-DFBX claims to be a fat-burning supplement that will help you lose weight in just one week. But while its ingredients are all natural, none of them really seem to have fat-burning power. 7-DFBX seems to be more of a detox pill and those never really help you actually lose weight.

  • Effectiveness46%2.3/5
  • Consumer reviews42%2.1/5
  • Quality of ingredients46%2.3/5
  • Cost54%2.7/5
  • Money Back52%2.6/5
  • Overall Rating48%2.4/5
Bottom line

7-DFBX seems pretty confused about what kind of diet pill it wants to be. Regardless, it doesn’t seem like it would be very effective so we can’t recommend that you try it.

There are supplements that are more effective and safer for your health.

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